Monday, November 24, 2014

When It All Began

This past Friday, November 21, 2014, marked the 50th anniversary of the date on which the defection of the hierarchy became morally certain and the Vatican II sect was born. This was brought to my attention by a fellow Traditionalist. He had come across the writings of a man who had written an article stating that the day on which Lumen Gentium was signed by Paul VI was the first clear, notorious, and unequivocal statement of heresy produced by the Vatican. After reading a copy of the article, which was sent to me, I am convinced that the author is correct.

 The pope cannot promulgate error, but Lumen Gentium contains the heresy that the Church of Christ "subsists in" the Catholic Church; clearly implying that it subsists elsewhere. This heresy has been coined by Fr. Cekada as "Frankenchurch." Many sects "stitched together" to make the "Church of Christ." A closer look at this document from robber council Vatican II is in order as the sect it spawned lauds and defends it. The National Catholic (sic) Reporter just published an article entitled "Lumen Gentium at 50:Is Anyone Listening?" The author, "Fr." Brian Mullady, tries to spin Lumen Gentium in an orthodox and sanitized way. After telling us Vatican II was a "self-examination" by the Church, he writes the following:

"Though the Church’s self-examination was hailed by many, what is actually taught in Lumen Gentium has not always been made clear to the faithful. To understand the true nature of the renewal sought by Pope John XXIII, a celebration of this document requires a fresh examination of what it actually teaches — not what the subsequently dubbed “spirit of the Council” held it should have taught."

This admission proves the exact opposite of what Mullady proposes: the Magisterium must teach clearly or it ceases to teach at all. The false dichotomy between the "true teaching" and the false "spirit of the Council" is manifest. In attempting to demonstrate that Vatican II teachings on ecclesiology don't contradict previous teachings of the Magisterium, it implies (at face value), that they do. Catholics are obliged to adhere to a dogma, as the Anti-Modernist Oath professes, "always and in the same sense and with the same interpretatation" (eodum sensu eadumque semper sententia).

Yet here we are a half century later with Mullady jumping through flaming hermeneutical hoops trying to prove Vatican II and the post-concilliar "popes" haven't changed anything. Nothing like this ever occurred at a True Council, such as Trent and Vatican I. He continues,

"The Church constituted and organized as a society in the present world, subsists in the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter and by the bishops in communion with him.” (Lumen Gentium, 8) Much was made of the expression that the Church “subsists in” the Catholic Church, as if the Catholic Church was just one religious expression which enjoyed equal truth with others. The Holy See sought to clarify the meaning of this expression in the document Dominus Iesus."

There is no such thing as "full communion" or "partial communion" with the True Roman Catholic Church. You'll see this Modernist talk a little later in his article. The Modernists don't claim that Truth is equal in all sects; merely that "some truth" is just as good and salvific as "full truth." How much "truth" you have is determined by how many "elements" of truth you possess in common with the Catholic Church. The greater the elements, the greater the "partial communion." The True Church has always condemned this idea:

Pope Pius IX: "None [of these religious societies differing among themselves and separated from the Catholic Church], not even taken as a whole, constitutes in any way and are not that one, Catholic Church founded and made by Our Lord and which He wished to create.  Further, one cannot say in any way that these societies are either members or parts of that same Church, because they are visibly separated from Catholic Unity." (Iam Vos Omnes--emphasis mine)

Pope Leo XIII: "Jesus Christ never conceived of nor instituted a Church formed of many communities which were brought together by certain general traits - but which would be distinct one from another and not bound together among themselves by ties which make the Church one and indivisible - since we clearly profess in the Creed of our Faith: " 'I believe in one...Church.' "(Statis Cognitum--emphasis mine)

Pope Pius XI: "It is absurd and ridiculous to say that the Mystical Body can be formed out of separated and disjunct members."(Mortialum Animos--emphasis mine)

Pope Pius XI: "It is to depart from divine truth to imagine a Church which one can neither see nor touch, which would be nothing more than spiritual in which numerous Christian communities would be united by an invisible bond, even though they are divided in faith."(Ibid--emphasis mine)

Furthermore, it takes 34 years to "clarify" what the document meant? Heretic Fr. Yves Conger knew quite well what it meant when he wrote:

"The problem remains if Lumen Gentium strictly and exclusively identifies the Mystical Body of Christ with the Catholic Church, as did Pius XII in Mystici Corporis. Can we not call it into doubt when we observe that not only is the attribute "Roman" missing, but also that one avoids saying that only Catholics are members of the Mystical Body. Thus they are telling us (in Gaudium et Spes) that the Church of Christ and of the Apostles subsistit in, is found in the Catholic Church. There is consequently no strict identification, that is exclusive, between the Church of Christ and the "Roman" Church. Vatican II admits, fundamentally, that non-Catholic Christians are members of the Mystical Body and not merely ordered to it." Le Concile de Vatican II, (Paris: Beauchesne) p. 160. (Emphasis mine.)

