Thursday, October 31, 2013

10,000 Times Zero Is Still Nothing

Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), has recently declared that Jorge Bergoglio (i.e. Antipope Francis) is “a genuine modernist” who has made the “disaster” of the Church crisis “10,000 times worse.” Bp. Fellay and the SSPX are not sedevacantists. They believe Frankie is the pope, yet they go so far as to declare him a Modernist. Modernists are heretics, and as all pre-Vatican II theologians teach us: a heretic can't be pope.  But the SSPX will continue to jump through hoops, doing the mental gymnastics necessary to try and delude themselves that someone they call a "genuine Modernist" is still Catholic and the pope.

The SSPX recently published a post entitled, "Pope not Modernist says Modernist." In the post, they lament "Cardinal" Pell of Australia's defense of Frankie. They quote Pell as saying in response to Fellay's charge that Frankie is a Modernist: "To put it politely, I think that’s absolute rubbish! Francis said he’s a loyal son of the Church, and his record shows that. He’s very, very concerned for the day-to-day life of the people, and for those who are suffering, those not well off and those in difficult situations. He’s a completely faithful exponent of Christ’s teaching and the Church’s tradition."

I'm not sure what alternate universe Pell is from-- but here, where the sky is blue, Bergoglio is an apostate. The SSPX then states, "Cardinal Pell’s supportive words for Pope Francis are both interesting and contradictory. For it reveals that His Eminence does not grasp what Modernism truly is, nor recognizes that he is also infected with its errors." Headline: Pot Calls Kettle Black. The SSPX is both supportive of "Pope" Francis being the Vicar of Christ on Earth and contradictory in maintaining that an avowed Modernist can be pope and give evil to the Church in doctrine, morals, and discipline. The SSPX and their "blind-leading the blind" leader, Bp. Fellay don't recognize they are infected with the error of wanting some unity with a heretic. They don't grasp the Church's teaching on heresy and automatic loss of office.

The post goes on to relate what took place at a debate last year when Pell met infamous atheist Richard Dawkins. Pell called Genesis a myth, and then, after the example of Frankie, declared atheists can "certainly" attain Heaven. The SSPX gives citations to prove all this is Modernist heresy. They are correct. But the million dollar question is this: Why can't/don't/won't they cite to some of these authorities:

From a commentary on the 1983 Vatican II sect Code of Canon Law, "
Classical canonists discussed the question of whether a pope,in his private or personal opinions, could go into heresy, apostasy,or schism. If he were to do so in a notoriously and widely publicized manner, he would break communion, and according to an accepted opinion, lose his office ipso facto. (c. 194 §1, 2┬║ ). Since no one can judge the pope (c.1404), no one could depose a pope for such crimes, and the authors are divided as to how his loss of office would be declared in such a way that a vacancy could then be filled by a new election. [J. Corridan et al., eds., The Code of Canon Law: A Text and Commentary commissioned by the Canon Law Society of America (New York:Paulist 1985), c. 333.]
Or this from the great theologian and Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguori:
“If ever a pope, as a private person,should fall into heresy, he would at once fall from the pontificate.”Oeuvres Compl├Ętes. 9:232

I won't beat the point to death, but if Bergoglio is a heretic, he's not Catholic. How can someone non-Catholic be the Visible Head of the Catholic Church? The teaching of the Church Herself will make it clear the he loses his authority ipso facto by Divine Law. Yet the SSPX will declare Bergoglio both a heretic and pope in the same sentence!

Equally disturbing is Bp. Fellay's remark that their "Modernist Pope" (an oxymoron of the same order as being a "Square Circle") has made the "disaster" "10,000 times worse." The SSPX tells their members not to go to the Vatican II sect because it's so bad. Modernist Rome has indeed abandoned the One True Faith. It was replaced with a false faith, false moral code, and phony sacraments. In a word, they are completely bereft of Catholicism. Vatican II has left zero of the One True Church. Once you get to zero, and multiply by 10,000, how are you any worse off?

The SSPX has all the right figures, but they still can't do the math.



  1. Why Catholic dogma that heretic can't be Pope do you call "sedevacantism" (others call it "sedevacantist/sedevacante position") and its adherents "sedevacantists" instead of Catholics?

    These misnomers repel people from the mentioned Catholic dogma and do enormous harm to them and to The Church. So these misnomers are, without any doubt, from the enemy of human race and of The Church.

    Stop and repent or you'll be guilty of a grievous sin.

  2. I'm not 100% sure what you're trying to say, John. My initial post makes it very clear what my terms on this blog mean. In addition, I call sedevacantists "Traditionalists" so as to distinguish us from the false "Catholics" of the Vatican II sect. "Sedevacantist" = "Roman Catholic" and I think I make that understood. I sometimes use the term "sedevacantist" when trying to bring home a certain point, but always letting the readers know that a sedevacantist is a True Catholic. Hence, I see no "misnomers" because I take pains to carefully define my terms. When someone understands that sedevacantism IS THE TRUE CATHOLIC POSITION they will not be "repelled" by the term and the Faith can advance against the Vatican II sect. I have done nothing here from which I need to repent.

  3. Pope Benedict XV in 1914: "it is quite enough for each one to proclaim 'Christian is my name and Catholic my surname,' only let him endeavour to be in reality what he calls himself." ("Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum").

    Do you think it is a small matter to do contrary to what the Pope said and a venial sin the consequence of that?

    And what if an atheist sees that Bergoglio preaches against Catholic dogmas and isn't Pope? How can you deny him the name "Sedevacantist" when he professes "Sede vacante"?

    Obviously, you claim for "Sedevacantist" more than this term has.

    Therefore, "Sedevacantist" ??? "Catholic", NOT =.

    And you must give a single reply when asked about your religion. If you reply “I'm a Sedevacantist.” you have replaced traditional, complete and sufficient term “Catholic” with novel, incomplete and insufficient term “Sedevacantist”. Would any reasonable Catholic do that?

    I believe you have had good intention and have done everything to preach the truth but even in spite of that you have obviously grievously erred.

    In all Catholic charity I beseech you that you repent, publish this to correct public scandal due to the error and from now on you use only terms "Catholic" and "Christian" for those who profess the only true faith.

  4. Please see my reply to you on my new post of November 21, 2013.