Monday, August 31, 2015

True And False Saints

 On September 3, the Church will celebrate the feast of Pope St. Pius X, that heroically virtuous pontiff who tried to extirpate the Modernist heretics from the hierarchy. St. Pius X was the first pope to be canonized (on May 29, 1954 by Pope Pius XII) since Pope St. Pius V in 1712 (by Pope Clement XVI). On October 11, the Vatican II sect will celebrate the feast of "Pope Saint" John XXIII (Angelo Roncalli), the Modernist heretic responsible for the Great Apostasy. Antipope John was "canonized" by Jorge Bergoglio (Antipope Francis) on April 27, 2014 along with Antipope John Paul II (Karol Wotyla) as a way of thanking them for undoing all that Pope Pius X accomplished and for setting up Counterfeit Catholicism. In this post, I wish to compare/contrast Rocalli (John XXIII) and St. Pius X. The differences between whom the Catholic Church venerates and whom the Vatican II sect venerates couldn't make it any more clear that they are not one and the same entity as Vatican II apologists would like you to believe.

 Pope Benedict XIV (1740-1758), says that "When inquiry is instituted for the purpose of beatification or canonization, no examination is made of miracles until after the heroic virtues or the martyrdom of the servant of God have been proved. These virtues are the first and most decisive witness to sanctity; visions, prophecies, and miracles are only of secondary importance, and they are absolutely ignored if proof of heroic virtues is not forthcoming." With this in mind let's examine two very different lives.


  In the brief of beatification (June 3, 1951), Pius XII lists the chief traits deserving the attention and the admiration of the crowds: 

  • His concern about the holiness of the clergy, the key to renewing all things in Christ, according to his motto.

  • The renewal of ecclesiastical studies. Pius X exhorts Christian philosophers to defend the truth under the banner of St. Thomas Aquinas--using Neo-Scholastic Thomism. He founded the Pontifical Biblical Institute, and encouraged the theological sciences.

  • His preoccupation with the eternal salvation of souls. If Pius X desired a holy clergy, it was with a view to the instruction of the faithful, to whom he gave a catechism designed for both adults and children. To the young he was truly the Pope of the Eucharist, promoting Holy Communion at an early age, and for everyone, frequent (and if possible) daily Communion.

  • The defense of the faith in its fullness and purity. The false teachings that became the "synthesis of all heresies" was labeled as Modernism, and wisely repressed  in the encyclical Pascendi of September 8, 1907. In these circumstances, as well as in his battle against the Masonic "separation of Church and State," St. Pius X was, in the words of Pope Pius XII, an “infallible teacher of the faith”, the “fearless avenger of religion” and the “guardian of the Church’s liberty”.

  • His love of the liturgy. The initiator of an authentic liturgical movement, Pius X renewed sacred music, but also the breviary and the calendar of feast days, so as to orient the Church decisively to liturgical beauty, splendor, and purity.


  • Was removed from his teaching position at the Lateran University under "suspicion of Modernism." He was on a list of suspected Modernists as far back as 1925, and which list was kept at the Holy Office.

  • Received the red hat of a cardinal from the hands of French President Vincent Auriol in 1953 at Roncalli's insistence. Auriol was a committed Socialist, of whom Roncalli said he was an "honest socialist." Pope Pius XI had stated, " No one can be, at the same time, a sincere Catholic and a true socialist."

  • Promoted ecumenism. He ordered the words removed from the prayer of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus : "Be Thou King of all those who are still involved in the darkness of idolatry or of Islamism." He changed the Good Friday prayers so as to remove the phrase "perfidious (i.e., faithless) Jews." He further modernized the Mass, Breviary, and Calendar. 