Mallady presses on:
"The Church also clarifies that full communion in the society of the Church is characterized by “visible bonds of communion,” which include “profession of one faith received from the apostles; common celebration of divine worship, especially the sacraments; apostolic succession through the sacrament of Holy Orders maintaining the fraternal concord of God’s family” (Catechism, 815; also in The Code of Canon Law, 205)"

More clarification! Mullady's Magisterium is one that no longer exists--it was replaced by a hodgepodge of clarifications. No longer can you trust a single document. You must have it "clarified" numerous times by Wotyla's 1992 Catechism, the 1983 Code of Canon Law, and Ratzinger's declaration in 2000. You'd be better off being a Protestant and relying on sola scriptura; it's just as heretical, but so much less confusing!

In sum, Mr. Mullady, you are correct, Vatican II does NOT teach that all religions are equal, but rather,"all religions are more or less good." Furthermore, the Protestants are members of the Church of Christ. This is asserted about all these sects, even though they all adhere to heresy.

Vatican II ecclesiology teaches this: that the Catholic Church has the fullness of truth and of the means of salvation, whereas the others have only a partial serving of these things. Their lack does not prevent them, however, from being members of the Church of Christ and attaining salvation as heretics! This is not the same as Baptism of Desire which is on an individual basis. Vatican II claims that Protestant sects, as such, are corporate bodies that can lead souls to Heaven. (See Unitatis Redintegratio #3)

Mr. Mullady asks us in his article if "anyone is listening" to Lumen Gentium, and the teachings of Vatican II. The unfortunate answer is yes; and they're headed for perdition

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snuffing Out Faith And Morals---Like A Candle In The Wind

"I don't want everyone to like me. If certain people I knew liked me, I'd think less of myself because of it."--Attributed to Winston Churchill

"Woe to thee when everyone speaks well of thee, for so their fathers did of the false prophets." -- Our Lord Jesus Christ (St. Luke 6:26)

 Antipope Francis has an admirer in the person of rock music icon Elton John (b. 1947 as Reginald Dwight). John is a practicing sodomite, and "married" his lover David Furnish. They have two children, both boys, born of the same surrogate mother; one in 2010, the other in 2013.

 Elton John has said Frankie is a "saint" and should be "canonized" now. (With all the requirements of canonization trashed, why limit it to those who have died, right?)  Keep in mind that John has no intention of amending his life, rather he likes the fact that Bergoglio is joining him in the quest to completely eradicate true Faith and Morals. Frankie wants to conform to the world and not have the world conform to Christ.

 Mr. Mark Shea, a Vatican II sect apologist, sees John's praise of Frankie as something wonderful (of course). According to Shea, Frankie is causing John to "revisit what the Gospel has to say." Furthermore, John doesn't need a set of moral precepts, but an "encounter with a person." This is Modernist drivel, pure and simple.

 I would like to alert my readers to the depravity of Elton John, and the evil he perpetrates upon the world. Then you can better appreciate both the "Francis Effect" and the "Shea Delusion." Consider the following:

1. Blaspheming Christ in the name of perversion.

  • In 2010, John described Jesus as a"compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems." (See The Guardian, 2/19/10, "Sir Elton John Claims Jesus was Gay" by Adam Gabbatt)

  • According to the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, John had previously made the public claim that, "From my point of view, I would ban religion completely." 

  • This year, John stated Christ would've backed "gay marriage." He said, "If Jesus Christ was alive today, I can not see him, as the Christian person that he was and the great person that he was, saying this could not happen." His cited authority for this comment was..."Pope" Francis! According to Elton John, Frankie has"... stripped (the Vatican II sect) down to the bare bones and said it's all basically about love..and inclusiveness." (See The Telegraph, 6/30/14, "Elton John says Jesus would've backed gay marriage. Millions will presume he's right" by Tim Stanley)
2. Music from Hell.

