Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sinful Habits

Antipope Francis is praising American nuns, after a two year investigation came to a close. According to Seattle Pi,
Pope Francis has praised the role of women in Catholic theology, extolling what he called their “feminine genius,” describing them as “strawberries on the cake” and talking about a “specific contribution of women to the intelligence of the faith.”

The report, issued on December 16, was resoundingly positive and was well received by the "Leadership Conference of Women Religious" (LCWR). Anyone who hasn't had their head buried like an ostrich knows that what passes for a "nun" in the Vatican II sect these days is a radical feminist who is religiously humanistic, sociologically Marxist, and politically socialist (at best). 

 Prior to Vatican II there were approximately 180,000 nuns in the U.S. Today, there are roughly 57,000, a decrease of over 67%. When Ratzinger was Antipope, there were stern criticisms of nuns in this country. He wouldn't actually DO anything, but he did like to keep a fa├žade of some sort of Catholicism. Not so Mr. Bergoglio. He praises the most vile elements in his sect. 

What's wrong with the Vatican II nuns? I'll spell it out since the report chose to cover it up:

1. Support of abortion, homosexuality, and the Democratic party in the name of "social justice"

The so-called "Nuns on the Bus" traveled around in 2012 to ostensibly raise awareness of the needs of the poor. They condemned then Vice-Presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, for making budget cuts to social programs. Ryan strongly identifies himself with the Catholic (Vatican II sect) religion. However, they had no criticism of Vice-President Joe Biden, who also receives the invalid Vatican II "communion" while vigorously promoting a budget with money to kill unborn babies by abortion. Biden also supports sodomite "marriage."

The National Coalition of Nuns (NCAN) has gone on record supporting the abortion/contraceptive mandate in Obamacide. NCAN's leader, Catholic Nun Donna Quinn, has openly stated she has taken women for abortions in the past, but exclaimed in 2012 that she leads a “very, very holy” life. The group claims to have “over 2,000 members” and says “a woman cannot have full autonomy unless she has Reproductive Autonomy.”

2. Alignment with heretical doctrines, "theologians," and Wicca

According to Robert Eady:

Straightforward Wicca or the similar but theologically more ambiguous WomanChurch have moved into many areas of the Catholic Church through feminist "theologians," feminist-inspired local activists and disgruntled nuns. 

 If there were any doubts .... that religious feminists had run amok in the Church, they were dispelled when faithful Catholic women found items in the (liturgy) kit's bibliography written by pro-abortion feminist nuns. Today almost every conservative Catholic publication has featured a horror story of some form of witchcraft or earth-goddess-inspired liturgy being performed in some Catholic Church in some large North American city.
Two of the most influential "Catholic" Wiccan, or WomanChurch figures to be found opposing the Church today are Mary Daly and Rosemary Radford Ruether.
Ex-nun Mary Daly teaches lesbian witchcraft. She has written several books, including the anti-male and anti-Catholic Beyond God the Father and. Wickedary, a dictionary of sorts for witches. In Wickedary Daly defines the Beatific Vision as: "the 'face to face' vision of god in patriarchal heaven promised as a reward to good Christians; an afterlife of perpetual Boredom: union/ copulation with the 'Divine Essence'; the final consummate union of the Happy Dead Ones with the Supreme Dead One."
Dr. Rosemary Radford Ruether, an influential speaker and writer who authored Sexism and God-Talk, was named to the overtly pro-abortion Catholics for Free Choice board back in 1985.
In true gnostic style, Reuther has described the "patriarchal" Church as an "idol of masculinity" to be broken up and ground into powder.
Typical of most WomanChurch feminists, Ruether has no problem defying Church teaching on homosexuality. In 1985, when promoting her soon-to-be-released Women-Church: Theology and Practice of Feminist Liturgical CommunitiesRuether promised a feminist largely "Catholic" audience that one chapter would contain "liturgies for healing" from painful experiences "such as coming out as a lesbian. Not that being a lesbian is unnatural, but that the way we've been repressed by homophobia is unnatural." At this same gathering she urged participants to establish female "base communities," "Women-Church groups," or "covens." (See Mr.Eady unfortunately believes the Vatican II sect to be the Catholic Church, but his analysis of the sect's nuns is right on target---Introibo. 
This is what received praise from the antipope. The "strawberries" are really nuts; the icing on a Devil's Food Cake full of spiritual poison for those involved. It doesn't take a genius (feminine or otherwise) to see that, Francis. 


  1. I was trying to contact you but I couldn't find a contact. I wanted to know if you could write a post (or a comment here) about why you reject Eastern Orthodox as detailed as you can or are willing. Most people I ask are flippant about it but I want real solid reasons and I think you are knowledgeable. Why should Catholics reject it as a possibility since they have seemed to keep their liturgy and traditions when the Catholic Church hasn't? Why shouldn't Catholics become Eastern Orthodox in these terrible times?

  2. I can certainly sympathize with your feelings. With the Vatican II sect becoming more bizarre by the day under Antipope Francis, the Eastern Orthodox, with reverent, valid sacraments and devoid of horrible scandals, seems appealing. However, there are serious reasons not to join them.
    1. Christ founded One True Church by which all humans are to be saved.
    This is a dogma of the Faith. Truth is one. Christ founded His Church on St. Peter as the first pope. The papacy, as an institution, will last until the end of times, even if there is not always an actual pope on the throne of St. Peter, which is the unfortunate case since the death of Pope Pius XII. In 1302, Pope Boniface VIII infallibly decreed in the Apostolic Constitution Unam Sanctam, "Furthermore, We declare, We proclaim, We define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff." Traditionalists are subject to the papacy and therefore to the Roman Pontiff, even though we don't have one at the present time. Since the Orthodox reject this dogma, as well as the Primacy and infallibility of the Roman Pontiff infallibly defined at Vatican Council I (1870), they are heretics (not merely schismatics) and are outside the One True Church.

