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Misplaced Outrage: St. Mary Magdalene And The N-Word

It's a truism that society will frown upon expressions they find most offensive. There was a time when talking badly about the American way of life, or approvingly of Communism, would cost you your job and reputation. Anyone who mocked God would be shunned. No more. You can feel free to burn the American flag, and noted atheist Richard Dawkins 2006 book, The God Delusion, was at the top of the New York Times Bestseller list for weeks.

Society, since Vatican II's ecumenism, now looks askance at epithets aimed at certain groups. Hence, Paula Dean (a TV personality) lost her job for using the N-word in reference to African-Americans. No Traditionalist worthy of the name should be a racist, and thankfully, that word is rightfully relegated to a place of strong disapproval. Is the solitary use of an uncharitable word spoken years ago (and for which she apologized) worthy of someone getting canned?

Bishop Richard Williamson dared to question the magic number of six million Jews killed in the Holocaust. As a result, Ratzinger was ready to "re-excommunicate" him based on something which did not touch upon Catholic Faith or Morals! Would he only be so fastidious concerning the rape of children. Carrie Prejean lost being Miss America because she stated that she did not approve of sodomite "marriage" and the "Lavender Lobby" was quick to label her "intolerant" and "homophobic" for refusing to condone legal perversion.

What all this proves is that people used to take pride in belonging to this country (with all its myriad imperfections) and to their Faith (mostly some Christian denomination). Now, it's race, ethnicity, and perversion that define group identity. It gets so extreme that a political aide in Washington DC lost his job for using the word "niggardly" during budget talks and someone who doesn't understand English all too well, thought he was making a racist statement about African-Americans! Because he was a sodomite, they gave him his job back.

What society no longer cares about is Christianity--especially Catholicism (both real and of the Vatican II sect). An opera opened up in (where else?) San Francisco called The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene. It is blasphemous beyond words. It was penned by Mark Adamo, a sodomite who was raised Catholic. This piece of trash depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary as a whore, Our Lord as her bastard Son, St. Mary Magdalene as His lover, and denies Christ's Divinity. Here's how it was described by

"Adamo places Mary and Yeshua’s story within a contemporary framework by opening the opera with five “Seekers” dressed in contemporary clothes who enter the set while the house lights are still up, mirroring the audience members who are entering the house. The mammoth set designed by David Korins, which never moves in the course of the production, evokes an archeological dig site in which the Seekers voice their concern about modern-day religion: namely, that they—or perhaps we, or perhaps specifically Adamo—have been taught that the body is “unholy” and “the very source of sin,” and that this “poisonous” view of the physical and sexual self has caused years of hurt. And yet, the need to find a way to integrate their religion with the rest of their lives remains, and it sets up the rest of the opera as an attempt to “correct” and “complete” the story as it has been told traditionally. For most of the rest of the production, the Seekers remain on stage, often observing and commenting but sometimes interacting, acting as our avatars within the story as it develops.
For such a radical retelling of a canonical work, Adamo’s musical language is notably un-revolutionary; clarity of text delivery is prioritized through lyrical lines and repeated motives that move among various people throughout the opera, musically interweaving the characters’ lives. In the chorus’s frequent appearances throughout the work—the most effective being the crucifixion scene, where they violently deliver a version of the Dies Irae text, in Greek—Adamo often has them sing homophonically or in vocalise, making their pithy commentary clearly understandable. (The most memorable instance of this is when they interject footnotes into the action.)

Adamo has spoken openly of the challenges of his Catholic upbringing, as a gay man whose divorced mother continued to send him to church and Catholic school even after she was denied communion. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene is clearly born from the desire to excavate that personal history through looking at the real people buried under two millennia of mythology. In this process of humanizing these characters, however, the holy and spiritual aspects of these figures are often left by the wayside. For this listener, the missing linchpin in this look at Jesus’s life was divinity: in this portrayal, it was hard to understand why Jesus gained the following and devotion that he did. In the scenes where Yeshua is preaching, he is given a fire and brimstone diatribe and a comic theatrical moment referencing circumcision, but holiness is notably absent. Yeshua invokes God only once in the entire production, when he is on the cross, forsaken. Nearly all other references to God are uttered by the women, and not necessarily in a reverential way. At best, the character of Yeshua seems almost a boorish bro; at worst, he might be perceived as a misogynistic and hypocritical charlatan. Even Miriam and Peter seem to mock Mary Magdalene at first for naively falling for Yeshua’s charismatic preaching. When the gathered crowd passionately declares him the Messiah, it is difficult to see what motivates them to do so....In the opera’s version of Mary Magdalene visiting the tomb, taken from the Gnostic Gospel of Mary, the crypt is not empty: the corpse is still there, but Yeshua’s ghost appears behind Mary. "

Were you outraged at such sheer blasphemy? How does THAT compare to using the N-word, questioning numbers of the Holocaust, and denouncing sexual perverts? Query: Where are the so-called "bishops" of the Vatican II sect in denouncing this filth? Of denying "communion" to those who support it in any way? These false shepherds railed at Mel Gibson's beautiful and powerful epic The Passion of the Christ because of perceived "anti-Semitism and the fact Gibson is a Traditionalist who rejects Vatican II!! Few people heard of the blasphemous opera, but if it denigrated Jews, sodomites, or African-Americans, denunciations by both the Vatican II sect bishops and the mass media would be swift and unrelenting.

As Traditionalists, let's not forget that the most important group we belong to, indeed the only one that really matters, is not our race, ethnicity, gender, or any of the preferred groups of the secular world. Our membership in The One True Church of Christ--The Mystical Body of Christ on Earth--is the only membership that will one day (God Willing) bring us to our homeland of Heaven. It is to this Divine Organization that we should be willing to fight to the death, and the blaspheming of Our Lord, Our Blessed Mother in Heaven, and the saints is what should evoke our strongest feelings of outrage and prompt us to take swift action to defend Their Honor.

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