  • Elton John has collaborated for years with one Bernie Taupin, who writes most of the lyrics for John's music. In an interview for US magazine, Taupin stated that John's "home is laden with trinkets and books relating to Satanism and witchcraft." (7/22/80, pg. 42)

  • Earlier that year, Taupin told People magazine that he too decorates his walls with "Satanic art," and said, "the occult fascinates me." (6/23/80 issue)

  • Many of John's songs are blasphemous, and promote social rebellion, as well as drug abuse. 

  • In the song "The Bitch is Back," John sings, "Eat meat on a Friday that's alright"; "Raising Caine I spit in your eye"; and "I get high in the evening sniffing pots of glue." 

  • In the song "Tiny Dancer," we hear Christians called "freaks": "Jesus freaks, out in the street, handing tickets out for God"

  • John is noted for his outlandish costumes on stage, most of which portray him as feminine or androgynous. Although once married to a woman, John divorced her and declared himself a bisexual. Later, he said he had enthusiastically embraced homosexuality. 

  • John performed a duet with the foulmouthed rapper Eminem (birth name Marshall Mathers). John received much criticism for this as Eminem has been known to speak against homosexuals. Why would John befriend this man? They take their marching orders from the same place--and it's not Heaven. Eminem told Spin magazine in a cover story entitled "The Devil and Mr. Mather's," that he met a spirit in his bathroom who identified itself as "Slim Shady." This spirit began to channel the music and lyrics to his songs and propelled him to super-stardom. Eminem's rap music is saturated with violence and hatred. In the song "I'm Back," he praises the Columbine killers. He actually tried to defend the song because "no one ever looks at it from the point of view of the kids who were bullied." Yeah. And maybe we should look at WWII sympathetically from Hitler's point of view? However, Elton John, who would not befriend anyone who spoke against sodomites, nevertheless will overlook such speech when the speaker also promotes the occult and other vices; homosexuality isn't the only sin that takes you to Hell. 
 Mark Shea wants us to believe Elton John has revisited the Gospel. No, Mark, he's revising it to justify his perversity---even citing to Francis himself-----in order to make people believe the unnatural is acceptable. Does Francis condemn any of this, you ask? Why no! Elton is having an "encounter," don't you see? (Hopefully, not the kind of encounters wherein you get AIDS). 

 When a man such as Elton John lauds Francis (as he continues unabated on his evil ways corrupting Faith and Morals), what does this say about the so-called "pope"? Mark Shea and Frankie will condemn me as a "self-absorbed, Promethean, neo-Pelagian." Ironically, the same duo will look at Elton John and declare, "Who am I to judge?" 

Monday, November 10, 2014


 In all my posts, I've never discussed the form of sedevacantism known as sedeprivationism (the thesis advanced by the late theologian Bp. Guerard Des Lauriers that the "seat is deprived" of a valid pope).

 The most vocal and erudite proponent of the thesis is Bishop Donald Sanborn, who wrote a magnificent article about it. I just recently had the good fortune of reading it and was very impressed. As the article is a good ten pages long, I thought I would try to condense it down as concisely as possible and omit the theological jargon where feasible. In this way, I hope my readers will be better acquainted with Sedeprivationism which may very well prove to be the state the Church is in since the Great Apostasy of Vatican II.

 1. The Roman Catholic Church is Indefectible.

 This is a dogma of the Faith taught by all pre-Vatican II theologians. It means that the visible Church will endure until the end of the world, and that, right until the end of time, it will keep Christ's religion incorrupt. (See Van Noort, Dogmatic Theology 3:25).

2. A Heretic Can't Be Pope.

 This is the universal teaching of the theologians as well as Pope Paul IV in Cum ex apostolatus. Public heresy automatically severs the heretic from membership in the Church, and if you are not a member of Christ's Mystical Body on earth, you cannot be the visible head of that Church. (See Fr. Cekada, Traditionalists, Infallibility, and the Pope for a complete explanation and list of citations. Available at www.traditional

3. Vatican II and The Post-V2 "Popes" Teach Heresy.

 The list here is endless. We could begin with Lumen Gentium claiming that the Church of Christ "subsists" in the Roman Catholic Church, rather than "is identical with," and continue right up to the present with Francis claiming, "There is no Catholic God," and atheists can go to Heaven. Those who wish to "recognize and resist" Frankie as pope, like the Society of St. Pius X, will often say that the pope has "no authority to change" the basic constitution of the Church. They have it backwards. The fact of the change means they had no authority. It was lost through heresy.

