Monday, September 11, 2017

Hitler's Demons

 They end their e-mails with "88" after their signatures. They are mostly in their teens and twenties, and claim to be Traditionalists. Their nightstand has a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus next to a copy of Mein Kampf, and a picture of Adolph Hitler. "8" represents the eighth letter of the alphabet (H), so "88" means "Heil Hitler!" Meet a strange new fringe group claiming to be Traditionalist Catholics. They are young historical revisionists who think the Nazis were "good guys;" they were anti-Communists and got "bad press" because of Jewish conspiracies lurking behind every door. I had the misfortune to know of one such young man; he wanted to be a Traditionalist priest, entered the seminary, and left to be an Eastern Schismatic. He descended into Neo-Nazism shortly thereafter. He always had a fascination with Nazis and Fascism.

 Just as Pope Pius XI famously said, "No one can be at the same time a sincere Catholic and a true socialist," there is also a mutually exclusive stance between Traditionalist Catholicism and Nazism/Fascism.  A phenomenal  scholarly book was released earlier this year entitled Hitler's Monsters, by Eric Kurlander and published by Yale University Press. As the subtitle declares, it is "a supernatural history of the Third Reich." I would suggest that anyone claiming to be Christian, and  flirting with the idea of Nazism, be given this book to read. It's 300 pages long, with myriad footnotes, but well worth the time to read. This is a serious work by a serious scholar.  I will give but a small exposition below how Hitler and Nazi Germany were deeply rooted in the occult and wanted Catholicism wiped off the face of the Earth.

The Nazis and Paganism

 People can make claims all they want. The crux of the issue is whether or not the claims are backed up by sound reasoning and sufficient evidence. One of the so-called "New Atheists," Dr. Richard Dawkins, enjoys quoting Hitler as saying,  " late as 1941 he told his adjutant, General Gerhard Engel, 'I shall remain a Catholic forever.' (See The God Delusion, pg. 274). Was Hitler Catholic? Not by a long shot. Yes, he was baptized in the Church, but the "god" he worshiped was not the historical Jesus Christ Who founded His One True Church.  Even Dawkins admits, "Hitler, oddly, was always adamant that Jesus himself was not a Jew."(Ibid, pg. 276). Why would the world's biggest anti-Semite worship a Man born of a Jewish woman as God?  The answer is simple: he didn't. 

 On March 14, 1937, Pope Pius XI issued his encyclical letter Mit Brennender Sorge (On the Church and the German Reich).  His words prove more true than ever, as greater evidence has been brought forth confirming his every contention. In paragraph # 7, His Holiness writes:

The believer in God is not he who utters the name in his speech, but he for whom this sacred word stands for a true and worthy concept of the Divinity. Whoever identifies, by pantheistic confusion, God and the universe, by either lowering God to the dimensions of the world, or raising the world to the dimensions of God, is not a believer in God. Whoever follows that so-called pre-Christian Germanic conception of substituting a dark and impersonal destiny for the personal God, denies thereby the Wisdom and Providence of God who "Reacheth from end to end mightily, and ordereth all things sweetly" (Wisdom viii. 1). Neither is he a believer in God.

Hitler only mentioned being Catholic once in the quote given by Dawkins. Hitler also wrote of "gods" and "goddesses" proving, if all of his religious utterances are to be believed literally, that he was a polytheist. The gods are referred to in Mein Kampf-"the manifestations of decay showed only that the gods had willed Austria's destruction" [vol. I chapt. 3]-and there are references to goddesses as well: to the "Goddess of Suffering" [vol. I chapt. 2] and the "Goddess of Destiny" [vol. I chapt.5]. There is even a "goddess of eternal justice and inexorable retribution" which Hitler believed "caused Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the most mortal enemy of Austrian- Germanism, to fall by the bullets which he himself had helped to mold" [vol I chapt.1].

There is also a "Goddess of Peace and a God of War." More significantly, there are numerous references to "Fate." For those unfamiliar with world religion and philosophy, Fate is a non-Christian term referring not to the personal God of the Bible, but to an impersonal force of unknown character. (See Keysor, Hitler, the Holocaust and the Bible, pgs. 87 et. seq.). In keeping with paganism, there is also evidence that the high ranking Nazis were sodomites. (See my post of 9/14/15, "Homo-Fascism").

Paragraph #9 of Pope Pius XI's encyclical reads:

Beware, Venerable Brethren, of that growing abuse, in speech as in writing, of the name of God as though it were a meaningless label, to be affixed to any creation, more or less arbitrary, of human speculation. Use your influence on the Faithful, that they refuse to yield to this aberration. Our God is the Personal God, supernatural, omnipotent, infinitely perfect, one in the Trinity of Persons, tri-personal in the unity of divine essence, the Creator of all existence. Lord, King and ultimate Consummator of the history of the world, who will not, and cannot, tolerate a rival God by His side.

