Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Anthony, Eliot, and The Loss of All Sense Of Sin

 New York is the poster child for what's wrong with the world. Currently, we have two men running for public office who, only a few short years ago, resigned from another public office in disgrace. What's more sad is that polls have them both winning their respective races. Eliot Spitzer was elected governor in 2006. He was mentioned as Vice-President material. In 2008, he had to resign after he was found to be using a high priced call girl service, and the girl was only a couple of years older than his eldest daughter. His wife was publicly humiliated. He now has out a book on (get this) capitalism and how good morals (!) are needed. He never mentions his scandal and the damage to his family, except to glance over it in a few sentences in vague terms. He is leading in the polls to become NYC Comptroller.

Anthony Weiner never held a real job outside of politics. At 49, all he's done is hold elected office since graduating with his bachelors degree at age 22 (except working for a Congressman for about two years). In 2011, the married Weiner tweeted pictures of his genitals to woman around the country. When he accidentally tweeted the pictures elsewhere and they became public, he lied and lied until he had to admit to it and resign. He's now in the lead running for NYC Mayor.

 As recently as 1988, Senator Gary Hart had to drop out of the presidential race when it was discovered he was having an affair aboard his boat named the "Monkey Business." In 1987, after the failed nomination of Robert Bork to the US Supreme Court, President Reagan nominated Douglas Ginsberg, who withdrew his own nominations shortly thereafter when it was discovered he smoked marijuana in college. Then came Bill Clinton. "I never had sex with that woman Ms. Lewinski." He was impeached but not convicted. He said he didn't lie because the matter hinged on the meaning of the word "is."

I had an argument with a colleague at the time who defended Clinton by saying, "He only lied about sex. I wouldn't want my wife to find out." I pointed out there would be nothing to find out if he did nothing wrong in the first place. Second, what if he had molested a child? That's sex and he wouldn't want his wife (or authorities) to find out. "That's different, sex with minors is illegal." So, you're saying it's OK to lie about LEGAL sex, not all sex! I then pointed out that adultery is still on the books as a crime in New York State, but no one prosecutes it or the jails would be overflowing. I asked if he was against illegal sex, or only illegal sex for which you can be prosecuted. I think he got the idea. It's wrong to lie regardless of the subject matter.

When you divorce Church from State, morals go from public to private matters.  As Pope Pius XII once said, "The greatest sin of our age is that we've lost all sense of sin." When Vatican II clerics commit crimes against children, they are protected (and even promoted) by lies and cover-ups. They should be held to a higher standard of morality for the position of authority they hold, but they are not. Public officials are also beneficiaries of the collapse of morality in the wake and expansion of the errors of Vatican II. A poll released today showed that people didn't really care about the sexual wrongdoings of Spitzer and Weiner, but they would be concerned if it involved fiscal mismanagement. What makes them think men who lack character in positions of authority, and should be held to a higher standard, wouldn't try to steal if given the chance?

Neither Weiner nor Spitzer asked forgiveness of GOD. No one acknowledges SIN. No one does PENANCE. No one declares themselves no longer fit for public service because their sin made them unworthy. Yes, all can be forgiven by God, but that doesn't mean things can go back exactly as they were before in regards to the responsibilities you had been given. Now everyone has an "illness." Adulterers are "sex addicts" who need group therapy and couldn't help themselves. People made "mistakes in judgment" but never sin. When the "new springtime" of Vatican II eliminated sin and its temporal and eternal consequences from the public---when they began excusing and covering for the inexcusable---the public decline of morals began in earnest, getting progressively worse with each passing year.

 As a result we may have  two perverts in high positions of authority after having left such positions in disgrace only a short time ago. We have only the heretics and sodomites of the Vatican II sect (and those who follow their Modernist errors in morals) to blame.

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