Monday, March 28, 2016

Divorced From God

 "Pope" Francis will soon issue his contribution to the fray he began concerning giving Vatican II "communion" to the divorced and remarried (i.e., adulterers). According to The Wall Street Journal, "Last year, a church-funded council of lay Germans proposed in a public resolution that priests be allowed to bless same-sex couples. The bishops didn’t take the suggestion, but more and more priests are doing so. 'If a gay couple came to me and asked me for a blessing, I would give them a blessing of course,' said the Rev. Raimund Blanke, pastor of a parish in Bonn [Germany]." A person must realize that sin just doesn't have one consequence, but many. Heresy in one area will rarely, if ever, confine itself there. If adulterers can receive "communion," why not sodomites? The problem with "communion" (thank God the Vatican II sect doesn't have True Communion!) for adulterers is the numerous ways it violates the Law of God. A brief examination is in order:

The Reality of Sin and The Evil of Divorce

 A mortal sin is any serious and willful thought, word, deed or omission against the Law of God done with full knowledge of its wrongfulness. Mortal sin robs the soul of Sanctifying Grace and makes one an enemy of God and worthy of Hell, unless forgiven and repented of prior to the moment of death. "If the just man turn himself away from his justice and do iniquity... all his justices which he hath done shall not be remembered" (See Ez.18:24). Once a marriage has been ratified and consummated, the man and woman are married for life, and only death itself can break the marital bond. Hence, to divorce and "remarry" is adultery."It is a bond which is by nature indissoluble and exclusive of every other marriage bond." (See theologian Jone, Moral Theology, Newmann Press, [1962], pg. 532). 

Divorce and "remarriage" are wrong in many ways. First and foremost it violates the Sixth Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery."  "Know you not that the unjust shall not possess the kingdom of God? Do not err: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, Nor the effeminate, nor liers with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor railers, nor extortioners, shall possess the kingdom of God." (See 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10; Emphasis mine).  In addition, have you considered the other evil aspects of divorce and remarriage?

  • Against the 9th Commandment, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife" The possibility of getting divorced, "remarried" and allowed to seem "holy" by receiving "communion" removes all protections against marital infidelity. At the first sign of hardship in the marriage, or at the prospect of obtaining a "better lover," spouses will be seriously tempted to divorce and "remarry."
  • Against the 8th Commandment, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." How many lies to "get" the other spouse come to fore during divorce proceedings? Being a lawyer myself, I can tell you that many will even perjure themselves in court.
  • Against the 7th Commandment, "Thou shalt not steal." Many times divorcing couples (especially the wife) will use the children as a tool to take more than justice would usually allow in dividing the marital assets. "Want to see your kids with generous visitation rights? Want me to turn them against you? Then, you better give me...."
  • Against the 5th Commandment, "Thou shalt not kill." This applies not merely to the body but to the death of the soul by giving scandal through a bad example. To those legislators who allow "no fault divorce" and members of the Supreme Court that allowed sodomite "marriage," here's what God's Word has to say, "For power is given you by the Lord, and strength by the most High, who will examine your works, and search out your thoughts: Because being ministers of his kingdom, you have not judged rightly, nor kept the law of justice, nor walked according to the will of God. Horribly and speedily will he appear to you: for a most severe judgment shall be for them that bear rule." (See Wisdom 6: 4-6; Emphasis mine). 
  • Against the 4th Commandment, " Honor thy Father and Mother." The primary end of marriage is the procreation of children. The children of the divorced couple will often feel betrayed by one or both parents. How can they raise them in the True Faith when they don't practice it? The children will now have to recognize illegitimate usurpers of parental authority as "stepfather" and "stepmother." Remember the words of Our Lord, "He that scandalizes one of these little ones that believeth in Me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged around his neck and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea" (See St. Matthew 18:6). 
  • Against the 2nd Commandment, "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord Thy God in vain." Divorce and "remarriage" breaks the solemn vows the couple exchanged in Church before Christ and his priest. 

