Sunday, November 24, 2013

Boiling The Frog

 The strategy of Satan has been one of incremental change. Get the people to accept the unacceptable slowly, until the actual evil is upon them and they get caught up in it---sometimes to their peril. It's like an old discredited experiment which states that if you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out, but slowly raise the temperature of the water and it will not realize the danger and die. Although not literally true, the metaphor is quite accurate for society and the Church.

 Let's take the acceptance of divorce and remarriage. In the early days of TV, divorced people were hardly anywhere to be found. On every show, they depicted men and women as either happily married, single and never married, or widowed. Divorced people were hardly ever seen, and never portrayed in a positive way. The idea of divorce was considered bad. Marriage was for the common good. Then, the engineers of social change in Hollywood gave us slow acceptance through the guise of comedy. The Odd Couple (debuted in 1970) showed us two very funny and likeable divorced men--who couldn't like Oscar and Felix (portrayed by Jack Klugman and Tony Randal respectively)? Then in 1972, we get Maude, a divorced and remarried feminist who, without remorse, has an abortion and is proud of her murderous stance. In 1975, One Day At A Time, shows Ann Romano leaving her kind, caring husband of 17 years to go "find herself" because she was unhappy being a mother to a couple of teenage girls. She uproots her daughters, gets an apartment in a dingy building with a creepy janitor who lets himself in with his pass key, and she is glad to be rid of her husband and his "old fashioned views." She is openly promiscuous (adulterous--it is made known they were married in the Catholic Church), and with no education or work experience, lands a glamorous job. All of this immoral and unrealistic drivel dished out as "comedy" helped societal acceptance of divorce and remarriage in this country. During the same period, the Vatican II sect made phony "annulments" and we have "evolved" to where there are more divorces than stable marriages. To top it all off, now Frankie wants to make phony annulments even easier to obtain!

 In regard to the changes of Vatican II, the same tactic of gradual change under the guise of "going back to the days of the early Christians" was adopted.   Msgr. Klaus Gamber, a German liturgist, pointed out that the liturgical debacle pre-dates Vatican II. If, he said, "a radical break with tradition has been completed in our days with the introduction of the Novus Ordo and the new liturgical books, it is our duty to ask ourselves where its roots are. It should be obvious to anyone with common sense that these roots are not to be looked for exclusively in the Second Vatican Council. The Constitution on the Liturgy of December 4, 1963 represents the temporary conclusion of an evolution whose multiple and not all homogenous causes go back into the distant past."

 A sagacious article written by Fr. Francesco Ricossa, puts forth the steps from the Mass to the Novus Bogus bread and wine service, and correctly traces the inception of the change in the reforms of Pope Pius XII. In defense of Pope Pius XII, his reforms were not in and of themselves harmful, but they became such in hindsight, as they set the stage for what was to come from the Modernists. To quote Fr. Cekada,"I pointed out that, by applying the general principles for the interpretation of ecclesiastical laws, the laws imposing the reforms could no longer be considered binding because: (1) They lacked one of the essential qualities of a law, stability (or perpetuity); and (2) They became harmful (nociva) because of a change of circumstances, and hence automatically ceased to bind."

 Let's look at the steps to invalid services and Modernist take-over as elucidated by Fr. Ricossa:

---Paul VI suppressed the Last Gospel in 1965; in 1955 it was suppressed for the Masses of Holy Week.

—Paul VI suppressed the psalm ‘Judica me’ for the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar; the same had been anticipated by the 1955 Holy Week.

—Paul VI (following the example of Luther) wanted Mass celebrated facing the people; the 1955 Holy Week initiated this practice by introducing it wherever possible (especially on Palm Sunday).
—Paul VI wanted the role of the priest to be diminished, replaced at every turn by ministers; in 1955 already, the celebrant no longer read the Lessons, Epistles, or Gospels (Passion) which were sung by the ministers--even though they form part of the Mass. The priest sat down, forgotten, in a corner.