 Rival "gods" were all Hitler and his henchmen knew. According to the latest research from Eric Kurlander:

"The irony is that the evidence indicating an important link between Nazism and the supernatural has never been greater. In the mid-1920s Hitler almost certainly read Ernst Schertel's parapsychology tome Magic: History, Theory, Practice, underlining sentences such as 'Satan is the fertilizing, destroying-constructing warrior' and 'He who does not carry demonic seeds within him will never give birth to a new world.' ..." (See Hitler's Monsters, pg. x)

 Kurlander also reveals how the Nazis held a seance on the night of February 26, 1933 using clairvoyant Erik Hanussen who "predicted" the next day's Reichstag fire, which helped justify the Nazi imposition of martial law. Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess sponsored astrology, "cosmobiology," and other esoteric medical practices. SS Chief Heinrich Himmler encouraged research on the Holy Grail (the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark got their story-line from such records, albeit with great artistic license), witchcraft, and medieval devil worship (Luciferianism).

The Nazis were fascinated with "werewolves." Hitler revived belief in lycanthropy or "a magical change from man into wolf." While calling himself "Christian" or "Catholic"once or twice in his adult life, Hitler loved to compare himself to a wolf. "I don't need to be afraid of wolves, I myself am a wolf." He even named his headquarters Wolfschanze i.e., "Wolf's Lair." It is noted that while the Catholic Church may have associated werewolves with witchcraft and Satanism, lycanthropy was looked upon favorably and with awe in pagan Germany and Scandinavia.

In my personal experience, Fr. DePauw knew of a story, circulated by many high-ranking prelates, that circa 1941 Pope Pius XII called together all the cardinals of the Curia, and late at night in St. Peter's Basilica, attempted a "long distance exorcism" of Hitler and the Nazi officials. The story has never been proven (or disproven). Did Hitler submit to the teaching of Pope Pius XI in his encyclical as a good Catholic must? The answer is obvious.

Kurlander draws this conclusion:

Based on this evidence, I argue that no mass political movement drew as consciously and consistently as the Nazis on...occultism and "border science," pagan, New Age, and Eastern religions, folklore, mythology, and many other supernatural order to attract a generation of German men and women seeking new forms of spirituality..."

A State Religion Based on Racism

 These pagan ideas would be incorporated into a National German Church, where exaggerated nationalism and evil racism would reign supreme. According to the New York Times of January 2, 1942, there was to be such a sect. I reproduce below the beginning of the article and the first 5 of the "30 point program" for the sect's establishment:

BERNE, Switzerland, Jan. 2—Dr. Alfred Rosenberg, long the anti-religious polemicist of modern Germany and the protagonist of the “new national church,” has just released for publication a thirty-point program that will form at the same time the program and tenets of the “religion of National Socialism.”

The Nazi religious concept is founded not on the worship of Wotan and Valhalla, dear to the memory of General Erich von Ludendorff, but surprisingly enough, in view of Dr. Rosenberg's past attacks on Christianity and its teachings, on a partial worship of God, whose works are “eternal.”

Briefly but succinctly he outlines the organization and teachings of the church in the following phrases—for which, as the Swiss Socialist newspaper Volksrecht of Zurich points out, “one needs to be no ecclesiast to draw his own conclusion”:

1. The National Reich Church specifically demands the immediate turning over to its possession of all churches and chapels, to become national churches.

2. The German people have no call to serve the National Reich Church, but that church itself is called to serve its single doctrine—race and people.

3. The domain of the National Reich Church is limited by the territorial frontiers of the Reich and its colonies.

4. The National Reich Church will oblige no German to adhere to it. It is, however, ready to do all in its power to include in its ranks every German soul. Other churches or religious associations, above all those based on international bodies or directed from abroad, will not be tolerated in Germany by the National Reich Church.

5. The National Reich Church is immutably fixed in its one objective: to destroy that Christian belief imported into Germany in the unfortunate year 800, whose tenets conflict with both the heart and the mentality of the German. (Emphasis mine)


Hitler, the Nazis, and fascism are incompatible with Catholicism. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding himself. It is based on all things not merely un-Christian, but decidedly ANTI-Christian. I wince when I hear that "nationalism" and "racial pride" (white, black or otherwise) are called compatible with the One True Church. Once more Pope Pius XI:

10. This God, this Sovereign Master, has issued commandments whose value is independent of time and space, country and race. As God's sun shines on every human face so His law knows neither privilege nor exception. Rulers and subjects, crowned and uncrowned, rich and poor are equally subject to His word. From the fullness of the Creators' right there naturally arises the fullness of His right to be obeyed by individuals and communities, whoever they are. This obedience permeates all branches of activity in which moral values claim harmony with the law of God, and pervades all integration of the ever-changing laws of man into the immutable laws of God.

11. None but superficial minds could stumble into concepts of a national God, of a national religion; or attempt to lock within the frontiers of a single people, within the narrow limits of a single race, God, the Creator of the universe, King and Legislator of all nations before whose immensity they are "as a drop of a bucket" (Isaiah XI, 15).

Hitler and the new "Nazi Traditionalists" can call themselves "Catholic" but they fail the test of Our Lord Himself, "By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire." (St. Matthew 7: 16-19).


  1. You have two type promoting this. The dupes and those who know better and are doing it to harm traditional Catholics.

  2. These "Catholic" Nazis should ask themselves about the Church which spoke out against the Reich. Bishop Von Galen spoke against euthanasia and they'd rather side with the reich. They want to be "Catholics"and celebrate those who murdered Priests, including Servant of God Fr. Maximilian Kolbe. They should search their souls for an answer to how St. Paul can tell us there is no jew, nor greek, in Christ, and yet try to divide everyone into different Races.

