Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Hypocritical Paper Tiger and A Heretic with Guts

From the Catholic News Service:

"If New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushes to have "a right to an abortion" codified in state law, he will face "vociferous" and "rigorous" opposition from Catholic and other pro-lifers, said Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York. But the cardinal hopes it doesn't come to that because Cuomo, he said, has told him "he wants to work hard on alternatives to abortion," such as expanding adoption, having "greater latitude" in maternity leave and better assisting pregnant women in need and those with small children.

The cardinal made the comments in a May 14 telephone interview with radio host Fred Dicker, whose show is broadcast on Talk 1300 AM from the state Capitol in Albany. Dicker is a political analyst and is state editor for the New York Post daily newspaper. "The governor and I have worked closely on other issues," Cardinal Dolan said, listing immigration, gun control, a call to civic responsibility and the recovery of some money owed to Catholic schools in the form of reimbursements for state-mandated measures such as standardized testing.
"We've been with him and we've appreciated what he's done. I want to believe he means it when he tells me he's not going to expand what is already a terrible liberal abortion culture," Cardinal Dolan said, but added that Cuomo has yet to release the details of the measure, called the Women's Equality Act."

 Mr. Dolan, the Chief Layman of the Archdiocese of New York (having been "ordained" and "consecrated" in the invalid Vatican II rite of Holy Orders), is a buffoon par excellence. When Andrew Cuomo pushed sodomite "marriage" down the throats of New Yorkers in 2011, where was Dolan's "vociferous" and "rigorous" opposition? He wasn't in Albany when the vote was taken. The State Senate is controlled by Republicans, who claim to be the "pro-life" party.
Those of us with memories going back more than a few years will remember that the Republican controlled Congress under George Bush, Jr. did NOTHING to stop the slaughter of innocents. Also of interest is that New York became the first state to legalize the murder of unborn children in 1970; three years before the infamous Roe v. Wade decision. The Republican controlled State Senate, Republican controlled State Assembly, and Republican Governor Nelson A Rockefeller made it happen. This was right after Vatican II, and the apostate Cardinal Cooke did not threaten the Catholic legislators with excommunication and Hell to pay (literally). The result? With most "Catholic" legislators voting in favor, the bill passed the Assembly by a single vote, 76-74.

 Fast Forward to 2011. Modernist Mr. Dolan does nothing to threaten the Vatican II sect legislators with excommunication and/or denial of the "sacraments." He can't threaten them with Hell, because enlightened Modernists like himself and most members of his sect don't believe in that anymore. They need that disbelief, because how could anyone who does believe in Hell rape children and/or cover it up? As a result, four "Catholic" Republican Senators who were on the fence voted in favor of sodimical "marriage" and it became law.  "Vociferous and rigorous"? Please. The real hero was State Senator Ruben Diaz, a former Vatican II Catholic turned Protestant minister.

This brave Democrat from the Bronx rose up in opposition and declared Cuomo as going against the Law of God. He was the only Democratic "No" vote. Cuomo threatened him, pleaded with him, and promised him support if he would vote in favor. Diaz staunchly refused repeating the words of Our Lord, "What doth it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his very soul"?  During the debate on the floor, when Diaz was forcefully aguing in defense of the marriage of one man and one woman as ordained by God, Majority Leader Dean Skelos (rumored to be a bisexual) cut off his microphone and humiliated him. Mr. Dolan would do nothing to support State Senator Diaz.

 Moreover, Mr. Dolan and the other "bishops" and "priests" of the Vatican II sect allow Andrew Cuomo to receive "communion" even though he is divorced (with no Vatican II annulment) and is living in mortal sin with his concubine. Notorious public sinners are supposed to be denied the "sacraments" until they repent and amend their lives.

Do we really expect Dolan and his sect to do anything about making abortion the law under the guise of helping women? (Fifty percent of the children murdered will be female. I don't think that helps). After all, Dolan is just a microcosm of his chief, Mr. Bergoglio aka "Pope" Francis. Didn't Bergoglio give "communion" to pro-abortion and pro-sodomite Vice-President Biden and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (former Speaker of the House of Representatives)? His Wickedness also did little to prevent legalized sodomy in his native country, and facilitated an adoption of a baby by two perverts. The entire Vatican II sect is evil to the core.

Mr. Dolan and Mr. Bergoglio both want a "more democratic church." Not a bad idea, if you really think about it. If the Vatican II sect members could elect their leaders, they could oust the current regime and put in State Senator Ruben Diaz. He does speak up forcefully against abortion and sodomy; those things against the natural law and which all people can know apart from revelation.

They would still be lead by a heretic, but on basic matters of morality, at least he's a heretic with guts.

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