  • In his encyclical Pacem In Terris (1963), he stated in paragraph #11, "Also among man's rights is that of being able to worship God in accordance with the right dictates of his own conscience, and to profess his religion both in private and in public." This is blatant heresy. Although the Vatican II sect did not begin until 1964 with the promulgation of Lumen Gentium by Antipope Paul VI, we can be morally certain Roncalli was not pope from at least this date. His encyclical clearly repudiates the teachings of all previous popes, most especially Popes Gregory XVI and Pius IX:  "Now we arrive at another cause of the evils with which we suffer at seeing the Church afflicted at this moment, to wit, this “indifferentism,” or this perverse opinion spread everywhere by the devious action of bad men. According to it, one could achieve eternal salvation by any profession of faith, as long as the customs are upright and honest. It will not be difficult for you, in such a clear and evident matter, to drive so fatal an error from the midst of the peoples under your care. Indeed, since the Apostle had warned us that “there is but one God, one faith, one baptism” (Eph 4:5), those who believe that all religions offer the means to reach eternal salvation must fear and comprehend that, according to the testimony of the Savior Himself, “those who are not with Christ are against Him” (Luke 11:23); and that they scatter in sadness, since they do not gather with Him. Consequently, there is no doubt that “they who do not profess the Catholic Faith and maintain it whole and inviolate will be eternally lost” … From this infected source of “indifferentism” flows that absurd and erroneous maxim, or rather this delirium, that it is necessary to grant everyone “freedom of conscience.” This most pernicious error has its way prepared by a full and immoderate freedom of opinion that is widely spread for the ruin of religious and civil society. Some repeat with extreme impudence that it brings an advantage for religion. However, St. Augustine asked: “What could be a worse evil for the soul than the liberty of error?”"--Pope Gregory XVI, Mirari Vos (1832)--Emphasis mine.
  • He was publicly praised by the Masonic Lodges for promoting ecumenism. 
  Now ask yourself, "How can these two men who believed contradictory things both be true saints?" From our beliefs, our actions flow. St. Pius X wanted to "restore all things in Christ." Roncalli wanted to "open the windows of the Church" to let in the polluted air and stench of Modernism. Truth is eternal and immutable. If what St. Pius believed was true, good and beautiful, then what Roncalli believed was false, evil, and ugly.  You must decide which is the True Saint of the One True Church of Christ, and which is a false saint of a false religion. There are only three possibilities when dealing with contradictory positions: 1. St. Pius is right and a saint. Traditionalism is true. 2. Roncalli is right and a saint. The Vatican II sect is true. The Church of Christ did not exist prior to this time. 3. Both are false and neither is a saint. You must reject Christianity outright and become an apostate. What will YOU decide? 
 I'd like to share something I read several places. Roncalli took the name of a historically recognized antipope--Baldassare Cossa--from the fifteenth century. Many of you reading this may remember the famous "similarities between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy." Both were elected 100 years apart (1860 and 1960), both had as Vice-Presidents former senators from the South named Johnson who became president after the respective assassinations, etc. Some have speculated "Kennedy was Lincoln reincarnated." We know reincarnation to be false, but the comparisons are intriguing; everybody loves a good coincidence.

 However, sometimes I must wonder if certain things are more than coincidence, but rather a sign from God. Here are the coincidences between the first Antipope John XXIII (Cossa) and the second (Roncalli)

1. Both had reigns of 5 years (1410-1415) and (1958-1963)

2. Both called a Council; Constance and Vatican II

3. Both opened the Council in the fourth year of their reign. (1414 and 1962)

4. Both died before the third session of the Council.

Perhaps evil works in similar ways at times. And here, at least for me, is "the kicker": Frankie chose the opening day of Vatican II (October 11) as the "feast day" of Roncalli. That is also the birthday of my spiritual father, the late, great Fr. Gommar A. DePauw, JCD who was a peritus (i.e. theological expert) at Vatican II working to help Cardinal Ottavianni against the Modernists. He became the first Traditionalist, keeping the True Church alive publicly when he launched the Catholic Traditionalist Movement in 1964! Evil is now being celebrated on the birth of the one who would keep the Faith and start the fight. (For more on Fr. DePauw, see my post of January 19, 2013 "The First.").

 On the feast of Pope St. Pius X this September 3rd, let's pray to the holy pontiff that, just as the false papacy of John XXIII in the fifteenth century was crushed, so too may the Vatican II sect of the second Antipope John XXIII be destroyed and a true pope restored. Maybe then we will even see the feast of "St." John XXIII on October 11 replaced with that of "St. Gommar DePauw of Westbury!"



Monday, August 24, 2015

Entertaining Demons Unaware

Earlier this month, a criminal court judge ruled that thirteen-year-old Morgan Geyser, and her thirteen-year-old friend Anissa Weier, would be tried as adults concerning the crime for which they were charged one year earlier.  It's always disturbing when children commit crimes. However, the details of this horrific event make even the most desensitized people in today's crazy world wince in utter disbelief. On May 31, 2014, Weier and Geyser invited their friend, Payton Leutner, over to Geyser's house for a sleepover to celebrate Geyser's 12th birthday.