  3. Good morning Introibo, I’m afraid you are very much mistaken on this subject and as a consequence you are misleading your readers again. There is a reason Hitler is the most hated person who ever existed and it has nothing to do with the “6 million” myth. There has been so much nonsense spread about Hitler and Germany and unfortunately even Traditional Catholics have bought into it all as it is constantly promoted in all aspects of our culture. You quote the NY Times for “evidence” against the Nazis but that is the last source anyone interested in unbiased information should turn. This post reinforces my distrust of your credibility on other subjects as well.

    1. Most of my information comes from "Hitler's Monsters," a scholarly work to be certain. The condemnation comes from the pen of Pope Pius XI. Do you distrust him too?


    2. So Pope Pius XII and the various Clergymen did not try to rescue Jews from the Nazis?

    3. This is what I fashion from anonymous' post. "Blah blah blah blah blah". I am aware that the comments here should be coherent and thoughtful but this response is made at the same level as the comment it applies to.
      I would add that I don't think Introibo (or anyone else) should get into a long, drawn out argument with this anonymous commentor. The comment doesn't state anything of substance and seems to be made for the sole reason of starting a never ending argument. In other words anonymous is not looking for intelligent discussions.

  4. There are all sorts of fascinating theories about Hitler, and how he was set up and financed to oppose Communism in a Hegelian thesis, antithesis, synthesis machination. But if we don't focus on the finer details of the myriad theories, the above accurately sums up what largely happened. But apart from all that, it's a no-brainer that Nazism is incompatible with Catholicism, because it's been known from the beginning of Hitler's rise that the upper echelons of the Nazi Party were rife with sodomites and occultists. Hitler's demonuc atrocities against the Jews more than prove the point, just as Khrushchev starving circa 17 million Ukrainians to death in the winter of 1931 proves the case against Communism.
    One rightly wonders how the heck could there be "Traditionalist Nazis." I guess it's the same way "Santeria" claims to be a mixture of African Voodoo and Catholicism? Rational people realize it's bizarre/of the devil. Others are obviously duped.

    1. The Sodomites in the S.A. were liquidated during the
      "Night of the Long Knives"

  5. Good sir,

    You make good points, but I think you at times you speak more broadly than you mean or is necessary.

    For instance, you say that "fascism [is} incompatible with Catholicism." Let me press you on that. I am unaware of any condemnation by the Church of Mussolini's fascist regime prior to, contemporary with, or subsequent to the Lateran Treaty. Can you name one? The fascist state was marked by (1) authoritarianism and (2) corporatism, and I don't believe either is directly condemned by the Church anywhere. The Church in Italy did just fine under a fascist regime, and the Lateran Treaty restored (1) a nation to the Pope, (2) Catholicism to the established religion of Italy, and (3) Catholic education to Italian Catholics.

    Can you show how "fascism" was really incompatible with Catholicism in this case? Or will you concede that Italian fascism was a legitimate system in which the Catholic Church could work, as it can in, say, a democratic republic, e.g. Ecuador of Eduardo Garcia Moreno?

    You also say that you "wince when [you] hear 'nationalism' or 'racial pride' are called compatible with the One True Church". I note that (1) you define neither of those terms and (2) that your cited quote doesn't refute any known definition of "nationalism" or "racial pride". Rather, Pius XII himself says in Mit Brennender Sorge: "No one would think of preventing young Germans establishing a true ethnical community in a noble love of freedom and loyalty to their country. What We object to is the voluntary and systematic antagonism raised between national education and religious duty." Which leads to the conclusion that "true ethnical communit[ies] in . . . loyalty to their country" are entirely legitimate. Sounds a wee bit like "nationalism," no?

    1. You are correct that nationalism, as pride in one's country and heritage, is a good thing. I consider myself an American patriot. Both my father and uncle were highly decorated soldiers in WW 2. However, the nationalism of fascism was condemned by Pope Pius XI:

      "And here We find Ourselves confronted by a mass of authentic affirmations and no less authentic facts which reveal beyond the slightest possibility of doubt the resolve (already in great measure actually put into effect) to monopolize completely the young, from their tenderest years up to manhood and womanhood, for the exclusive advantage of a party and of a regime based on an ideology which clearly resolves itself into a true, a real pagan worship of the State - the "Statolatry" which is no less in contrast with the natural rights of the family than it is in contradiction with the supernatural rights of the Church" (See the encyclical "Non abbiamo bisogno" of June 29, 1931).

      Mussolini was an admirer of Julius Evola who, according to several sources, was deeply immersed in the occult and advocated domination and rape of women because he saw it "as a natural expression of male desire."

      I stand by what I wrote. Fascism is incompatible with being Catholic.


  6. Simon-Xavier de la TremoïlleSeptember 12, 2017 at 11:31 PM

    You are utterly wrong.

    To begin with you combine national socialism with fascism which is completely false. You also combine fascism with racism and the III Reich which is wrong as well.

    There are very few modern ideologies that the church has not condemned, yet fascism is one of these.

    The church has condemned: socialism, unhealthy nationalism, liberalism, Americanism, democracy and so on. All these things are condemned by fascists to.

    I agree with you that it is not fitting to sign ones letters with "Heil Hitler" but that's on the basis of Hitler's crimes against humanity being a racial socialist. Son of one of the errors of Russia. (Yet never excommunicated by the church). Not on the basis of him being a fascist, which he's not even though he collaborated with many fascists.

