Friday, October 11, 2013

Would You Like Fries With That Blasphemy?

The days of moral outrage are truly over and done. That righteous indignation has become a thing of the past was never brought home to me so clearly as when an article from the Chicago area came to my attention.  Kuma' Corner, a restaurant that caters to a heavy-metal music crowd, has introduced the blasphemous "Ghost Burger." It is so named after the rock group  Ghost B.C., a Swedish band whose lead singer dresses for performances as a Traditional Roman Catholic cardinal with skull-face makeup.

The 10-ounce beef burger comes with braised goat shoulder (goats are used in Satanic services), white cheddar cheese, and Ghost chili aioli. It also comes topped with a wine reduction sauce and an unconsecrated host--a traditional one with the scene of the Crucifixion on it. Only 30 years ago, there would have been such an outcry that the place would have been picketed, denounced, boycotted and ultimately put out of business. Fifty-one years of Vatican II has changed all that. With the Novus Bogus bread and wine service, people no longer see the host (thankfully unconsecrated due to the invalidity of both the Vatican II service and its ersatz "priesthood') as sacred. Receive the "host" standing and in your filthy unconsecrated hands while dressed immodestly and without having gone to confession in years (mortal sin is an outdated pre-Vatican II idea, after all). You can eat up to 15 minutes before you chew it up like cud and swallow while singing a secular rock song as the "communion hymn." Some polls have belief in the Real Presence down to 24%. This is what the so-called Reformers of the 16th century did to destroy faith in the Eucharist. It works real well.

 The few Vatican II sect members who had enough sense of the sacred to complain, got nowhere. The place donated $1,500 to the Archdiocese of Chicago as "reparation." What did the archdiocese do? Accept the money of course! You never know when they'll need it for bail. There were no organized demonstrations' from the Vatican II clergy demanding that they close their doors forever. No Rosaries in reparation for blasphemy (Frankie says the Rosary is "Pelagian", you know).

The hosts are not consecrated, so they really are not holy but are "more or less a cracker with a cross on it," Luke Tobias, Kuma's director of operations, told CNN. Kuma's bought them online on an auction style website. (in other words its Vatican II "communion"--a cracker with a cross on it).

The restaurant was honoring a band it liked, not trying to make a religious statement, he said, adding:
"If there is a God, I'm sure he has a sense of humor." (Well, I suppose He does; He made you--and Bergoglio).

Can you imagine the screams of horror if they put out "Mohammed Meatballs"? Expect a jihad. But the Vatican II sect couldn't care less. The burgers are selling well and if "Pope" Frankie hears about this, he might incorporate it into his invalid service to bring more people into his empty churches. As a matter of fact, he could charge people for eating one, so they have more money to pay off the pedophile lawsuits. What would Frankie charge? Probably $6.66.

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