—In his New Mass, Paul VI suppresses from the Mass all the elements of the ‘Gallican’ liturgy (dating from before Charlemagne), following the wicked doctrine of ‘archaeologism’ condemned by Pius XII. Thus, the offertory disappeared (to the great joy of Protestants), to be replaced by a Jewish grace before meals. Following the same principle, the New Rite of Holy Week had suppressed all the prayers in the ceremony of Blessing the palms (except one), the Epistle, Offertory and Preface which came first, and the Mass of the Pre-sanctified on Good Friday.
—Paul VI, challenging the anathemas of the Council of Trent, suppressed the sacred order of the subdiaconate; the new rite of Holy Week suppressed many of the subdeacon’s functions. The deacon replaced the subdeacon for some of the prayers (the Levate on Good Friday) the choir and celebrant replaced him for others (at the Adoration of the Cross).

The New Holy Week introduced other innovations:
—The Prayer for the Conversion of Heretics became the ‘Prayer for Church Unity.’

—The genuflection at the Prayer for the Jews, (a practice the Church spurned for centuries in horror at the crime they committed on the first Good Friday).

—The new rite suppressed much medieval symbolism (the opening of the door of the church at the Gloria laus for example).

—The new rite introduced the vernacular in some places (renewal of baptismal promises).

—The Pater Noster was recited by all present (Good Friday).
—The prayers for the emperor were replaced by a prayer for those governing the republic, all with a very modern flavor.
—In the Breviary, the very moving psalm Miserere, repeated at all the hours of the Office, was suppressed.

—For Holy Saturday, the Exultet was changed and much of the symbolism of its words suppressed.

—Also on Holy Saturday, eight of the twelve prophecies were suppressed.

—Sections of the Passion were suppressed, even the Last Supper disappeared, in which our Lord, already betrayed, celebrated for the first time in history the Sacrifice of the Mass.

—On Good Friday, communion was now distributed, contrary to the tradition of the Church, and condemned by St. Pius X when people had wanted to initiate this practice.

All the rubrics of the 1955 Holy Week rite, then, insisted continually on the "participation" of the faithful, and they scorned as abuses many of the popular devotions (so dear to the faithful) connected with Holy Week. This brief examination of the reform of Holy Week should allow the reader to realize how the "experts" who would come up with the New "Mass" fourteen years later and used and taken advantage of the 1955 Holy Week rites to test their revolutionary experiments before applying them to the whole liturgy.

 What does all this prove? (1) We must be ever vigilant to KNOW our Faith and practice it with fervor; had more clergy and laity been vigilant, they could have seen the disaster forming in the early 1960s like the late, great Fr. Gommar A. DePauw who began the Catholic Traditionalist Movement in 1964!  How many souls were lost because of a lack of understanding regarding Catholic teaching concerning the papacy and heresy. Add to this sorry state an ignorance of the threat concerning resurgent Modernism and see the results. By accepting slow changes that led to slow Modernist changes, the Faith and Morals of countless millions were lost to the false Vatican II sect.  (2) We need to guard ourselves against anything contrary to Faith and Morals. How many Traditionalists let their children use the TV or Internet unsupervised? How many allow them to listen to rotten music that extols evil and sung by moral degenerates thinking, "A little bit can't hurt, they have a good home and they need to be accepted by their friends."? How many adult Traditionalists watch bad TV shows, movies, and read bad books where the "hero" and "heroine" use God's Name in vain, fornicate, treat divorce and homosexuality as something positive, and mock religion? There is no good that can come from toleration of a "little bit of evil."  If you think you're immune to the desensitization it will have on you, Satan may be winning the war for your soul. Would you watch something that portrayed your mother in a bad light? If not, how can you entertain such things which degrade Christ, His Mother, and/or His One True Church?

 With the Vatican II sect having been incrementally made more and more un-Catholic, the time is ripe for Bergoglio to take it full speed ahead to Hell. And if Traditionalists are lax and take the God-given Gift of the True Faith and Morals for granted, they may find themselves as the next hapless frog boiled to eternal death in the pot of their own willful smugness.

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