Conclusion: Francis Seeks To Sanitize A Great Moral Evil

 Any attempt to give "communion" (although invalid) to adulterers in the Vatican II sect will mask a horrible evil as "no big deal." If marriage is no big deal, why the fuss over sodomite "marriage"? Why bother with marriage at all? People with any Catholic sense left will see it erode away. The Argentinian apostate, Jorge Bergoglio, has been divorced from Christ for years. Now, he wishes to drag our already falling apart society further away from God by trying to persuade people that you can say "I do" to his nefarious plan. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Two Covenants = One Heresy

 As we begin Holy Week 2016, we Traditionalists will observe some of the most beautiful, inspiring, and grace-laden ceremonies in the Church. Controversy will inevitably come up in some quarters regarding the Prayer for the Jews on Good Friday. This is when the media shrieks "antisemitism" because we refuse to give in to the heresy known as the Dual Covenant. According to this false teaching, the Old Testament was not ended with the death of Christ, but continues to be in effect along with the New Testament. As a consequence, Jews need not accept Christ and convert, rather they can be saved in their false religion.

 The heretical document of Vatican II, Nostra Aetate, deals with non-Christian religions. It was promulgated by Montini (Paul VI) on October 28, 1965. In paragraph #4 it discusses the Jews and declares, "...God holds the Jews most dear for the sake of their Fathers; He does not repent of the gifts He makes or of the calls He issues-such is the witness of the Apostle. In company with the Prophets and the same Apostle, the Church awaits that day, known to God alone, on which all peoples will address the Lord in a single voice and "serve him shoulder to shoulder" (Soph. 3:9).Since the spiritual patrimony common to Christians and Jews is thus so great, this sacred synod wants to foster and recommend that mutual understanding and respect which is the fruit, above all, of biblical and theological studies as well as of fraternal dialogues." (Emphasis mine)

Conspicuously absent is any reminder of the curse upon themselves uttered by the Jews in the presence of Pilate (Mt. 27:25) thereby meriting the title "Deicide race," nor of the exhortations uttered by the first preachers of the Church to embrace the One True Faith of Christ's One True Church.  (St. Peter on Pentecost, Acts 2; St. Stephen, Acts 7). On December 10, 2015, the Modernist Vatican's "Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews" released a document entitled "The Gifts and the Calling of God are Irrevocable." The heresy spawned at Vatican II has been expanded and amplified.

  • In paragraph #15, we read, "Thus Jews and Christians have the same mother and can be seen, as it were, as two siblings who – as is the normal course of events for siblings – have developed in different directions." It makes Judaism appear as equally valid with the Church. The rejection of Christ is reduced to mere squabbling...much like a sibling quarrel (!)
  • In paragraph  #35 comes this incredible statement, "From the Christian confession that there can be only one path to salvation, however, it does not in any way follow that the Jews are excluded from God’s salvation because they do not believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah of Israel and the Son of God. Such a claim would find no support in the soteriological understanding of Saint Paul, who in the Letter to the Romans not only gives expression to his conviction that there can be no breach in the history of salvation, but that salvation comes from the Jews ....That the Jews are participants in God’s salvation is theologically unquestionable, but how that can be possible without confessing Christ explicitly, is and remains an unfathomable divine mystery." (Emphasis mine) Yes, it's unfathomable that Jews who reject Christ can be saved, because it's impossible. Every Jew somehow "implicitly" confesses Christ by belonging to that religion which rejected Him and had Him crucified? I'd like to see the SSPX and Salza spin this one!
  • Finally, paragraph #40 rejects the Great Commission, "The Church is therefore obliged to view evangelisation to Jews, who believe in the one God, in a different manner from that to people of other religions and world views. In concrete terms this means that the Catholic Church neither conducts nor supports any specific institutional mission work directed towards Jews." (Emphasis mine). This is the ultimate antisemitism, "We won't try to convert you. You're an 'implicit' Christian." Which equates to, "Go to Hell" (literally). 
Gradual Deformation of The Good Friday Prayer

 The True Church has always prayed for various groups during the ceremonies of Good Friday; one such group is the Jews. The Traditional pre-1955 prayer reads thus:

"Let us pray also for the faithless Jews: that Almighty God may remove the veil from their hearts; so that they too may acknowledge Jesus Christ our Lord. ('Amen' is not responded, nor is said 'Let us pray', or 'Let us kneel', or 'Arise', but immediately is said:) Almighty and eternal God, who dost not exclude from thy mercy even Jewish faithlessness: hear our prayers, which we offer for the blindness of that people; that acknowledging the light of thy Truth, which is Christ, they may be delivered from their darkness. Through the same our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with thee in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, world without end. Amen." 