4. There Must Be Perpetual Successors To Saint Peter In The Primacy Given By Christ.

 This was infallibly defined in 1870 by the Vatican Council. However, it does NOT mean there always has to be someone in the office. Theologians, such as Dorch, have clearly taught that there could be an interregnum of many, many years between popes. Having no pope does not mean we have no papacy.

Up to this point, sedevacantists, who hold that Francis is in no way the pope, agree with the sedeprivationists (hereinafter SP). The only difference between the two positions is how and why Francis is not the pope. Differing with the sedevacantists, SP hold Francis is a material, but not a formal pope. Read on to find out what this means.

5. There Is Such A Thing As Material Succession.

 The Greek Orthodox have valid sacraments, which includes valid bishops. However, they do not have formal apostolic succession, only material secession. That is, they occupy the place of bishops(material)but lack all jurisdiction and authority (formal).
They have no legitimate right to the authority of the office of bishop, since they were designated by those who were legally excluded from the Church.

6. Vatican II "Popes" Have Material Succession.

 Sedevacantists put the V2 "popes" in the same boat as the Greek Orthodox, they succeed materially and without formal, legitimate designation. SP say they also succeed materially, but they DO have legitimate designation. Both sides agree they lack all authority and jurisdiction and are, therefore, false popes.

7. Power To Designate VS. Power To Rule

 Designation to power is different from the power to rule. The Electoral College elects the president, but the electors do not rule. The purpose of designation is to select someone to hold authority. However, someone merely designated holds no power to rule. The president-elect has been designated, but cannot make any presidential acts, like using the veto, until he takes the oath of office and assumes the mantle of authority to which he was lawfully designated. The president-elect is recognized as having the potential to rule, but he is not the president and not to be obeyed.

8. De Facto VS. De Jure

Someone can have a legal status (de jure) different from their actual status (de facto). A person can murder someone and be in fact a murderer, but if and until convicted, he does not have legal recognition as such. The converse is also true. Someone my be wrongly convicted of murder and have the legal status of a convicted killer, even though he remains innocent de facto.

 9. Application To The Vatican II Sect.

The power to rule the Church comes directly from God. The power to designate the ruler is ecclesiastical; it comes from the Church. There was a time when Cardinals were not the method of choosing the next pope. The Church changed the manner of designation several times in history.

 Since the profession of heresy by the hierarchy during Vatican II, the clerics lost all power to rule, but they retain the right to designate the ruler, since the Church never took that right away from the cardinals before the Great Apostasy. By Divine Law, heresy removes all power to rule, but not the power to designate the ruler.

 The chosen heretic is pope-elect, but not the pope, because his profession of heresy prevents the authority from vesting. He has material succession, not formal, and holds the office of pope de jure, not de facto. In like manner, the president-elect can not receive the power to rule unless and until he takes the oath of office.

 The false pope retains the ability to designate men who will, in turn, designate a material pope. In this way the succession of St. Peter continues materially. How does this thesis impact the Church?

 There is a simple, but far from easy, solution to get back a True Pope. If Bergoglio were to publicly abjure his heresy and embrace the Catholic Faith by swearing to the Profession of Faith and the Anti-Modernist Oath, he would remove the obstacle to the reception of his designation to rule. He would become a formal pope de facto. Bergoglio must then receive a valid ordination and consecration from a Traditionalist Bishop, and the interregnum of decades is finally over.

This, in a nutshell, is sedeprivationism. Only time will tell if it's the real solution to the apostate times in which we live.

Monday, November 3, 2014

A False And Lying Devotion

 "Well, there you go again." This memorable phrase was used by the late former President Ronald Reagan when he was the Republican presidential candidate against then-President Jimmy Carter during their famous debate in 1980. The upshot was that Carter had purposely and repeatedly distorted Reagan's record for his own political gain. Reagan's catchphrase turned it back on Carter by calling everyone's attention to the deceit. Reagan, as those of us old enough to remember will recall, trounced Carter in a landslide.

 Bishop Richard Williamson, formerly of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), and currently of the Society of St. Pius X of the Strict Observance (SSPX-SO), consistently and repeatedly distorts Church teaching to uphold a false papacy and a false sect in the name of Catholicism. The two latest issues of his e-mail letter entitled "Eleison Comments" show the extreme to which he is willing to go in ignoring the theological facts.