 Later in the day, they asked Payton to go play hide-n'-seek with them in the woods near the house. Once hidden by the trees, they took out a knife and stabbed her 19 times, leaving her for dead. The victim managed to crawl in her blood-soaked  fleece jacket to the road, where a man on a bicycle saw her and dialed 911. She barely survived; one stab wound was but a millimeter from her aorta, which would have meant death for certain. When police asked her how she made it out in such a wounded condition, Payton's answer was to the point, "I wanted to live."

 Was this some random act of violence? No, Geyser and Weier had planned the murder for months. Did Payton bully the other two girls? No, Payton had always been nice to them. Was this revenge for a boy liking her instead of one of them? No. They did it to become "proxies" of the "Slender Man." According to Newsweek magazine: "In 2009 an online forum called Something Awful announced a Photoshop contest to create fake supernatural photographs—images so convincing that they would pass as the real thing in other online paranormal forums. Eric Knudsen submitted two black-and-white photos of an impossibly tall, thin and faceless creature stalking children. According to the website 'Know Your Meme', one of the captions read, “We didn’t want to go, we didn’t want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time.… ” Knudsen called his monster Slender Man.

The legend of Slender Man morphed and grew as people contributed to his story, writing fan fiction and creating their own forged photos in a kind of modern-day, tech-fueled folklore. Dressed in a black suit, Slender Man has black tentacles protruding from his back. He can stretch his arms to inhuman lengths and is often pictured lurking in leafless forests or behind unsuspecting children. Legend says he can cause memory loss, coughing fits (referred to as “slendersickness,” according to Know Your Meme) and a litany of paranoid behaviors. He can remove your organs, impale you on a tree or stalk you slowly and drive you to madness. Slender Man is now a facsimile of the Puritan devil: He is everywhere, every day, a specter of our anxieties about raising children in a world where technology reigns and the lines between reality and fantasy grow dimmer." (See

 Or perhaps the lines between natural and supernatural have grown thinner. The Slender Man was a tall, faceless freak in a black suit who was photoshopped into chilling black and white pictures. A disturbing myth developed about this evil spirit that lurked in forests and preyed on children, manipulating their actions and driving them mad, or snatching them with his tentacle-like arms. The Slender Man attracted a cult following online, including two US ­schoolgirls now standing trial for murder as adults. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier were convinced the Slender Man would kill them and their families unless they made a sickening sacrifice to please him. Weier told police: “The bad part of me wanted her (Payton Leutner) to die; the good part wanted her to live.”

According to the Daily Mirror: "When detectives searched Geyser’s room they found half a dozen mutilated Barbie dolls that had been slashed and decorated with Slender Man’s symbol. Some of the dolls had their hands and feet hacked off. They also found more than 60 drawings of the Slender Man, including pictures of the spectre hugging a young girl. Alongside them were notes that read, “not safe even in your house” and, “he is here always." Another cartoon showed a girl holding a scythe, with a speech bubble saying: “I love killing people." At her feet was the body of a girl she had executed.

Most chilling of all was a shopping list for the alleged murder plot found scrawled in a notebook and headed “supplies ­necessary” in childish letters. The list included “murder weapons,"  followed by “kitchen knife” in brackets, pepper spray, ­flashlights, a camera and cheesecake. Further investigation allegedly revealed the girls had spent five months plotting the murder in detail." (Emphasis mine). (See

 What struck me is that two girls with no previous signs of being in trouble or having mental illness suddenly did something so unspeakably horrid; worse than a scene from a horror movie (Hollywood is now making a Slender Man movie!). Madness is not contagious. I'm not a psychologist, but it seems more than a bit odd that two young girls who are friends would both have severe psychological problems, to the point of sharing the same psychotic ideas and plot. Where were the parents when all this was going on? Not supervising their children and letting them be "entertained" by the Internet. We are (literally) being "entertained to death."  The girls had one thing in common: obsession with Slender Man.


  • A Hamilton County (Ohio) mother says her daughter’s attacking her with a knife could have been a result of the fictional horror character Slender Man.“She had her hood up and had her hands covered with her sleeves and the mask,” the mother said. She said her 13-year-old daughter was obsessed with the fictional character Slender Man. “She was someone else during that attack,” the mother said. Her daughter allegedly attacked her with a knife in the kitchen of their home. The daughter is in the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center. The mother said her daughter has mental health issues but that she never imagined anything like this would happen. “I came home one night from work and she was in the kitchen waiting for me and she was wearing a mask, a white mask,” she said. The mother said her daughter’s writings and drawings have always been dark. They referenced demons, being insane and falling into darkness.  “(She) mentioned playing a role. (I) got the feeling she was playing a role. It didn't feel like her at all,” the mother said.

