Monday, February 22, 2016

The Pot Calls The Kettle Black

This week, "Who am I to judge" Bergoglio (aka "Pope" Francis), told U.S. Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump that he "wasn't Christian." That's a pretty serious judgement. Why isn't Trump Christian? Could it be that he used to support abortion on demand, including partial-birth abortion, and perhaps his claim of becoming pro-life is false? No. Here is what the "pope" said, "A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian." Ah ha! He's not Christian because he wants to keep out immigrants, especially Mohammedans!

 Is Bergoglio Christian? We know he can't be pope, but does he qualify for "least common denominator" Christianity--What C.S. Lewis called "Mere Christianity"? Well here's a compilation of just some  of what he's done since his false pontificate began in March 2013:

Francis claimed that the miracle of Jesus multiplying the bread and fish was really a miracle of 'sharing', not multiplying; (He) said 'Who am I to judge?' about gay priests; The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League tweeted 'Thank you Pope Francis from pro-choice women everywhere'; (He made the) cover of the leading LGBT magazine, The Advocate; (He) said Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed; (He) started taking selfies with fans…

 (He) held the first Muslim/Jewish prayers and Koran readings at the Vatican; (He) sent an iPhone message to evangelicals through prosperity-gospel millionaire and TV preacher Kenneth Copeland; Peace doves attacked (him); (He) said to 'scold the Lord' and (he also stated) that he would baptize aliens; (He was on the) cover of Rolling Stone; (He) accidentally said 'the F word'; Cardinal Dolan claimed Francis said the 'Catholic Church should not dismiss gay marriage'; (He) mentioned re-thinking celibacy for priests; (The) initial synod document suggested a shift in the Church's position on homosexuality, but was revised; (He) compared Islamic terrorists to Christian fundamentalists…

(He) claimed lost souls do not go to Hell and joked about the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ; (He) claimed that Jesus begged his parents for forgiveness and the Virgin Mary 'reproached' Christ; (He) became PETA's Man of the Year; (He) met with a transgender dubbed 'The Devil's Daughter'; (He) left Lutherans wondering if they can now take "Communion" in the Catholic Church; (He) routinely scolded and mocked 'rigid' Catholics; (He) projected images of animals and humanity onto Saint Peter's for climate change support on the Feast day of the Immaculate Conception…(See

 But at least he didn't "build walls"! On February 13, 2016, this country lost the closest person to a real Catholic we will probably ever see in government; Associate Justice Antonin Scalia died just about a month before turning 80 years old. (I had the great fortune of studying Constitutional Law under this brilliant jurist for a short time while in law school). Justice Scalia was a reliable vote for traditional values and constitutional principles. He certainly was not shy about excoriating those on the High Court who did otherwise with scathing dissents. He was brilliant even in defeat. The Chief Communist of the U.S., who resides at the White House while he picks and chooses which laws to enforce (an impeachable offense), announced Justice Scalia's death while not even properly dressed with a tie, and will not attend his funeral. Vatican II sect "Catholic" VP Joe Biden, (who supports sodomite marriage and the murder of the unborn) will attend instead. Justice Scalia had his own "Supreme Court" of nine children, one of whom is a Vatican II sect "priest." The Justice liked the "Motu Mass" and attended whenever he could. There was not one word of praise for this man from Francis.

  There are two people in particular that should be denounced by the Modernist Vatican, but since that will never happen, I will sound the warning bell.

Hillary Clinton

 Besides being the all-white (Obama is bi-racial, not black) female version of Obama, there's another reason (as if any more were really necessary) to keep her out of power. We all know she supports sodomites and child murder. According to Bob Woodward's 1996 book The Choice, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton held seance-like conversations with "Eleanor Roosevelt" and "Mahatma Gandhi" as a "therapeutic release." She refused to speak with "Jesus Christ" because it would be "too personal." The book portrays Ms. Jean Houston, co-director of the (New Age) Foundation for Mind Research, as the so-called medium who led Clinton into these altered states. Houston urged Mrs. Clinton to write her book, It Takes a Village and Other Lessons Children Teach Us, and in the process "virtually moved into the White House" for days at a time to help with revisions, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

 The now 78 year old Houston denies there was any attempt to communicate with the dead. She ran a New Age Mystery School of which she said, "The traditional question of all Mystery Schools is - How do you place the local self, your local historical self, in the service of the Self? How do you place it in the psyche where the Immanent God resides? How do you respond to the Lure of Becoming and keep up sufficient energy, passion, momentum, delight, engagement, fascination, that you agree to be constantly lured? Unfortunately the stuff of everyday life often inhibits the Lure."  Typical gobbledygook of the New Age--"god" lies within.  She used LSD and hypnosis for these "mind-expanding sessions" with the dead, but further denies they were used on Clinton, or that they were true seances. However, according to