 During the prayers to convert others (pagans, heretics, etc) the priest kneels. Not so for the Jews. As Fr. Gueranger explains, "Here the deacon does not invite the faithful to kneel. The Church has no hesitation in offering up a prayer for the descendants of Jesus' executioners; but in doing so she refrains from genuflecting, because this mark of adoration was turned by the Jews into an insult against our Lord during the Passion. She prays for His scoffers; but she shrinks from repeating the act wherewith they scoffed at Him." (See The Liturgical Year, Loreto Publications Vol. VI: pg. 485, [reprinted from the original;2000]). 

 In 1955, Pope Pius XII began the practice of genuflecting for the Jews. Not heretical, but certainly not his finest hour. Those surrounding him were Modernists. The Revised Holy Week promulgated in 1955 has the Prayer for the Jews thus:

"Let us pray also for the faithless Jews: that almighty God may remove the veil from their hearts; so that they too may acknowledge Jesus Christ our Lord. Let us pray. Let us kneel. Arise. Almighty and eternal God, who dost not exclude from thy mercy even Jewish faithlessness: hear our prayers, which we offer for the blindness of that people; that acknowledging the light of thy Truth, which is Christ, they may be delivered from their darkness. Through the same our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with thee in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, world without end. Amen."

On March 21, 1959, Angelo Roncalli ("Pope" John XXIII) ordered the word "perfidis" ("faithless") to be permanently removed from the prayer, which now read:

"Let us pray also for the Jews: that almighty God may remove the veil from their hearts; so that they too may acknowledge Jesus Christ our Lord. Let us pray. Let us kneel. Arise. Almighty and eternal God, who dost also not exclude from thy mercy the Jews: hear our prayers, which we offer for the blindness of that people; that acknowledging the light of thy Truth, which is Christ, they may be delivered from their darkness. Through the same our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with thee in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever. Amen" 

Paul VI once more changed the prayer to the Dual Covenant heresy in 1970. It reads in the Vatican II sect service thus:

"Let us pray for the Jewish people, the first to hear the word of God, that they may continue to grow in the love of his name and in faithfulness to his covenant. (Prayer in silence. Then the priest says:) Almighty and eternal God, long ago you gave your promise to Abraham and his posterity. Listen to your Church as we pray that the people you first made your own may arrive at the fullness of redemption. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen" (Emphasis mine) 

The Jews are supposed to "continue to faithfulness to his (sic) covenant"? What covenant might that be? The one that ended with the death of Christ and is valid no more? The Jews are to arrive at the "fullness of redemption"? You mean you can be "partially redeemed"? (This is Vatican II-speak. Remember Vatican II teaches that the Church of Christ is NOT identical to the Roman Catholic Church. This Church of Christ resides there in its fullness because it has all the "elements" of the Church of Christ but it also exists partially in other sects according to how many "elements" they possess. To have all the elements is best, but to have just some is equally good too. Welcome to the heretical ecclesiology of Vatican II).

 The so-called "Motu Mass" allowed by Ratzinger in 2007, used the 1959 Roncalli version of the prayer which was in the 1962 Missal that Vatican II sect "priests" were authorized to use. Under Modernist/Jewish/Masonic pressure, in 2008, Ratzinger ordered the prayer changed to read:

"Let us also pray for the Jews: That our God and Lord may illuminate their hearts, that they acknowledge Jesus Christ is the Savior of all men. (Let us pray. Kneel. Rise.) Almighty and eternal God, who want that all men be saved and come to the recognition of the truth, propitiously grant that even as the fullness of the peoples enters Thy Church, all Israel be saved. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen" 

 This didn't satisfy the enemies of Christ who saw no need to ask the Jews to acknowledge Christ. They wanted the Montini prayer of 1970! 

The Truth
  • The Epistles to the Romans and to the Galatians are precisely doctrinal presentations which rigorously prove that the Jewish observances are absolutely powerless to obtain salvation.
  • The Epistle to the Hebrews, shows that the countless sacrifices of the Old Testament were only ineffective figures of the unique sacrifice of Jesus Christ, which alone effectuates the reconciliation of humanity with God. This is why "there is indeed a setting aside of the former commandment, because of the weakness and unprofitableness thereof " (Hebr. 7:18).
  • The most striking sign of the abolition of the Old Testament was the tearing of the Temple veil at the moment of our Lord's death (St. Matthew 27:51). 
  • Jewish observances are blasphemous, because, besides their ineffectiveness, they imply that the Savior whom they prefigure has not yet come. "If you be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing." (Gal. 5:2).
  • The Jews are indeed, faithless, and have merited the title "Deicide race" for calling down upon themselves the Blood of the Savior. 
  • May that same Blood now descend upon them as a laver of Redemption and love, bringing them into the One True Church of Christ. 
  • Do not advocate hatred of any kind towards the Jews. Rather, seek to "love thy enemy" by actively converting them and praying for them in the way the True Church always has done.
  • The real antisemitism is from the Vatican II sect which confirms them in their errors.
 When you go to Church this Holy Week, I hope you have the fully Traditional Holy Week. The Old Testament is over for good.  If you have the reformed Holy Week of 1955, it is certainly not wrong to make a genuflection at the prayer for the conversion of the Jews. Just make sure to never kowtow to the enemies of Christ. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Young (False) Messiah