    As wrong would it be to sign the letter with the words of the leftists of the last two-three hundred years. The liberals of the French Revolution. As uncatholic indeed would the words of "Freedom, Egality, Fraternity" be as the words "Hail victory, Hail Hitler". I would use neither of them.

    But why do you confound this in an untruthful way with fascism and conservatism? You're blaming one ideology for things another one did.

    What about Franco or Salazar? Or not mentioning the monarchs still reigning at the time (and not just like a puppet of democracy)

    Le Roy est mort,
    Vive le Roy !

    (Et avant tout, le coeur sacré de Jésus ainsi que celui de sa très sainte mère)

  7. No serious historian considers Franco a fascist. This is recorded even in popular sources such as Wikipedia. Fascism entails a revolutionary aim to transform society, where Franco did not seek to do so.

    Fascism was condemned (albeit carefully) by Pope Pius XI cited above. They had to be careful of the repercussions as you can well imagine. Lack of an explicit condemnation hardly equates to a specific endorsement.


  8. Hitler is wrongfully painted as the demon he never was Why? The reason is he stood up to the Jews who were attempting to control Germany economically and subvert its culture(that should sound familiar to Americans). When Hitler rose to power Germany was a disaster in the aftermath of WWI. Hitler brought it back and in the process actually did what no political leader and few Catholics had done: identify the Jewish problem. For that alone he has been distorted into a monster. He might have succeeded in liberating Europe and eventually America from the yoke of Jewish finance were it not for the false flag Pearl Harbor. The US entrance into the war assured victory to the allies and Zionist occupation of Palestine which to that point was not going to happen. Catholics would do good to recall the Catholic Church’s former position on Zionism and Palestine. When approached by Theodor Herzl Pius X outright refused to support the Zionists who claimed a stake in Palestine but following WWII came Vatican II and the new Church was to change its policies and work with the UN and traditional enemies of truth. Back to Hitler, the hatred for this man is so great that there is no end to the lies spread about him, Germany, and WWII in General. Gas chambers, Zyklon B, lamp shades, soap bars, mass incineration of 6 million, Satan worship, etc. are all lies. It’s retribution. The NY Times had been lying about 6 million Jews being persecuted since before the 20th Century began, indicating Jewish control of the American Press going way back and an attempt to make the 6 million story stick. I am not saying Hitler was a moral and virtuous Christian but I am saying that we have been lied to about real history.

    1. I'm not going to pull a "Bp. Williamson and debate the number of Jewish people murdered. The peer-reviewed research clearly shows the Nazis and Fascists were anti-Christian. Hitler was indeed an occultist and many high ranking Nazis were also sodomites. He and Mussolini were mass murderers and enemies of the Church. Claiming Hitler wasn't moral is an understatement in the same sense as saying the Titanic had a small leak.



    Above is an interesting article which may assist the debate.

  10. Some readers may also find the following multi-part documentary on Hitler extremely fascinating. It is produced by traditional Catholic Dennis Wise and is called "Adolph Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told." The link to this man's website is: Obviously, as with all debates, there is more than just one side. I found this man's work compelling.

  11. I think it's high time some distinctions were made.
    The "fascist dictatorship" of Generalissimo Francisco Franco can in no way be equated to Nazism. Consider this: At the same time the liberal/leftist press was running around referring to Franco as "Dictator Franco" or "Fascist Dictator Franco" they were referring to the Communist butcher Khrushchev in glowing terms as Premier Khrushchev," and to the equally vicious thug Tito as "Marshal Tito." Need I say more about a perverse press pushing their agenda on the gullible? Yes, you've got it - they would have us believe that Franco was in the same category as Hitler!
    If you research Nazism and Mussolini's Fascism you will find that Mussolini's brand didn't focus on the racial aspect in any measure even approaching that of Hitler's brand. But they both had one thing in common, i.e. they used Catholicism to bolster their hold on the populace. Mussolini, you will find, flirted with the occultist Julius Evola, who apparently is revered by none other than Steve Bannon. Apparently Mussolini ingratiated himself to such a degree with Pius XI that he deemed the invasion of Abyssinia as a "holy war."
    According to Introibo, there are neo-nazis floating around out there who are identifying themselves as trad Catholics. And you can bet your last dollar that Jesus, the Sacred Heart and Catholicism are being subordinated by them to Nazism just as Hitler and Mussolini did subordinated Christ to themselves. Or is anyone suggesting to Introibo that Jesus was King of Hitler's and Mussolini's hearts and minds? The point is: It's glaringly obvious that Catholicism was wielded as a weapon by these characters and used as nothing more.
    Now, if Introibo proposed that "Neo-Conservatism" or being a Klansmen or Liberalism or many other "isms" were incompatible with Catholicism he'd ALSO be correct, so stop fighting him on this - he's not proposing anything that extraordinary. He's merely stating a fact, which is: fascism as popularly defined as the system foisted on Germany and Italy by Hitler and Mussolini respectively was ultimately anti-Christian and therefore not compatible with Catholicusm.
    Now I could go on about the attraction the Catholic Faith holds for Hitler types - mainly our dogmas which by definition are rigid --- but I won't.
    Have a nice evening!