    • On September 4, 2014, a 14-year-old girl in Port Richey, Florida, allegedly set her family's house on fire while her mother and nine-year-old brother were inside. Police reported that the teenager had been reading online stories about Slender Man as well as Atsushi Ōkubo's Soul Eater
    • The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation reports an epidemic of suicides and attempted suicides in early 2015 (ages of victims 12-24). Slender Man was cited as an influence--he resembles their pagan "suicide spirit." (See
    • The "Charlie Charlie Challenge" has inspired millions of ­youngsters to dabble with satanic rituals by using a simple Ouija board made from a sheet of paper divided into quarters. They write “Yes” in two corners and “No” in the remaining squares. They then make a cross by stacking one pencil on top of another and summon the demon “Charlie” who answers questions – or even gives them instructions – by turning the top pencil to point to “Yes” or “No." Even the Modernist Vatican commented on this one. "Fr." Jose Antonio Fortea, said spirits could continue to haunt or harm players after the game ended.
    • The Daily Mirror reports: "Players have reported strange phenomena after contacting Charlie, especially if they believe they failed to sever the spiritual link after the game. One player from Buckinghamshire claimed her laptop malfunctioned, then the power failed. When she tried to call her parents the phone cut out. Another from Texas said he had seen a black figure with red eyes at the top of the stairs. Others reported hearing sinister laughing and objects moving without any obvious explanation."
      As the True Church has grown smaller since the Great Apostasy of Vatican II, Satan has grown stronger. Satanic influences abound in movies, TV, video games, the Internet, popular novels; now even in children's games not involving technology. The invalidly ordained Vatican II clergy are helpless to exorcise demons. As anyone who reads my blog knows, I'm no alarmist, but any person of Faith can see that "Charlie" and "Slender Man" are demonic in origin and open a doorway to Hell.

      In Deuteronomy 18:9-12, we read: "When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there.  Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord; because of these same detestable practices the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you." (Emphasis mine)

      Let's see what can be found in our culture:

      "Sacrifices their son or daughter": Can anyone say "abortion"? Want to buy some baby parts? They're just cells, not people says Planned Parenthood, so don't worry

      "Divination..sorcery..omens"--games like "Charlie Charlie," astrology, going to fortune tellers, using Ouija boards, tarot cards etc.

      "Witchcraft"--also known as "Wicca" is now recognized as a religion by the U.S. government. Shows like CharmedSabrina the Teenage Witch, Salem, and Good Witch  all celebrate witchcraft

      "Casts spells"--Harry Potter books and movies

      "Medium, spiritist, or consults the dead"--Mediums are now the rage; games like "Charlie Charlie" also fall into this category, as does Slender Man (he's a "specter" or "ghost"; and you're dealing with consulting the dead/demons).

      All of this makes one "detestable to the LORD."  As Traditionalists we must be very vigilant in how and when we engage the culture. At least we have the supernatural means to fight; the True Mass, sacraments, sacramentals, and when necessary, exorcisms by real priests for demonic possession/obsession. (Demonic obsession is external attacks by evil spirits to harm someone as opposed to taking them over from within, i.e. possession). Parents: Please monitor everything your child does under the age of 21; you are responsible before God. Ask a Traditionalist priest for guidelines, and check about any media/games of which you are unsure. Otherwise you might (God forbid) think your child is being "entertained," only to find out it's your child who's become entertainment for demons. 

      Monday, August 17, 2015

      To Counsel The Doubtful And Instruct The Ignorant

       Once more, my readers have informed me that the boors at the blogs Pistrina Liturgica (hereinafter "PL") and The Lay Pulpit (hereinafter "LP") are continuing their pathological quest to cast doubt upon the orders of Bp. Daniel  Dolan and, by extension, the priests he ordained. My interest in this matter is quite simple; I don't want any Traditionalist succumbing to the irrational fear that the sacraments received from Bp. Dolan (and his priests) are doubtful. PL and LP contend that Bp. Dolan's orders are dubious because of an alleged one-handed ordination by Abp. Lefebvre in 1976. For the background, please read my post of March 2, 2015, entitled "The Burden Of Proof." The owner of PL goes by the moniker "The Reader," and the owner of LP calls himself "The Watcher." Ironically, neither one can read with comprehension or watch out for major blunders in basic logic.