"...on a spring day in 1995, according to an account published by Bob Woodward, the Washington investigative journalist of Watergate fame, Clinton ‘communed’ with Eleanor Roosevelt in the White House solarium. Jean Houston, an author with something of the New Age about her, was visiting the First Lady at the White House, and proposed, Woodward writes, that Clinton "search further and dig deeper for her connections to Mrs. Roosevelt." Clinton closed her eyes, and spoke to Roosevelt—and then she spoke as if she were Roosevelt herself." (Emphasis mine--see

 New Agers are known to believe in both reincarnation and contacting the "spirit world." Clinton was speaking as if she were possessed by "Eleanor Roosevelt" --this is classic demonic possession. What does God say about such things?

Deuteronomy 18:10, " There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or is a sorcerer"

Leviticus 19:31, "Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits; do not seek after them, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God."

The Constitution (Heavily influenced by Freemasonry) does not require a religious test for office, but we can certainly refuse to support one who allows demonic forces to take her over.

Bernie Sanders
 A Jew born in Brooklyn, Sanders moved to Vermont, and was elected the first openly Socialist member of the House of Representatives in 1990. He got elected the first Socialist to the U.S. Senate in 2006. Although refusing to associate with either Republicans or Democrats, Sanders always caucused with the Democrats and is now running against Clinton for the Democratic nomination for U.S. President. 

 According to the Washington Post, there is plenty of evidence that he would be the first atheist President:
"I am not actively involved with organized religion."

"I think everyone believes in God in their own ways. To me, it means that all of us are connected, all of life is connected, and that we are all tied together."

"I am motivated by a vision which exists in all of the great religions — in Christianity, in Judaism, in Islam, Buddhism and other religions — and which is so beautifully and clearly stated in Matthew 7:12," Sanders said. "And it states: ‘So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the law and the prophets.’ "


"Larry Sanders sums up his brother’s views this way: "He is quite substantially not religious."

In October 2015, Sanders appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Jimmy Kimmel says "A moment ago you said God forbid, you say you're culturally Jewish, do you believe in God?" Sanders instantly says, "No" while Kimmel is mid-sentence. 

What does the Church have to say about atheism and socialism? (Clinton is a Socialist too, Sanders is just more honest in that respect).

"No one can be, at the same time, a sincere Catholic and a true socialist."
-Pope Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno 

Infallible canons from the Vatican Council (1870):

1. If anyone shall deny One true God, Creator and Lord of things visible and invisible; let him be anathema.

2. If anyone shall not be ashamed to affirm that, except matter, nothing exists; let him be anathema.

3. If anyone shall say that the substance and essence of God and of all things is one and the same; let him be anathema.

4. If anyone shall say that finite things, both corporeal and spiritual, or at least spiritual, have emanated from the Divine substance; or that the Divine essence, by the manifestation and evolution of itself, becomes all things; or, lastly, that God is a universal or indefinite being, which by determining itself constitutes the universality of things, distinct according to genera, species and individuals; let him be anathema.

5. If anyone does not confess that the world, and all things that are contained in it, both spiritual and material, have been, in their whole substance, produced by God out of nothing; or shall say that God created, not by His will, free from all necessity, but by a necessity equal to the necessity whereby He loves Himself; or shall deny that the world was made for the glory of God; let him be anathema.

Summary and Conclusion
  • Francis is an apostate and has no business declaring others "not Christian."
  • In reference to sodomites he has said "Who am I to judge?" yet has no problem judging when it suits his nefarious purposes.
  • Francis has given no praise for the only man who approaches real Catholicism and argued forcefully for traditional values--Associate Justice Antonin Scalia.
  • Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders should be condemned for many and serious reasons.
  • Both are enthusiastic supporters of abortion on demand and sodomite "rights"
  • Both are Socialists, one won't admit the title, the other is open about it.
  • Clinton has been involved with practices in the New Age which include channeling demonic forces
  • Sanders is not open about his atheism, mostly trying to hide it behind flowery language about the "good that lies in all religions"--indifferentism that unfortunately appeals to many after Vatican II.
  • None of this will be condemned by Francis and his Modernist Vatican II sect.