  12. There are so many legends surrounding Hitler & the NSDAP it's impossible for us to know the full truth 80 years later.
    I say this in all due respect for Pope Pius XI.
    Why didn't Pope Pius XI condemn what was being done to Germany from 1922-1933?
    The German Nation had to choose between Jewish Communism and National Socialism.If I were alive in Tha era,I would've chosen National Socialism.
    Life isn't always cut & dry and easy to navigate.
    Let's pray and hope we are never forced to make such a choice.
    God bless you for a great blog and interesting post this week.
    I may not always agree but I am usually challenged in my beliefs. (which is good)
    Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus.

    1. The reason for my Latin response above is that I'm not a priest, so I can't impart the blessing "Pater et Filius..etc."! So I wish God Blesses your soul!


  13. I am not sure I have ever heard a proper definition of fascism.

    1. An adequate definition is straight from the dictionary, Tom. "political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition"

      In general, that about sums it up!


    2. Are Europeans & their descendants across the pond who want to live in predominantly white countries "fascist" for not wanting to live in multi- ethnic multi-cultural states which will be controlled by powers hostile to White Christian families and Traditions?

    3. You assume many things. If you want to preserve your ethnic identity, that's fine. Are Latinos "anti-Christian" when the overwhelming majority profess Christianity (Catholicism pre-V2)?

      The short answer is no, provided it does not involve denigrating others and causing hate and violence in what Pope Pius XI called an idolatry of the State.

      When the state and culture become your focal point instead of the Church, the results are a return to paganism.


    4. I didn't assume,it was a simple question.
      Also,Latinos are no different from European,North American,and Australian Novus Ordites.
      What passes for Catholicism South of the border is usually a mixture of Paganism communism and noahide Protestantism.

    5. Post-V2 you are correct. That was not the case pre-V2.


    6. Remove "exalts nation" from that definition of Fascism and you have the modern Democrat party.

  14. Excellent question anonymous 10:08. Here's another: what should we call governments that dictate what we are allowed to believe and that suppress free speech? Here's an example: “‘Nazi Grandma’ holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck sentenced to jail”

    An 87-year-old woman has been sentenced to prison after she claimed that Jews were never exterminated in Auschwitz…

    A court in Detmold on Friday sentenced Ursula Haverbeck to eight months in jail on charges of sedition. The presiding judge ruled out the possibility of parole and said that Haverbeck had a lack of “any kind of respect” and that she had made more offensive comments in the courtroom.

    Haverbeck is expected to appeal against the sentencing. In Germany, anyone who publicly denies, endorses or plays down the extermination of Jews during Adolf Hitler’s regime can be sentenced to a maximum of five years in jail.

    Haverbeck was found guilty of writing a letter to Detmold’s mayor, Rainer Heller, saying it was “clearly recognizable” that Auschwitz was nothing more than a labor camp.

    1. I deplore any restriction on the proper use of freedom of speech. You can believe in anything you want here in the US (no matter how misguided) and express that belief (at least to this point in time). As Associate Justice Louis Brandeis once wrote, "The antidote for free speech with which we disagree is more free speech, not enforced silence."


    2. Oh dear, I think I just found something to disagee with you about. Free speech is another masonic concept like religious liberty. No one has the right to spread error. The proper confessional state has to duty to supress heresy.

    3. You are correct Tom. However, we live in not just non-Catholic but anti-Catholic countries. Until the Church gets back a pope and can claim a majority in countries to make them Catholic professing places again, the concept of free speech is, in my opinion, to be tolerated as superior to being silenced by politically correct governments pushing agendas.


    4. Tom, you are absolutely right about free speech. It is a masonic error that Pope Pius IX warned us quite fervently about- a lot of americanists should read the Syllabus of errors. But, of course, the reason the Church condemns freedom of speech is to prevent the spread of error. In areas where theological error is not being spread, we should follow St. Augustines maxim about liberty.

  15. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is an author I can't recommend enough.
    His book "Gulag Archipelago" details what happens when communism invades and conquers former Christian Nations.

  16. Hello Introibo,

    Do you know if the author of Hitler's Demons is Jewish or part Jewish? Also, do you know if he is a Holocaust believer? Thanks.

    1. The name of the book is "Hitler's Monsters." Its author is Professor Eric Kurlander, who teaches history at Stetson University.

      The book is peer-reviewed, meaning open to critique by other opposing scholars. He has 86 meticulously documented footnotes. The purpose is to allow others to check his work against possible bias and errors. To automatically assume someone has an agenda because of what ideas they hold, is unjustified and calumnious. His work should stand or fall based on what he has written and the sources as well as the logic applied. I do not know his personal beliefs or his ethnic/religious background.


    2. Correction--- 86 PAGES of meticulously documented endnotes!!


    3. I wonder how much of Kurlander's book could be verified by world renowned Nazi historian David Irving. It's funny how one historian holds a prestigious position at Stetson while the other one is banned by all publishers, several countries, and spends his meager book sale profits fighting lawsuits.

    4. I don't know Mr. Irving but he can certainly write a rebuttal. The Hitler apologists I know are strange (to be charitable). I personally met Bp Williamson back in the mid-1980s before he was consecrated a bishop. He was arrogant, condescending, and had a very high opinion of himself. Not good traits for a priest. His views are even more strange including condemning "The Sound of Music" and continuing to recognize Bergoglio despite the evidence. He even invents theological principles to support his views. He's so out there, some have commented his mitre should be replaced with a tinfoil hat.