       Now, the "Watcher" has once again renewed his attack against both Bp. Dolan and myself in his post on LP called "Still A Moot Point" of 8/1/15.  In order to allay the fears these hate-filled calumniators may cause, I will lay out the claims he makes (as stated by his own writing) and definitively prove both LP and PL wrong. I will then address attacks on my character in the footnotes to that post.

      I) Claim: We are not saying that Bp. Dolan's orders are invalid, we simply claim there was a doubt about that validity, and therefore he needs conditional re-ordination/consecration.

      Response: The Church teaches that whenever a Catholic cleric sets out to perform a sacrament, it is presumed to have been done correctly and validly. The burden of proof (BOP) lies with those claiming that a defect occurred. (“When the fact of ordination is duly established, the validity of the orders conferred is naturally to be presumed.” (W. Doheny, Canonical Procedure in Matrimonial Cases [Milwaukee: Bruce 1942] 2:72.)).  PL and LP simply have not carried the BOP that the alleged "one-handed ordination" ever took place.

      The simple "presence of doubt" does not, as LP thinks, overcome the presumption of validity and require anything to be done. You must now ask, "Is the doubt well founded (i.e. reasonable) or is it based on hearsay without credible evidence?" The mere existence of doubt does not require anything to be done. People can doubt anything except their own existence (you must exist in order to doubt your existence) and your immediate sense impressions (whether what you see is real, in a dream, or caused by aliens, the fact of the impressions themselves cannot be doubted). So in all other matters you must ask if the doubt is well founded. People doubt the moon landing took place, that the Earth is really round, and question if  Elvis really died. These are all doubts.Would any rational person believe them?

      There was doubt about Abp. Lefebvre's validity because of an alleged "Masonic connection" of his ordaining and consecrating prelate. Yet they do not call upon all those whose orders derive from Abp. Lefebvre to get re-ordained/consecrated. Why not? Using THEIR invented principle, the fact that there was doubt should be enough for every clergyman ordained and/or consecrated by Lefebvre to get a conditional re-ordination/consecration. Since LP's hatred extends only to Bp. Dolan, he conveniently forgets that there was doubt as to the validity of the Lefebvre ordination (and subsequent consecration) as well. It matters neither in the case of Bp. Dolan or Abp. Lefebvre because unreasonable doubt existed. 

      II) Claim: The letter of the nine SSPV priests prove there was a doubt about the validity of Bp. Dolan's ordination.

       It only shows the existence of "doubt" to the same degree and extent as the "doubt" about Abp. Lefebvre. Like the alleged "Masonic connection"  and "doubt" in the Abp. Lefebvre case, the letter of the nine priests does not show reasonable doubt because it:
      • has no magical significance because NINE (always capitalized or otherwise emphasized by PL and LP) priests saw nothing
      • never declares there were witnesses
      • never names even one witness
      • has one signatory who was a 12 year old kid living in Kentucky when the ordination took place
      • has one priest who redacted his name
      • has one signatory who was graduating high school in Colorado
      • is therefore SOLELY based on hearsay and conjecture
      There is no reasonable doubt here. If I had a letter signed by nine priests declaring "The Watcher" guilty of a crime, and none of those priests saw anything or had any witnesses (or any other evidence), would you think him guilty? As a matter of fact even with STRONG evidence, you must presume him innocent until proven guilty! That is the presumption granted to us in American civil law. Likewise, in ecclesiastical law, the sacraments conferred by a Catholic cleric are presumed done correctly and validly until the opposite is proven. LP and PL have done nothing to carry that burden of proof.

       The fact that priests signed the letter, does not help their case either. "The Reader" had claimed the "charism" of the priesthood would not allow them to sign unless they were "morally certain."

      • How can anyone be morally certain of something they never saw and for which they have no witnesses--nor did they even claim   to have a witness?

      • If the "charism" of the priesthood would preserve them from signing the letter, can someone please explain why pre-Vatican II theologians, like Henry Davis, wrote about solicitation in the confessional? Solicitation for sex in confession is also listed as a canonical crime in canon 2368 of the 1917 Code of Canon Law. If the "charism of the priesthood" could prevent them from signing letters of which they are not morally certain, or other moral failures (another invented principle of PL/LP) why doesn't it prevent the more serious offense of solicitation? Answer: precisely because this "charism" is an invented theological premise. 
      • To the credit of the SSPV, they stopped harping on that letter years ago. Not so LP and PL, unfortunately.  

