Monday, April 20, 2015

Denying The Holocaust

 Everyone who reads my blog knows that I'm no fan of Bishop Richard Williamson. Williamson got himself into hot water with Ratzinger (when he still went by the false title "Pope" Benedict XVI), back in January 2009, shortly after the "excommunications" of the four Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) bishops were remitted. It seems that Williamson denied that the figure of six million Jews being killed in Nazi Germany was accurate and also called into question the existence of the gas chambers as the means of execution. Ratzinger, a former member of Hitler's Youth, went ballistic and condemned Williamson's comments calling on him to retract them and effectively derailed the "negotiations" between the SSPX and the Modernist Vatican.

 You might call Williamson's remarks culpably ignorant, offensive, or just plain stupid. In any case they were not heretical. The English-born bishop did not condone murder, or make any claim that runs contrary to the True Catholic Faith and/or Morals. "Holocaust denial" is a crime in Germany, and Bp. Williamson had to stand trial. He ultimately was given a slap on the wrist. Had he molested children and denied the Divinity of Christ, Ratzinger would have hidden him from the authorities and ignored his remarks. Ironically, this man is "recognized" by Williamson as having been a true "pope."

 I bring this up because of the political feud that began about ten days ago between presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul, and Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  Paul refused to tell The Associated Press whether he would support exceptions for abortions in instances of rape or incest or if the birth of a child would risk the mother’s life.

“The thing is about abortion — and about a lot of things — is that I think people get tied up in all these details of, sort of, you’re this or this or that, or you’re hard and fast [on] one thing or the other,” Paul told the AP.

Later in the day, when pressed on the question by a New Hampshire journalist, Paul responded, “Why don’t we ask the DNC: Is it OK to kill a 7-pound baby in the uterus?” “You go back and go ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz if she’s OK with killing a 7-pound baby that’s just not born yet,” Paul told reporters. “Ask her when life begins, and ask Debbie when she’s willing to protect life. When you get an answer from Debbie, come back to me.”

“Here’s an answer,” said Schultz, a congresswoman from Florida. “I support letting women and their doctors make this decision without government getting involved. Period. End of story. Now your turn, Senator Paul. We know you want to allow government officials like yourself to make this decision for women — but do you stand by your opposition to any exceptions, even when it comes to rape, incest, or life of the mother? Or do we just have different definitions of ‘personal liberty’?

 Pro-lifers complained that Paul should have simply stated that life begins at fertilization and may never be directly killed. Pro-abortionists complained Wasserman-Schultz shouldn't have admitted what Americans already know---the Democratic Party stands for murdering children in the womb at any time and for any reason as long as the professional killer ("doctor") and the mother agree to it.

As a life-long pro-lifer myself, I think Rand Paul should have done what the media did to Bp. Williamson: accuse Wasserman-Schultz of denying the Holocaust. Since the infamous Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade on January 22, 1973, 57.7 million innocent unborn babies have been legally executed. If Wasserman-Schultz, a Jewish woman, predictably screams anti-Semitism, Paul should have the courage to show how we have an abortion Holocaust, and it mirrors the sentiments in Nazi Germany over abortion. There are also striking parallels between the killing of the Jews and the killing of the unborn. I have the comparisons below.

 1. Abortion in Pre-Nazi Germany

Legal Status
"A pregnant woman who shall purposely cause herself to abort" or "any person" who "shall kill her child in utero shall be subject to a penitentiary sentence." (See Section 218, German Penal Code, 1871)

Mass Demonstrations 
In the late 1920s doctors helped stage demonstrations resembling "theatrical performances" in order to create public sentiment against Germany's abortion law. (American Medical Association Journal, July 19, 1930)

Perpetration of Illegal Abortions
Blamed on "underhanded quacks" (Assessment of medical publication Deutsches Aerzeblatt)

Maternal Deaths
16,000 women die each year. (Greatly inflated figure manufactured by pro-abortion doctors)

In 1933, the Nazi government legalized abortion for virtually any reason and at any stage of development. It was encouraged for eugenics.

2. Abortion in Pre-1973 America

Legal Status
"If any person administer to, or cause to be taken by a woman, or any drug, or any other thing" with the "intent to destroy her unborn child....he shall be confined to the penitentiary." (See Virginia Abortion Statute, 1873)

Mass Demonstrations
In the late 1960s doctors helped stage demonstrations with "theatrical flair" in order to galvanize public opinion against state abortion laws. (Former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson, 1979)

Perpetration of Illegal Abortions
Blamed on "butchering quacks"(Assessment of medical journal Southern Medicine and Surgery)

Maternal Deaths Attributed To Illegal Abortion 
Up to 10,000 women die each year. ("I confess that I knew the figures were totally false. But, in the 'morality' of our revolution, it was a useful figure." Dr. Bernard Nathanson)

In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand, a position in line with resolutions enacted by pro-abortion medical associations. Mothers are now told, with new medical technology, if their child carries a birth defect so that they can abort a "defective" child who will only be a "burden" to the parent and society.