      Maybe that's why Hitler apologists don't make it. They try to rehabilitate a mass murderer in spite of the evidence.According to one source, "In Britain, which does not have a Holocaust denial law, Irving had already been thoroughly discredited when he unsuccessfully sued historian Deborah Lipstadt in 1998 for describing him as a Holocaust denier." Callamard, Agnès (April 2007), "Debate: can we say what we want?", Le Monde diplomatique


    5. I met Mr. Irving three times and listened to his personal answers to critics. Lipstadt is a liar. The best story is when Irving sat in the back seat at one of her well-attended lectures and listened to her lies to a point. Then he stood up and disproved her in front of the entire audience. To say she was embarrassed is an understatement. But she has the Spielbergs and other big names behind her so Irving's truths matter little to the masses.

      Now as for why hitler apologists don't make it, it is simple and it was already said earlier on this blog: he stood up to and identified the Jew problem. What you are obviously ignorant about is that the Jews own almost all of the sources of information and finance. Whoever owns information owns our thoughts and that is in fact why Hitler has been successfully painted as the devil. The true story of Hitler is beginning to come to light. Turns out he just may have been more Christian than the Freemason leaders of the Allied forces. Want to talk about Dresden?

      Williamson is brilliant and spot on. I can't say anything about his arrogance and condescension but I do not agree he is loony. He is just far beyond most people's thinking capacity. The only reason he isn't a Sedevacantist is because that position holds just as many contradictions as his own. Again, he's far smarter than you give him credit for.

    6. Anon @ 6:47 am

      Bp. Williamson may be "spot on" regarding this subject, but "brilliant" he is not. As far as being "far beyond most people's thinking capacity," I'll let the readers of this blog decide (I fall into the "tin foil hat" brigade in general when it comes to Bp. Williamson, but he is correct on the numbers issue insofar the Nazi extermination of the Jews).
      My refutation of the brilliance etc. of Bp. Williamson shall consist of:
      1) Fr. Cekada's (found on article titled "Mentevacantism" and 2) The youtube I found on novusordowatch which I'll post below.

    7. Your assessment of Bp. Williamson tells me everything about your capacity to discern. first, as I wrote in my post, the "traditionalist Nazis" need "Jewish Conspiracies" behind every door to explain why they are not taken seriously. Are their Jews who work against the Church? Certainly. But not all of them, and not to the point where all opposing scholarship is censored and discarded. Dr. Robert Gagnon wrote a great book "The Bible and Homosexual Practice." He has been persona non grata in academic circles, but no one has refuted or called into question either his work or integrity. Ditto for Dr Michael Behe and his work, "Darwin's Black Box."

      You claim sedevacantism "holds just as many contradictions as his [Williamson's] own." Really? I'd love to hear what "contradictions sedevacantism has, since this blog is proudly sedevacantist. I would be more than happy to engage you on that score.

      Let's see the "brilliance" of Williamson demonstrated:

      Here is what Novus Ordo Watch reported regarding Bp. Williamson's statements in 2015 regarding "The New Mass (sic)":

      *You can go to the New Mass under certain circumstances

      *The New Mass is a key part of the New Religion and the worldwide apostasy

      *Stay away from the New Mass!

      *The New Mass is wrong as a whole

      *If it nourishes your Faith, you can go (this “seems” to be the “absolute rule of rules”)

      *You cannot cause scandal by going to the New Mass

      *Archbishop Lefebvre said the New Mass is a danger to the Faith

      *There are Eucharistic miracles in the New Mass

      *The New Religion, of which the New Mass is a key part, is dangerous and strangles grace

      *The New Mass can build your Faith

      *The New Mass does harm in itself

      *Decide for yourself
      *Ask a priest you trust and heed his advice — maybe

      *The rite of the New Mass was designed to get you away from the Catholic Faith

      *If you can trust your own judgment, use your own judgment

      *All of this is just his opinion and “almost heresy”

      *Maybe none of this should be said in public

      This is "brilliant and spot on"? He is indeed beyond most people's thinking capacity--most people who are sane and can't get around the Law of Non-Contradiction. The tinfoil mitre is rightfully his, and those of the "Traditionalist Nazis" can have a tinfoil hat with a swastika on it.


    8. I think when people say
      "...the Jews own most outlets of information..."
      they're simply saying the corporate media has a Jewish influence and propaganda interests.(every idea is a form of propaganda and this isn't an insult towards them)
      They're not saying it's every single Jew nor are they saying every single Jew on Earth is involved in some wild eyed conspiracy.
      It's simplifying the problem for an easy read and avoids complicated paragraph long explanations.
      I myself married a former Jew who converted to Catholicism.
      My spouse,after years of learning indispensable proof on their own,has now realized the media,academia,and immigration are part and parcel to the Jewish agenda.
      My spouse knows it's not every Jew and doesn't believe that it's every Jewish family in on some big plot.
      THE people with influence and power within these respective fields represent the leftist communist subversion of the West.It just so happens this ideaology has a massive influx of very wealthy Jews.

    9. You make a level-headed case. The evidence is there that many wealthy Jews do seek to subvert the culture (if there's anything left to subvert at this point). While I agree, I must add that this does not somehow exonerate Hitler for what he did, or mitigate the fact he was an occultist.