This past Friday, in the middle of Lent, a motion picture debuted entitled The Young Messiah. The movie portrays the life of a seven-year-old Jesus Christ. Before wasting your money, I'm warning my readers to stay away. Contrary to what the Vatican II sect wants you to think, this is not a family movie about Christ. You know a religious movie is good when Frankie's mitered morons condemn it (think: The Passion of the Christ). The movie is insidious in both its origin and its depiction of Our Lord.

Occult Origin

The film is based on a book by author Anne Rice called Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt. Rice is best known for her series of books dealing with vampires ("The Vampire Chronicles" series--also made into two major motion pictures; Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned). Anne Rice was born Howard Allen Frances O'Brien on October 4, 1941. She was indeed a girl named after her father. Rice became known as "Anne" and legally changed her name. She was raised as a devout Catholic, but renounced the Faith for atheism at age 18. Two years later, she married Stan Rice and had two children. Their daughter Michele died at age six from childhood leukemia, and their son Christopher (b. 1978) is himself an author and an avowed homosexual activist. Rice published works of erotica, and loved all things occult.

 In 1998, Rice returned to "Catholicism" (read: "Vatican II sect") and wrote books about Christ. She was unable to shake her occult fascination, and the books were based on the so-called "Gnostic Gospels" which claim to be by same famous disciple and profess to reveal some part of Christ’s life, but are in fact rejected by the Church as inauthentic (for many and good reasons). The Gnostic heretics believed that salvation is not through Christ and His One True Church, but through secret knowledge. They also acknowledge there are two "gods"--one who made the physical world, and the other good "god" who wants us to escape the material world. To find the truth you do not look for external revelation, but within yourself for the "spark of the divine."  Some of the most famous of these false "gospels" are the "Gospel of Thomas" and the "Gospel of Mary Magdalene." The book and movie are therefore based off this occult teaching.

 In 2010, Rice publicly renounced belief in Christianity (gnostic heresy version or otherwise) on her Facebook page. She wrote:
  For those who care, and I understand if you don’t: Today I quit being a Christian. I’m out. I remain committed to Christ as always but not to being “Christian” or to being part of Christianity. It’s simply impossible for me to “belong” to this quarrelsome, hostile, disputatious, and deservedly infamous group. For ten …years, I’ve tried. I’ve failed. I’m an outsider. My conscience will allow nothing else. 
As I said below, I quit being a Christian. I’m out. In the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control. I refuse to be anti-Democrat. I refuse to be anti-secular humanism. I refuse to be anti-science. I refuse to be anti-life. In the name of …Christ, I quit Christianity and being Christian. Amen. (7-28-10)

As of 2013, she identifies herself as a "secular humanist." 

A Gnostic "Christ"
  •  One of the primary producers of the film is Michael Barnathan, a Jew who points out that the movie is the story "of a Jewish family", and  nothing more (!)
  • Taken from the Gnostic "Gospel of Thomas," the young Jesus is shown as accidentally killing a boy with His Divine power, and then resurrecting him. Christ, true God and true Man, could not "lose control" of His power. Moreover, the real Gospels tell us He performed His first miracle at the wedding in Cana, because of His Mother's intercession. 
  • The Divinity of Christ is denied as the young Jesus is depicted as not being sure of Who He is and why He's here in the world.  
  • The movie fails to grasp the truth about Christ’s knowledge of Himself. It suggests that this confused, questioning prodigy had to be taught that He is God. But were that the case, as it clearly is in the film, the boy would not be God, since it is heresy to teach that His divinity was ever unknown to Him; that His awareness was developmental. According to theologian Pohle, "From the first moment of its existence in a human body the soul of Our Lord Jesus Christ enjoyed the beatific vision of God" (See  Christology, B.Herder Books, St. Louis [1930], pg. 249). Theologian Ott teaches, "Christ’s human knowledge was free from positive ignorance and from error." (Sent. certa.) Cf. D2184 et seq. (See Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, TAN books, reprint of 1955, pg. 165). 
  • Pope Pius XII clearly taught Christ's freedom of ignorance in his encyclical Mystici Corporis (1943): "For hardly was He conceived in the womb of the Mother of God, when He began to enjoy the Beatific Vision, and in that vision all the members of His Mystical Body were continually and unceasingly present to Him, and He embraced them with His redeeming love."
 Conclusion: Stay Away