3. The Killing Centers: Concentration Camps In 1930s Nazi Germany

The extermination of unwanted or "inferior" human beings before and after birth.

Asphyxiation of unseen victims inside chamber walls; killing in gas chambers

"Within 5 minutes everybody was dead" inside the chamber. (Auschwitz survivor Dr. Miklos Nyiszli, 1960)

17,280 corpses were disposed of "per twenty-four hour shift. And the ovens, with murderous efficiency, functioned day and night." (Auschwitz survivor Dr. Olga Lengyel, 1947)

4. The Killing Centers: Abortion Clinics ("Abortuaries" --Abortion + Mortuary)

The destruction of unwanted or "defective" human being before birth.

Dismemberment of unseen victims inside uterine walls.

"The abortion itself [takes] only two to three minutes." (Eastern Woman's Center, 1978)

"From eight in the morning until midnight, seven days a week, doctors working in ten operating rooms performed vacuum aspirations on an endless parade of pregnant wombs." (Former abortion clinic director Dr. Bernard Nathanson, 1976)

The similarities are frightening. Now with Obamacare, the destruction of adult "unfit" persons may not be far behind by consigning them to "health centers" with restricted or inferior health care. For screams of "anti-Semitism" there are two salient points:

  • Both Jews in Nazi Germany and the unborn in 1973 America were equally declared "non-persons"

  • If it's claimed that with the unborn we "don't know when life begins," that admission rules out abortion. The abortionist is forced to admit that at some point the fertilized egg becomes a human baby. If you're a hunter in the woods and you don't know if you see a human or a deer in the bushes, you are morally prohibited from shooting because innocent human life MAY be at stake. Likewise, the burden of proof is on the abortionist to prove the unborn are not human life worthy of protection before killing it otherwise they may be killing innocent human life. 

 Bp. Williamson was put on trial for denying certain aspects of an event that ended in 1945. He was then condemned by the false "pope" at the Modernist Vatican. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz denies the unborn, at any stage of development, are people. The Holocaust of legalized abortion is at 57.7 million and continues unabated. She will not be tried for "Holocaust denial" nor was her statement condemned by false "pope" Frankie, or any clergy of the Vatican II sect. After all, as Frankie says, why get all upset over "small-minded rules?"


  1. I pray daily for an end to abortion.Did you know many of the women involved in the abortion industry embrace witchcraft and the occult?By killing the babies during abortions, they are (in their warped satanic mind) taking power back from men.Plus a few satanic holidays demand sacrifice.Personally I think some abortion doctors are literally Luciferian.How could someone kill babies daily without eventually having a nervous breakdown?

  2. Just as a plant withers without sunlight the intellect becomes etiolated when deprived of the light of Christ.
    With pro-aborts as with other sinners it's all about the rationalization and justification of immoral behavior. One can either conform their behavior to the moral law or create a new moral code which conforms to said immoral behavior. Freud created the idea of Oedipus Complex after his affair with his sister-in-law Minna Bernays, thus rationalizing his behavior by projecting his incestuous desires on all of mankind. You can also see some of this same justification in the words of SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg in her July 2009 New York Times interview where she talks about "growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of." regarding her view of Roe v. Wade. She evidently views herself as part of a privileged elite (that quite likely subscribe to Eugenics-type theories) who are somehow superior to the Untermenschen that she/they "don't want to have too many of" thereby justifying killing in the womb. This particular example also illustrates the hypocrisy and selective coverage in our "news" media, can you imagine the outrage if a Catholic Priest had used Bader-Ginsburg's phrase?

    BTW, Dr. Bernard Nathanson is a good example of someone who stopped rationalizing sin.

    As an aside - The legal definition of Holocaust Denial in several countries in Europe is quite different from how the term is defined in common parlance. If I were to publicly disagree with the accepted narrative and state that 5.99 million or even 7 million Jews died in the Holocaust I could be jailed or tarred with the label of anti-Semite which is a career killer. Bp.Williamson is an intelligent man and I'm quite sure he was aware of this situation. I suppose we'll never really know why he said what he did -- I view it as akin to pouring gasoline on a fire.

  3. The desire to rationalize abortion is integral to the modern mindset which holds that the pursuit of the good life on earth is the sine qua non of human existence. When the Vatican II Church accepted certain aspects of this attitude, it paved the way for acceptance of abortion and other sinful acts, as it were through the back door. It is now impossible for them to back out of this stance, which makes any pro-life activities conducted within the umbrella of the Conciliar establishment a hopeless and forlorn exercise.

  4. 1: The 1960´s revolution has not protected women from rape and incest.
    2: R. Williamson has all the right to question the numbers of people killed in the holocaust and how they were killed. It is just a doubt, and the novus ordo defends doubts.
    3: They may tell you "question everything" but the truth is that everyone questions what we want.
    For Greater Glory of God,
    Long Life Christ the King and Our Lady of Guadalupe.