    2. Traditionalists are what's left of the True Church.
    After the Second Vatican Council set up a Counterfeit "Catholic" sect, the Truth resides with the Traditionalists, the remnant of the Roman Catholic Church. Here is where everyone needs to join. The name "orthodox" (meaning "right believing") belongs as a correct adjective to Traditionalists. When applied to the Eastern Christians, it is used inappropriately as a noun.

    3. Can Traditionalists make use of the valid sacraments the Eastern Orthodox have if no Traditionalist Church is near?
    NO! To get to Heaven, what is necessary is the Integral Catholic Faith, not the sacraments. It is possible to get to Heaven(albeit not likely) without the sacraments, but the Faith, in fact or by desire, is indispensable.

    For a sacrament to be VALID, the priest must act "in persona Christi" ("in the person of Christ") by virtue of his ordination. Hence, when the priest says "This is My Body" we know he doesn't mean his own body. Nor does he say "This is Christ's Body." Christ speaks through the unworthy lips of the priest to effectuate the miracle of transubstantiation, whereby the substance of the bread and wine is changed into the substance of Jesus Christ. Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.

    However, to be efficacious, and give us the grace we need, the priest must also speak "in persona Ecclesia" ( in the person of the Church). That Church is the One True Church, not the Orthodox or any other church, for Christ only founded One Church on an infallible papacy. The priest must be in unison with the One True Church for the Sacraments to bestow the grace we need. The exception is in danger of death, we may receive the last rites from an Orthodox priest, if no Traditionalist priest can be found, because the Church supplies that priest with the right to do so for one of Her dying children.

    I can not go to a valid Vatican II priest who offers a valid Motu Mass because by his acceptance of Antipope Francis and Vatican II heresies, he has placed himself outside the True Church. The so-called Diamond Brothers consider the Catholic belief in Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire to be heresy. Yet, they tell you that you can go to a Traditionalist priest who holds this "heresy" as long as you donate money. WRONG! You can never receive the sacraments from heretics except on danger of death. Period. Luckily, Baptism of desire and of blood are NOT heretical!


  3. Bottom line: While there are many good Orthodox Christians, they do not belong to the One True Church of Christ which He founded and wishes all men to join. While it is certainly possible for the Orthodox to get to Heaven (not as Orthodox, but as True Catholics through invincible ignorance and the desire to do all God wants joining them to the Church), it is uncommon. That is why we must convert as many people to the Church as we can. The sacraments do you no good if administered by heretics outside the danger of death. Christ wants you to become and remain a Traditionalist---a member of the True Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation. If you leave (God forbid) the True Church, to join another sect and die before you repent and return, your soul will be damned.

    I hope this answer helps you. May God keep you in the True Church, for "only he who perseveres until the end shall be saved."

  4. Please note above: The Dimond Brothers say you can use the sacraments of heretics as long as you do NOT donate money to them. This is wrong. I erroneously left out the word "not" in my comment above!

  5. Thanks for responding, but what about their arguments that they are the one Church? They say stuff like, why isn't the Bishop of Antioch the Pope since St. Peter was bishop of Antioch too. They say things like why are there councils if the Pope is infallible. Papal infallibility makes councils unnecessary. I know they permit divorce and remarriage and non abortifacient birth control but they certainly have their arguments for that stuff too. They say the Catholic Church misinterpreted the bible and that's why we have a wrong teaching on original sin (they have a belief in ancestral sin). They say that believing God need a sacrifice to appease sin is wrong. Why do you think they've been able to keep their liturgy and traditions such as they are intact while the Catholic Church hasn't? They've been under attack from muslims and the soviet union etc. I understand if you don't want to get into a big discussion of Eastern Orthodox but I've known Catholics who are going to them now bc of what's happening and I can't find resources that refute their positions.

  6. I understand. The problem is one of needed to know the Faith better. Having arguments is one thing; having valid, sound arguments whose premises are more likely than the opposite is another. Give me a few days and I will give you the titles of the best resources. Once you know the Faith better, their arguments will be seen for what they are--unpersuasive at best!

    1. thanks, i'd appreciate resources definitely.

    2. Remember one thing,the orthodox church was infiltrated by the KGB & NKVD during the Soviet era.The Soviets were smart enough to allow the orthodox church to remain open,but used it as a way of keeping tabs on citizens.Many orthodox priests (not all but many) were government agents.In direct contrast,catholic clergy caught behind the Iron Curtain were assassinated or sent to Gulag's.That is one way the orthodox were able to 'keep their traditions going' during the satanic communist purge.

    3. Christ said that the Church must evangelize to the whole world. Eastern Schizmatic territory? Eastern Europe, Russia an the US since some 100 years ago. Long Life Christ the King and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  7. True traditional catholics need to be more active spreading the word about true traditional churches, clergy,communities, etc..Unless the average John/Jane digs through months worth of research on the Internet,the average man/woman has no idea the true traditional catholic church is alive & well.