 This movie insults and denigrates Our Lord Jesus Christ and replaces Him with a Gnostic counterfeit that doesn't know who he is and behaves in ways that God could not, as He is all-perfect.  The Vatican II sect believes otherwise. Here's what so-called conservative "Archbishop" Charles Chaput of Philadelphia had to say, "A portrait true to biblical faith but without sentimentality….an exceptional movie, engaging from start to finish; a film worth seeing and owning and seeing again." (Emphasis mine).  "Cardinal" Sean O'Malley of Boston said, "Captivating, inspiring, and deeply moving."  But perhaps the most revealing review was given by "Archbishop" Wenski of Miami, "Opens a door into your heart." Indeed. A door in which you might let in the heresy of the Gnostic "Christ" and the demonic occultism that spawned him. Stay away.

Monday, March 7, 2016

One Sin At A Time

 The Vatican II sect didn't develop overnight. Similarly, a notorious mortal sinner doesn't start out that way. No one leading a decent life suddenly wakes up one day and decides to become a cocaine addict or rob a bank. Semi-deliberate venial sins, if not checked, can lead to deliberate ones. As you get desensitized to venial sin, you fall into mortal sin. Mortal sins can become habitual and lead to worse and worse deadly sins. Suddenly, that good Traditionalist Catholic is gone, replaced by a life of sin and soon will find himself a practical atheist---if not an actual one. Morals and faith go hand in glove; lose the one and the other leaves with it.

 In January, Mr. Pat Harrington, Jr. died at the age of 87. He was best remembered for his role in the TV situation comedy ("sitcom") One Day At A Time, where he added comic relief to often serious plots as building superintendent Dwayne Schneider. The show depicted things heretofore taboo. It centered around the character of Ann Romano, a Catholic woman who decides to divorce her caring husband of 18 years to "find herself." She drags her 17 and 16 year old daughters with her to a shabby apartment building where they meet Schneider. The show dealt sympathetically with divorce and remarriage, premarital sex, contraception, feminism, and a host of other sins portrayed as desirable.

 A few years ago, it was revealed by Mr. Harrington that his character was originally meant to be a married man who would make excuses about needing to repair items in order to enter the apartments of women (both married and single) for the purpose of committing adultery. To Mr. Harrington's credit, he refused to take the role from demonic producer Norman Lear unless his character was changed. Lear wanted him in the show, so he became a bachelor wannabe playboy instead.  It was still quite risque for 1975.

 Just ten years prior, in 1965, the top ten rated TV shows in America were:
1. Bonanza
2. The Beverly Hillbillies
3. Gomer Pyle
4. The Lucy Ball Show
5. Red Skelton
6. The Andy Griffith Show
7. Get Smart!
8. Saturday Night At The Movies
9. The Ed Sullivan Show
10. Petticoat Junction

 The traditional values in these shows were commented upon by Arnold Harris in the December 26, 1965 edition of the New York Times Magazine:

"In Bonanza we meet Ben Cartwright and his grown sons, Hoss and Little Joe. Ben is a widower; Hoss and Little Joe are bachelors who live with their Pa. Except for Little Joe's occasional dalliance with an innocent town girl--which the other two men view with a mildly chiding air--these men lead no sex lives whatsoever. Andy Griffith is a widower; he has no visible woman friends. Gomer Pyle, in the marines, is a bachelor; he definitely has no women friends. His boss, Sergeant Carter, is also unmarried, and he does date girls---but he's the villain of the piece...of the Beverly Hillbillies, Jed Clampett, the patriarch, is a widower; his grown son Jethro is unmarried and is very wary of girls; his nubile daughter Elly May is equally chaste...Certain themes recur. Naughty children will be punished. Rebellious children will be put down. Elders will be respected. The family--even these oddly broken, sterile units---must be honored." 

