Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crossing The Threshold of Apostacy

A new book released by a SSPX sypathizer excoriates John Paul II as a destroyer of the Church, yet recognizes him as a true "pope." In Crossing the Threshold of Confusion Andrew McAuley tells us Wotyla was anything BUT "Great", specifically he notes that his "papacy" was a disaster for the following reasons:

1.his failure to enforce discipline in the Concilliar sect, especially against widespread sex crimes against children by his "bishops" and "priests"
2.his statements implying the heresy universal salvation
3.the destabilization of marriage caused by his novel "Theology of the Body"
4.his confusion of the Church's traditional position on the morality of capital punishment
5.his erroneous statements about the nature of the Church (i.e. "FrankenChurch")fabricated by the Modernist Council Vatican II
6.his appointment of many known homosexuals as bishops, as well as immoral bishops who undermined Catholic moral teachings and the doctrines of the Faith, allowing seminaries to become homosexual havens and allowing heresy and depravity to flourish in Newchurch
How could a man do this in his official capacity and still be "pope"?

For anyone who truly has the Catholic Faith could not:
· kiss the Koran, the Mohammedan “Bible.”
· say that all men are united to Christ solely by virtue of the Incarnation.(1)
· say that all men are saved.[2)
· say that the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church of the Creed is present, in all its essential elements, in non-Catholic sects.[3]
· say that the Catholic Church is in communion with non-Catholic sects.[4]
· say that the Catholic Church is incapable of giving credibility to the Gospel, unless there is a “reunion of Christians.”[5]
· say that the Catholic Church shares a common apostolic faith with the non-Catholic sects.[6]
· say that non-Catholic sects have an apostolic mission.[7]
· say that the Holy Ghost uses non-Catholic sects as a means of salvation.[8]
· say that it is divinely revealed that men have a right to religious freedom and freedom of conscience.[9]
· say that a properly ordered society is one in which all religions are given free rein to practice, proselytize and propagate.[10]
· say that Our Lord’s descent into hell simply means that He was buried.[11]
· participate in all forms of non-Catholic worship, including that of the Lutherans, the Jews, the Hindus, the American Indians, the Polynesians, to mention only some;
· praise the voodoo religion;
· permit the abomination of Assisi, in which a golden statue of Buddha was placed upon an altar an incensed by a Buddhist priest;
· permit the ecumenical abominations contained in the Ecumenical Directory.
· approve of sacrilege to the Blessed Sacrament by permitting non-Catholics to receive It.
· hold and teach the blasphemous and heretical notion of the Church, that the Church of Christ is not exactly the same thing as the Catholic Church, but merely subsists in it. This heretical doctrine was taught by Vatican II in Lumen Gentium, and its heretical meaning has been upheld by John Paul many times, particularly in the Ecumenical Directory.
· say that Moslems and Catholics worship the same God.[12]
· Give public approval to the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, which contains many explicit heresies, and utterly contradicts the solemn teaching of the Council of Trent concerning justification.
These are merely some of the heresies of John Paul II. We must never forget that someone can manifest an adherence to heresy not only by word, but also by deed. Thus his many ecumenical acts which are an affront to the one, true God are manifestations of an interior adherence to heresy.
All of these errors and heresies are held and taught by John Paul II in the name of ecumenism. It is this ecumenism which is John Paul II’s apostasy. Ecumenism is apostasy, because it reduces all of the dogmas of the Catholic Faith to relativity. In the ecumenical system, all religions are seen to have a certain part of the truth, and all religions are seen to therefore have a certain value. For this reason, John Paul II has frequently repeated the heresy of Vatican II: that the Holy Ghost has not hesitated to use non-Catholic religions as means of salvation.
Therefore, the conclusion is inescapable, Karol Wotyla was an Anti-pope, John Paul "The Great Apostate."

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  1. Like them or most likely hate them,it was most holy family monastery that first shook my tree and made me see what is truly happening in the Catholic church.Seeing JP2 touted as antichrist 3 years ago was shocking yet after a few weeks going over their material,my putrid, lying,evil, vatican 2 grade school years made complete sense.Now 3 years later,we attend a true catholic church which is independent of Jorge Bergoglio Land.If not for them,i would not know about Paul vi changing holy orders and rendering them invalid in march 1968.

  2. It's sad that MHFM are Feenyites and refuse to join the SSPV or CMRI. They could be a real force for good. I'm glad God opened your eyes! You're in my prayers.