Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Politically Correct Christ And Sanitized Satanism

In 2004, Traditionalist actor/director/producer Mel Gibson released his blockbuster hit The Passion of the Christ. On the movie set, a Traditionalist priest offered the Holy Sacrifice every day, making Christ Himself present at the filming. I saw it on opening day with my best friend Ralph, and we sat in front of two men in their twenties, one of whom was an atheist and had been dragged there to see it by his friend. We heard the one man say to the other, "Do you think this will change your mind about religion?" To which the atheist replied, "Not a chance. It'll just p*ss me off even more." When this moving epic was over, everyone in the theater gave a standing ovation--including the atheist sitting behind us! Ralph was watching the reactions of the people as they left. "A truly life changing experience," he said.

 The problem is not all life changing experiences are good ones. Mel Gibson portrayed the Traditionalist Catholic Faith, and caught nothing but derision from the world for doing it. He was charged with Antisemitism because he left in the line recorded in the Bible, "Let His Blood be upon us and our descendants." The world hates Christ because it's under Satan's dominion. If you follow Christ, you'll be hated even as He was hated before you. Mel made a movie a good life changing experience for many. But how many of us are aware that most of what comes out of the entertainment industry is rife with evil and can have a negative influence on us; sometimes subtle and sometimes profound. Any person with even half a brain will realize the trash movies, TV shows, and music that readily glorify sex perversion, drugs, and blaspheme God. Some come as wolves in sheep's clothing.

The movie, Son of God , released just recently is about a politically correct Christ. That's why the Vatican II sect is gushing over it, unlike their attacks on The Passion of the Christ. That should be your first clue something is amiss. Satan will give you 99.9% of the truth as long as he can get you to swallow the 0.1% falsehood. He is, after all, the "father of lies." In this movie you will be subtlety indoctrinated by the following:


 In one scene, re-enacting when Christ and Peter put out in the water and Jesus asks Peter to drop his net, an interesting scenario unfolds. Peter tells Him that they came up empty all night, but at His command he will do as He asks. They catch a multitude of fish. An astonished Peter asks Jesus, "What are we going to do?" Christ replies, "Change the world."  Christ came to found His Church and save souls. He told the Apostles they would become "fishers of men" and to "Go ye therefore to all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." This PC "Christ" wants to "change the world' like some super-social worker. No mention of converting people to save souls. Proselytism is nonsense after all, and we wouldn't want to offend the Jews, Moslems, and other non-Catholics.


In the film, there are 13 disciples, and the thirteenth disciple is a woman named Mary (not the Blessed Mother either). Not only is she always with them, but she’s with them in the boat during the storm when Jesus walks on water; she’s with them when they travel privately, though in the Bible, Jesus pulled aside and taught only The Twelve male Apostles. Mary is also very outspoken and often reproves the Apostles to have more faith as it is very apparent her faith is stronger.

During the crucifixion scene when Jesus is being jeered at by the crowd, Mary defends Jesus and shouts“Leave him be!”  The Apostles are depicted as being timid and unfaithful. At the Resurrection, this Mary is the first (and only woman) to enter the empty tomb. She also accompanies Peter and John who later come to the empty tomb to see for themselves. In the Bible, three women go to the tomb early in the morning and are greeted by angels who remind them that Jesus said He would rise on the third day. In the movie, then she and the disciples remember all this on their own. Why not woman priestesses and give women a "greater role in the Church" despite the clear teachings of Christ?

 Christ brought His friend back from the dead. He wept. He stood outside the tomb of Lazarus and commanded that he come forth. Lazarus comes out of the tomb still wrapped in burial cloth. In the movie, Christ enters the tomb with Martha (Lazarus' sister) and Jesus seems surprised at his friend's death. He then cradles his head and cries as he quotes Scripture and suggests that he come back to life. Lazarus, Jesus, and Martha come out of the tomb together to cheers. A strong woman with an uncertain "Jesus."

The Pharisees did not condemn Christ out of jealousy and hatred, but rather out of concern for the Jews receiving harsh treatment from the Romans. "Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil." (Isaiah 5:20)

 During the Last Supper, Christ has a vision of being betrayed by Judas.Christ then turns to Judas and asks him to betray Him!! Judas refuses but Christ insists! Peter tries to stop Judas, but Jesus says to let him go. If true, what a mockery of the words of Our Lord about the traitor, " It would be better for him had he never been born." (St. Matthew 26:24). But if Judas had no choice he couldn't be held responsible. I guess Judas goes to Heaven with the atheists, too. Any wonder why the Vatican II sect lauds this movie?

So we have a politically correct version of "Christ" who doesn't really want to save anyone from sin (never mentioned in the movie), so conversion--and even His death--are unnecessary. Ironically, in January a movie about the Antichrist entitled Devil's Due, openly proselytizes for Satanism.

From the official movie website:
 Those who change their religious affiliation on Facebook to "Satanism" will get an exclusive offering. What was it for promoting Devil worship? A 16 second "teaser-clip" of the movie.Can you imagine them offering something if you change your affiliation to "Catholicism" or "Christianity"? Why THAT'S Antisemitic

And a final note..the devil was completely dropped from the Son of God movie, allegedly to focus on "Christ." Interestingly, Hollywood eschews the idea of Satan, unless it's made into some perverse "positive spin." The real reason many think Satan was dropped is because the actor who played him, one Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni, looks like the Chief Communist-Baby Killer-Sodomite Supporter of the US--Barack Obama! (See pictures at top of post) Further proof they will edit out anything that resembles the Truth!

 At one time, the movies were a nice place to get away from it all and be entertained. Now, if you're not careful, you may be the one entertaining demons unaware.


  1. "The world hates Christ because it's under Satan's dominion. "

    In case you are not aware of this, the world hates Christ more than it ever has and it out to destroy Christianity. From what I have been reading on various internet fora, they are having much success.

    Still praying for you. Please continue to pray for me.

  2. I agree with you June. The current world scene is bleak. We must all carry on in Faith, Hope and Charity, knowing that in the end, Christ will win and we will be vindicated. Thank you for your prayers and you can be certain that you're in mine, especially at the Holy Sacrifice