 Bp. Williamson is now telling a multi-part "inside story" wherein the Blessed Virgin Mary is allegedly sending Heavenly messages to SSPX General Superior Bernard Fellay, that the SSPX then  proceeds to ignore. Don't believe anyone who never cites Church teaching and substitutes private revelations, none of which any Traditionalist Catholic is bound to believe.

 For the record, I believe that Our Lady of Fatima is a true apparition, but I refuse to jeopardize my soul by getting caught up in all the various interpretations of what She said or didn't say, and the ever present wild-eyed conspiracy theories advanced to "prove" the "correct message." One need only look at the Vatican II sect "priest," Nicholas Gruner who makes his living by telling us the sky will fall unless the "pope" consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as directed by Our Lady of Fatima. He has been derided as the "CEO of the Fatima Industry" and in June of this year, came to NYC to promote the entirely discredited "apparitions" of "Our Lady of the Roses" in Bayside, Queens.

 For those of you not acquainted with the alleged Bayside messages, one Veronica Leuken, now deceased, claimed to have visions of the Blessed Virgin beginning  in 1970. Leuken was "told by Mary" many wacky things, such as Paul VI was a saint, but he had been drugged and tied up in a closet at the Vatican by agents of Satan and then was replaced with an evil double who had undergone plastic surgery to look like him. Did Leuken offer any proof for this fantastical story? Why, YES! If you look closely at pictures of Paul VI right after his election in 1963, and then compare it to pictures a couple of years later, you'll notice that his evil double had crooked ears as the result of an imperfect plastic surgery! That makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

 So now we have Bp. Williamson informing us that in 2006, the idea for a "Rosary Crusade" for the Consecration of Russia was given to Bp. Fellay by a messenger from the Blessed Virgin Mary, but whoever this mysterious seer was, he was "too shy" to tell him it was a directive from the Blessed Mother! As Bp. Williamson never cites to any sources, it's hard to figure out exactly what it is he's trying to say, and equally hard to tell if this is some strange metaphor, or if he's really lost his mind.

 Nevertheless, Bp. Fellay then used the Crusade for the "liberation of the Tridentine Mass" which was "accomplished" by Ratzinger's Motu Proprio in 2007. Then, finding out that Our Lady was behind the request, instead of using a second Crusade for the Consecration, Fellay used it to try and reconcile with "Concilliar Rome." Our Lady used Bp. Fellay because the SSPX was the "last bastion" of Catholicism. Got all that?

 So Bp. Williamson, who recognizes Francis as pope, nevertheless talks about Rome as apostate. The city and religion are apostate, but their leader is "Catholic" and his "bishops" have Ordinary Jurisdiction? The SSPX is on the outs with the Vatican II sect, having (by their own admission) no Ordinary Jurisdiction, yet they are the "last bastion" of Catholicism? Over the man they consider the "pope"? The answer to all the world's woes is not the return of Faith, Morals and Sacraments which have been replaced by the Modernists with heresy, evil, and empty rituals---it's the Consecration of Russia which will miraculously procure everything we need for the Church to be great again.

 The Rosary Crusade of the SSPX was meant to be used for obtaining this panacea, and we know this because an unknown man had apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary who gave him the information, so we better believe it!

 Pope St. Pius X once warned that there would come a time near the end when there would be "a false and lying devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary" that would lead many astray. The Rosary has a crucifix on it to remind us that it (like all devotions) derives its efficacy from the Sacrifice of the Cross. That Sacrifice is renewed in an unbloody manner each time a True Priest offers the True Mass. Anyone who uses the Rosary to uphold the Modernist destruction of the Faith and the Holy Sacrifice, is perpetrating a false and lying devotion to Mary, who abhors such insults and attacks on Her Divine Son and His One True Church.

 Please don't waste your time, effort, or money in trying to understand or support apparitions, whether real or imagined. Learn the True Faith by good spiritual books, and by reading the Catechism of The Council of Trent as well as the writings of the pre-Vatican II theologians. If you want to have a true Rosary Crusade, offer it for the vanquishing of heresy and the return, in all it's glory, of the True Faith. And if you're feeling extra charitable, maybe offer a second one for the extirpation of stupidity, and the return of Bp. Williamson to sanity.