    10. anonymous 3:57- Are you that naive? Left VS right? Wake up. If anybody denies there is a jewish conspiracy then he or she is either of two things: a liar or blind and naive. This is not the forum for proving the case but shame on all traditional Catholics who refuse to admit what has been known for centuries, even by Catholics. Did any of you sedes read anything by Father Dennis Fahey? If not, pick up some of his books and educate yourselves. And nobody is blaming EVERY Jew for being involved in it by the way so let that go. Just because every Jew is not involved doesn't meant it isn't a Jewish conspiracy. And why is everybody, beginning with Introibo, so afraid to call a conspiracy a conspiracy? Tin foil hatters? What a pathetic canard to stifle free thinking. This is what happens when academia and human respect interfere with honesty. Not very long ago, the Dimond frauds posted a good article "IS CNN A Jewish News Network." Read it. And that article is just the tip of the iceberg. If anybody doubts that Christianity is suffering from a Jewish conspiracy that will bring about the reign of Antichrist, I challenge that person to spend some weeks studying this man's website and refute it if you can: This former Jew turned Christian monk will have something to say about anyone who tries to play the anti-Semitic card.

    11. We are suffering from a Modernist conspiracy for certain, and they are having a field day. I think that is where we should put our efforts. Not all Jews buy into indifferentism and the other errors that come from "the synthesis of all heresies." However, all Modernists do.


    12. No one is denying Jews have a massive influence in the left.
      However,there are many Gentiles involved with this subversion.
      This can't be denied my friend.

  17. Is the Sound of Music factual or is it a 1965 Hollywood fantasy exercise which includes propaganda against Hitler/the Nazis? To begin with, according to the film posted on this blog, the Austrians overwhelming welcomed Hitler in Austria and wanted membership in the Third Reich. Hardly the way that The Sound of Music paints the picture.
    I don't know of any so-called "holocaust denier" attempting to rehabilitate Hitler? The dispute is over how many Jews were killed during the Hitler regime and if certain camps were used to gas Jews to death. No one is disputing that under Hitler Jews AND Catholics were persecuted.
    You need to watch the documentary called Mr. Death, which tells the story of an ordinary guy named Fred Leuchter, a quiet, unassuming guy without an ounce of guile who got caught up with the so-called "holocaust deniers." The film has some humorous moments in it, such as when the clueless Fred states that he smoked packets of cigarettes and drank circa 40 cups of coffee per day because heck, no one ever told him it could be that bad for you. (or words to this effect). He met and fell in love with his wife who was a waitress in the diner where he'd drink all his coffee, and wait for it... he realized she liked because she'd offer him free refills! Lol
    But the film has a serious side, and it's well worth watching.

    1. "No one is disputing that under Hitler Jews AND Catholics were persecuted". Then why would a Catholic defend him?

    2. I'm not following you, Hunter.
      Which Catholic is defending him?

    3. I know several that do. A lot of Catholics that start out denying the Holocaust (I used to be one of them), that I've known, turned out to flat out adore Hitler. I know one who had mein kampf in his Shrine.

    4. You "used to deny the holocaust" but now you believe it? Truly mind-blowing. Too much pressure so you sold your soul? Some of the very best sources to refute gas chamber stories are Jewish. I studied this issue for more than ten years and find the so-called holocaust story to be impossible on several points. I am very sorry to hear this re-conversion story posted on a trad Cat blog but it is what happens when heavy pressure is consistently applied. I hope you can one day recover your b***s.

    5. I posted this idiot's response after I redacted his vulgarity at the end. Normally I just discard comments with vulgarity and/or blasphemy, but I wanted my readers to see the typical Hitler-worshipping "Traditionalist" in all his ugliness.

      1. Even IF it's true gas chambers weren't used (I'm not saying that it is), the systematic extermination of Jews was the goal of Hitler, who was a pagan occultist that hated the Church.

      2. You studied the issue for more than ten years! Wow. You probably could publish a peer-reviewed book if it wasn't for the Jews! It's all THEIR FAULT you know.

      3. You assume Hunter "had pressure applied," and he couldn't possibly have changed his mind based on evidence, because we all know that anyone who looks at the evidence must reach your conclusion or else it's the result of pressure from the Jews. It's THEIR FAULT someone holds an opinion different from yours!!

      When someone can change as Hunter did THAT takes courage!

      So before you suggest that someone recovers his testicles, you might want to recover your brain first (if you ever had one that functioned properly in the first place).


    6. First, I am not even a Catholic so will you retract your false assumptions about me? Would love to see that.

      To your points:
      1. Yes it is true - gas chambers were never used to kill Jews. They were used to de-louse inmate clothing - idiot. If he were really "systematically exterminating" Jews there wouldn't be survivors. Besides, gas chambers would certainly not be the way to accomplish that now would it? Too much trouble to gun them all down I guess. Oh, and all those Jews In Hitler's cabinet and army? I guess he really meant to kill them too but somehow forgot. You're the idiot.

      2. Yes I studied the issue from all points of view and probably could write a book but big deal. I know it wouldn't sway a guy like you because you are all about credentials and degrees. You're a lawyer but you're still an idiot.

      3. Of course. There is no way he could change his mind based on evidence because there is none.

      Last, I offended your pious eyes by writing b***s? You don't have a set of testicles either or you wouldn't write under a pen name.