  I heard Sanders speak about about how government must not interfere with a woman's right to kill her unborn child. This man wants the government to control everything, except abortion, which is "keeping government out of the bedroom." Ostensibly, if we legalize cannibalism we'd be "keeping government out of the kitchen." The Masonic "separation of Church and State" would like us to believe that a person's religion (or the lack thereof) should play no part in our decision as to whom we elect. The Church says differently. In memory of Justice Scalia, I cite to the prophetic U.S. Supreme Court case of Church of the Holy Trinity v. U.S. 143 U.S. 457 (1892):

"The happiness of a people and the good order and preservation of civil government essentially depend upon piety, religion and morality...Religion, morality, and knowledge (are) necessary to good government, the preservation of liberty, and the happiness of mankind."

 And the religion we need is the One True Church of Jesus Christ. 


  1. Abortion is satanic human sacrifice.
    What does Bernie mean when he states "I am culturally Jewish but don't believe in G-d?"

    1. He means he only believes that Judaism is a culture like being Irish; to him it's not a religion. A Vatican 2 sect author, Sherry Weddell reported that 40% of "Catholics" don't believe in a personal God!


  2. For Justice Scalia:
    Eternal rest grant unto him, o Lord.
    And let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.
    I pray eternal rest for him.
    But why do you praise Justice Scalia without mentioning his Talmudic ties?

    1. Honestly, I'm not aware of any Talmudic ties. He was not perfect. For example, he believed that the unborn are fully human, yet maintained that the States could decide to legalize abortion. He would reverse Roe v. Wade based on the federal courts having no right to decide the issue.
      Nevertheless, he was not afraid to speak his mind and consistently vote for traditional values. Only Justice Clarence Thomas will do so now; but he is not nearly as outspoken.


  3. Now if only Trump and the rest of the candidates would convert to the True Faith, things might fall in line with Our Lord's Will!

  4. All this lets except everyone stuff makes me sick, I'm with Trump, build a wall and kick out all the degenerates. Let's hope and pray that Trump will repent for his sins and convert to the One True Faith.

    1. Agree 100%,we need to pray for society,government,courts,
      Families,and non-Catholic's to concert to the Roman Catholic Faith.

  5. If every person really understood what abortion is, I don't think a single abortion would be done, except by the demon possessed. The most horrific thing I have ever seen, is a video of a partial birth murder on Utube. I have delivered many babies. When one delivers a baby in breech presentation (i.e. coming out feet first), it is most important that the head does not "pop" out suddenly. The head must be delivered slowly, under control, to prevent a sudden decompression of the brain which can easily cause a cerebral haemorrhage. The baby's body lies along one's left forearm, face down. The arms and legs straddle one's forearm. One's left middle finger is inserted into the baby's mouth, while the first and third fingers straddle the neck and hold the shoulders. The first and third fingers of one's right hand grip the shoulders from behind and the extended middle finger pushes the head forward, i.e. flexes the head. One now has control and the head can be gently delivered and the risk of it "popping" out is eliminated. It's a full term, live baby lying on one's arm. The chubby little arms and legs are moving around; the heart beat is felt against one's skin; it's a boy, or a girl! The hairline is visible, blonde, or brunette! At this stage, the murderer stabs the baby with a trocar and cannule - that's a stainless steel spike in a cylindrical steel sheath - in the nape of its neck and shoves the spike into the baby's brain. The ghoul sees and feels the little body convulsing on his forearm. He extracts the trocar and attaches a vacuum tube to the cannule and sucks the baby's brain out of the soft skull, which deforms and collapses. The little heart beat is gone. The little body is dropped into a bucket and dispatched to the incinerator. May they rot in hell and all those who support them!

    1. Dear Dr Lamb,
      I've been a staunch Right to Lifer my entire time on this planet. Your vivid description of the most barbaric practice of child murder in this country sickens me to the depths of my soul. I agree with you 100%. May the politicians who support murder of the innocents get Divine Justice.
      God bless you doctor.


    2. I don’t think that there is any doubt that mothers and fathers who murder their preborn babies are demon possessed, as are abortionists. You describe the malice of the evil one, Satan’s human slaves who destroy God’s precious creation. Complicity also bespeaks of a darkened mind and soul. It is incomprehensible that the criminal act of murder excludes the preborn. This is Satanic. Beseeching governments to end abortion through legislation of "right to life" (I don’t know what that really means frankly) is therefore a weak solution to vanquish this invisible enemy of God since the marches and rallies are ecumenical (the Novus Ordites rosary includes the “luminous” one).

  6. That is freaking scary stuff concerning Hillary speaking like Eleanor Roosevelt!!