Thursday, December 5, 2013

Where Have All The Catholics Gone?

   Now that we are in the season of Advent, I always take some time at the beginning of the ecclesiastical year to meditate on how lucky we are as Traditionalists. This coming Sunday we will celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary; it outranks the Second Sunday of Advent which will be commemorated within the Mass of the Immaculate Conception. The day is one of great joy as we celebrate the unique privilege of the Mother of God who, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, was preserved free from all taint of Original Sin. She is spotless and never committed even the smallest of venial sins. We prepare for the feast by complete fast and abstinence on the Vigil of the feast, December 7th.

 In the Vatican II sect, this Sunday will be the Second Sunday of Advent and the Immaculate Conception will be "transferred" to Monday December 9th, and no member of the Vatican II sect will have to attend the Novus Bogus bread and wine service. (Most don't ever attend anyway). There is no vigil of the feast, so they can continue to eat and drink and be merry as usual, since sin and penance are outdated concepts. This is how the Vatican II sect downgrades the Mother of God, even as their Antipope declares her Rosary "pelagian." Besides having true devotion to Mary (as St. Louis de Monfort would say), we will also have a real Christmas because we still have Christ's Mass. We become one with him in True Holy Communion, receiving Our Lord's very Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity under the mere appearance of bread. Those in the Vatican II sect will get a cracker in their hand to chew up and swallow before singing Joy to The World, by the rock group "Three Dog Night."

  This week, I came across an old newspaper clipping someone had sent me as a teenager in 1981. I was 16 and had just converted to the True Faith. The newspaper was old already, having been cut out in 1974. It made a great impression on me, because it showed the Faith of a convert in the 1940s who was lamenting the Modernist takeover of the churches (beginning full force since 1964), and I've kept it all these years. It's a poem written by one Mrs. Caryl Wachuta. She was raised a Protestant, and converted to the True Faith, only to see it taken away by the Modernists in the 1960s. I reproduce it here below. I hope it will inspire you to meditate (1) on what was taken away, (2) on God's goodness that we still have It, (3) and resolve never to forsake It or be lost forever.

By Caryl Wachuta
When I was at a tender age
Seventeen to be exact
I questioned my religion then
And wondered what it lacked.
I went to Mass with Catholic friends
And much to my surprise
I walked inside this edifice
And felt my spirits rise.
The atmosphere was holy
Sacred music filled the air
Respectful people kneeling
I felt His Presence there.
"This is for me," I told myself
And rushed right home to tell
my mother was quite aghast
"You'll surely go to Hell!"
"I hear they worship idols there,"
So little did she know
"I know I can't forbid it,
But I wish you wouldn't go!"
Not wishing to upset her
I knew what I must do
My instructions were in secret
I would be Catholic too
With my eighteenth birthday coming
I would be of legal age
To make my own decisions
Against my parents rage
So on the cold and windy night
Of my March 7th natal day
My sponsors drove me to church
And I knelt with them to pray.
And there in secret service
With none to celebrate
I was baptized in the Catholic Church
And in Her put my Faith
I went home and told my folks
What I had done that night
Though they were very angry
I knew that I was right.
Eventually I married
And raised five Catholic sons
We sent them all to Catholic School
Where they were taught by nuns
The catholic Church was good to us
And we were happy there
But something now is happening
That makes my heart despair.
It started back a few years ago
They said, "Let's modernize!"
"The Church is too old fashioned!"
And so, despite our cries,
They ripped apart the altar
and took the railing down
"Let the stand instead of kneel
And we'll turn the priest around
We'll throw out all the Latin
Using English words instead.
Let the girls wear shorts and trousers
And let them bare their heads!"
"What happened to the old respect
We had in Sunday dress
To show the Lord we loved Him?"
I cried out in distress.
"Oh, those were outward trappings,"
They scoffed at my dismay
"Let's make some other changes
May as well go all the way!"
"Let's jazz up all the music
And sing and clap along
And throw out the Virgin Mary
And all the sacred song."
As my poor head went spinning
with the changes everyday
I found it so confusing
It was difficult to pray.
Mass used to be uplifting
To my spirits. Now, I find
I dreaded even going
"What new things were on their minds?"
We have a parish council make decisions
they're all "yes-men" you can bet
Who go along with innovations
"You ain't seen nothin' yet!"
The priests were being overworked
At the only job they had
(They don't grub out a living
For which they should be glad
They needn't work for room and board
To raise a family
On a farm or a factory
Like most of you and me!)
Their only job is to save our souls
And get us all to Heaven
To consecrate the sacred wine
and Holy Bread unleavened
And lift It with their blessed hands
To feed our thirsty souls   
And tend the sick and dying
When Heaven is their goal
But they have meetings to attend
And places they must be
Much more important than souls
Of sinners like you an me
They said, "We must have time to go,
We've got to cover ground
So we'll call in some lay people
To pass the bread around
They haven't had their fingers blessed
Or studied to be priests
But that's just another 'trapping'
And can easily be ceased."
So after thirty years of Catholic life
I'm right back where I started
More Protestant than Catholic
Disillusioned and broken-hearted.
 If the author is still with us, she is now 87 years old. I wish to think that someone like her found the True Faith once more with the Traditionalist Catholics, and will  depart (or has departed) for a better World. She saw through the phony Vatican II sect almost 40 years ago and lamented what was taken away. Her poem should remind us to thank God He gave to us what the Modernists stole from millions of others. Let us remember the ten lepers Our Lord made clean, and be like the one who came back grateful to Christ. Then maybe one day He will say to us in similar words--"Arise, and enter your eternal reward. For thy Faith--the One and Only True Faith which you never took for granted---has indeed saved thee." God bless you, Mrs. Watchuta.


  1. What is your opinion on priest who leave the novus ordo 'mass' and diocese's yet are not conditionally reordained in the traditional rite by a traditional bishop? Personally I think they're invalid and any holy sacrifice they attempt is invalid.

    1. The new Vatican 2 rite of "Ordination" is every bit as invalid as Anglican "orders." So without re-ordination by a True Bishop in the Traditional Rite, such a " priest" is a layman and every act that depends upon the sacerdotal character is invalid. I agree with you 100%