    7. Ok, you're not a Traditionalist Catholic. I pray you convert or you'll wind up in the eternal oven with your Fuhrer (the unrepentant mass murdering occultist).

      1. Gas chambers were used to de-louse clothes? According to "Nazi Mass Murder: A Documentary History of the Use of Poison Gas." New Haven: Yale University Press, 1994--the Nazis began using gas as part of their euthanasia program in 1939. After the June 1941 German invasion of the Soviet Union and Einsatzgruppe (mobile killing unit) mass shootings of civilians, the Nazis experimented with gas vans for mass killing. Gas vans were hermetically sealed trucks with engine exhaust diverted to the interior compartment. Use of gas vans began after Einsatzgruppe members complained of battle fatigue and mental anguish caused by shooting large numbers of women and children. Gassing also proved to be less costly. Einsatzgruppen (mobile killing units) gassed hundreds of thousands of people, mostly Jews, Roma (Gypsies), and mentally ill people. That explains why they didn't "gun them all down."

      All Jews might have died had in not been for the heroics of great people like Hugh Cardinal O'Flaherty. Watch the movie, "The Scarlet and the Black" starring Gregory Peck (no big words like in books so even you can understand).

      2. Yes, credentials and degrees DO MATTER. Would you want an operation by a properly educated and trained surgeon or some guy who read some medical books and dissected frogs?

      3. The evidence at Nuremberg is OVERWHELMING. As a trained lawyer, it hits me even harder. I guess there's no evidence for the moon landing either. It was filmed in the Arizona desert silly goose!

      There is quite a bit of evidence that The high ranking Nazis were sodomites (as I referenced in this post). Maybe that explains your obsession with male genitalia. My father and uncle endured PTSD from fighting the pagan Japanese and occult Nazis respectively. I come from a long line of brave men who fought to keep us free from tyranny.

      Lastly, if I lack male parts because I write under a pen name, what does that say about you "Mr. Anonymous"? People in glass domiciles shouldn't throw hard projectiles.

      The old saying rings true, "Immaturity is outgrown, youth ages, drunkenness can be sobered, and ignorance educated. However, STUPID LASTS FOREVER!

      Over and out.


    8. Hmmm, which should we trust? The propaganda from white supremacist sites provided by anonymous, or the evidence provided by every competent scholar? Holocaust deniers are like feeneyites. They pick and choose what is right and put the opinions of self appointed experts over actual experts.

      My great grandfather participated in liberating one of the camps. I think I'll trust what he said he saw over self appointed scholars born decades after.

  18. I see. I think that's called an inordinate attachment to creatures.
    Bishop Sanborn wrote a mildly interesting article attacking Bishop Williamson for bringing the "Holocaust" into public discussion. It was rather strange in some ways because he'd excoriate then praise him, rinse and repeat. Anyhow, he correctly explained why tbe term "Holocaust" is a misnomer. He also flubbed it by implying that Wikipedia is a reliable source (for the number of Jews that died in Nazi Germany). Go have a look at the "Call me Jorge" blog, and in particular the article about Hasbara's Zionist trolls. After reading it you'll better understand my above comment.
    The point I'm slowly getting around to, is: I don't like the term "Holocaust," and I don't like the Zionist First Commandment: "Thou shalt believe in the Holocaust as being the slaughter of 6 million Jews by Hitler with thy whole mind, heart and soul. If thou dost disbelieve there shalt be a weeping and gnashing of teeth (If you've lost your teeth dentures will be provided)."
    If historians have uncovered evidence to the contrary of tbe 6 million figure, free and open debate should be encouraged to get to the truth of the matter, not a situation where any and all dissent is met with a billion sledge hammers. St. Thomas Aquinas taught that the intellect was made for truth, and if that isn't the goal in all disputes then the saying, "Houston we have a problem" applies. And if debate is violently shut down, one wonders all the more "Why?"
    Finally, (for the time being lol) you make a good point about some people needing/desiring to be in a cult. There's a dude named Lyndon Larouche, and his followers more or less adore - of all people - FDR and his "New Deal" ideology.
    There are a lot of weird people out there, but I'm confident you're a man that just ignores their nonsense and carries on in a calm manner. :)

    1. The problem is not a mere arguing over numbers. Some people are just interested in the facts. But some people question the numbers out of pure malice against the Jews which is uncharitable. The Nazi's didn't target the Jews over their Religion- the great mystic St. Terese of Avila would have been killed by them!

    2. Mhm...and some bear malice towards Muslims and black Americans and Italians and Poles and Catholics etc. What's new?
      True, the problem is complicated. Would you like me to simplify it for you?

      Good guys (grunts) from one side helped bad guys from that same side beat the good guys (grunts) from the other side who were taking orders from another set of bad guys. :)
      Something to ponder: The so-called good guys who won imported creepy German scientists who formerly worked for Hitler and his Third Reich pals to America where they worked for the OSS/CIA doing the MK-Ultra mind control experiments on UNWITTING US military personnel and US and Canadian citizens. These "Manchurian Candidate" type experiments involved dosing their victims with LSD and other mind -altering substances. Shall I go on with what the bad guys who won who are posing as the good guys also did?

  19. Excellent and spot on. Despite the Jew hating, Holocaust deniers responding. They would hate Jesus, Mary and the Apostles. In fact they do.