Of course, Harris is disproving of traditional morals, yet it shows TV as it truly was at the time before it became an agent for societal corruption. Ed Sullivan wasn't allowed to show Elvis Presley swaying his hips, and the word "pregnant" was banned, needing to be replaced by words or phrases like "expecting," "with child," etc. An episode of The Smothers Brothers' show was censored because it contained a skit about Adam and Eve featuring a booming voice saying, "That's a no-no." The National Association of Broadcasters would not let the episode air because the voice "can only be interpreted as the voice of God and as such must be considered irreverent..."

 So how did it get to where Satan is now a TV "hero" (on Lucifer--see my post of June 1, 2015). The answer is two-fold: (a) Vatican II and (b) Norman Lear. The Legion of Decency was formed in 1934 to combat immoral movies. Around the end of the 1950's, once Modernists had sufficiently infiltrated the Church,  things began to change. The emphasis was taken off condemning bad movies, and a deliberate effort was made to make The Legion of Decency more "positive." The pledge of the Legion, designed to keep people away from bad movies gradually faded out of use, until it was finally completely forgotten.

  I remember being in a Vatican II high school (I became a Traditionalist at age 16) where bad movies were encouraged, and anything on TV was fine! This advice was endorsed by a priest and two brothers at the school, as well as all the other religious instruction teachers. The TV miniseries The Thorn Birds (based on the novel of the same name) was watched by the teachers. This filth portrays a priest who breaks his vows and sires a bastard child. By 1975, the Legion of Decency had ceased to exist. It was replaced by the "Bishop's" new "Catholic" rating system. The Vatican II sect had no more influence in movies or TV; an influence they didn't want.

 Along comes Norman Lear, a Jew who will turn 94 years old this July. He started the group "People for the American Way"--where "the American way" is ostensibly in favor of atheism, abortion, sodomites, and every other perversion of which you can think. With the Church gone, Lear and his cohorts began to produce shows that would chip away at people's morals. The first two shows listed below are not from Lear, but from his allies. The rest are from Lear himself.

The Odd Couple-- showed two divorced men in a positive light for the first time (under the guise of comedy).

M*A*S*H---Full of anti-American propaganda, this show about a mobile surgical hospital during the Korean War makes the North Korean Communists no different from the U.S. The doctors are womanizers, and one is married and happily commits adultery. They had to remove his portrayal as a "devout Christian" who prayed the Our Father before his sins.

All in the Family--This show depicts Archie Bunker, a man who stands for God, country and family, as an uneducated bigot. His son-in-law, who is an atheist, is seen as upstanding and college educated.

The Jeffersons--This show just heaped fuel upon race relations. Unlike Archie Bunker, who never used the n-word, George Jefferson, a self-made African-American millionaire who owns a chain of cleaning stores, routinely calls Caucasians by the racial epithet "honky." There's an interracial couple, wherein the white man is a complete idiot, a white British neighbor is portrayed as a buffoon, and a white doorman is always looking for a payoff with his hand outstretched.

Maude--An out an out feminist, divorced and remarried several times. It was the first time on TV that a character had an abortion, and it was shown as a "good choice" (not for the baby her character murdered).

I could go on and on, but the point is clear: slowly but surely, TV has been made a medium to change people's traditional moral views. Now the heroes are a meth dealer (Breaking Bad), a sociopath who kills other killers (Dexter), and Satan himself (Lucifer).  We would all do well to remember the incremental way sin creeps into our lives.If you think there's no harm in letting your teenager listen to songs with objectionable lyrics because "it's only one or two bad words," think again. If you think letting them watch a show where the characters routinely have one night stands is OK because "it's reality," don't be surprised when a loathing of sin is replaced by acceptance, followed by emulation. We would all do well to have ourselves, and all in our household, take the discarded Pledge of the Legion of Decency (and add the TV to its condemnation).  I have reprinted it below with my suggested additions.

+ In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I condemn all indecent and immoral motion pictures and television shows, and those which glorify crime, criminals, as well as sins against the sixth and ninth commandments. I promise to do all that I can to strengthen public opinion against the production of indecent and immoral films and TV shows, and to unite with all who protest against them. I acknowledge my obligation to form a right conscience about movies and TV shows that are dangerous to my moral life. I pledge myself to remain away from them. I promise, further, to stay away altogether from places of amusement which show bad movies as a matter of policy, and from all homes that show indecent TV shows as a matter of accepted practice. Amen.

By doing the above, the soul you save may very well be your own.