      III) Claim: The fact is, that, except for these hard-core naysayers, virtually EVERYONE in Traddieland knows about Dannie’s defective ordination.  As Pistrina so rightly put it, “Everybody -- and we mean e-v-e-r-y-B-O-D-Y -- who counts in this matter knows what happened.”  These naysayers can wallow in their denial all they want, but the truth is, they know it too – and, again, they know that the vast majority of traddieland now believes Dannie’s orders to be defective, and that if it actually did “go to court,” they wouldn’t have a case. 

      •  If e-v-e-r-y-B-O-D-Y knows the one-hand ordination happened, why can't you name s-o-m-e-B-O-D-Y who witnessed it? Seems like a pretty simple task unless you're a liar! Isn't it remarkable that LP and PL have all these witnesses, and yet for "personal reasons," not even ONE will come forward with a signed and sworn declaration?!

      • "Secret witnesses" are no witnesses at all. If you were sitting on a jury, would you find someone guilty of a crime based on hearsay from nameless, faceless "witnesses" ? How do you know exactly what they are testifying to, or if they even exist? 

      • They now claim to have just found (!) a SSPX priest who witnessed the alleged one-handed ordination! This comes right after my post of March 2, 2015, showing they have no case. What a coincidence. This priest's name guessed it! He chooses to remain anonymous as well! If anyone seriously thinks this priest exists, please contact me via the comments; I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

      • Unless and until this case "goes to court" we must presume that the sacrament was done properly and validly without any worries. The presumption is on correct and valid administration unless/until invalidity is proven. LP hasn't even given rise to a reasonable doubt about the administration of the sacrament with one-hand--an administration both LP and Pl admit might not be defective even IF they carried their burden of proof.

      IV) Claim: And we use that word “case” advisedly, for one of those commenters, one “Introibo ad Altare Dei,” is a lawyer.  And, as a lawyer, he knows full well that, until such a case actually does go to court, no priest is going to be a whistle-blower and “tell” on another priest.  It’s just not done.  And if that priest has not authorized Pistrina to divulge his name -- and he hasn’t – then he’s not about to reveal it himself.  So, “Introibo” can safely play his hypothetical “produce your witness” game, because he knows that Pistrina’s hands are tied – that they are not at liberty to divulge it

      • LP likes to trumpet the fact I'm a lawyer, which appellation has a negative connotation in many circles. Now, however, he's ascribing to me some strange ideas to which no sane person (or lawyer) would ever adhere. 

      • In a state of sedevacante, this rumor will never "go to court." Both PL and LP know this, which is why they don't have to worry about being called on the carpet.

      • No priest will be  a "whistle-blower" and "tell" on another priest? "It's just not done"? Really? Wasn't the letter of the nine priests "telling" on Dolan? They stated (with no proof) "you were ordained with one hand." 

      •  Do you mean to say that a priest who KNOWS a defect occurred in the rite of ordination of another priest has no moral duty to come forward and protect the souls of Catholics from dubious sacraments? "Lex animarum est suprema lex"--the salvation of souls is the supreme law! Where does this "duty not to tell"originate? Canon law? Moral theology? "The Watcher's" Book of Priestly Ethics

      •  LP's invented principle sounds appropriate for the V2 sect, since they do not believe in exposing ("telling") on pederasts.

      V) Claim: Fr. Cekada wrote a monograph on the validity of ordination conferred with one hand. Why bother unless the one-handed ordination took place? 

      •  Explained many times before, Fr. Cekada in October of 1990 denied one hand was used and, unlike those nine who signed the letter, he was actually there as an eyewitness. Later, he wrote his monograph as a way to "argue in the alternative" i.e.,"even IF what you said were true (and I'm not saying it is), you would still be wrong and here's why,,"

      VI) Claim:  It is also an accurate barometer of his intransigence, arrogance, and lack of good will.  If he were truly humble and wise, he would have taken that simple, EASY step; he would have seized such a providential opportunity to show that he was good and humble, and to show -- for once in his life -- some real good will.  But he didn’t.   Instead, he took the denial path, getting his sidekick, Tinhorn Tony, to cobble up his pathetically bungled monograph, with the hope that no one would check its accuracy.  But someone did; and the result is that most of Traddieland considers not only Dannie’s orders doubtful, but those of all whom he has “ordained” as well.

      •  As I've stated before on this subject, it is far from "prudent" to scandalize (unnecessarily) those good Traditionalists whom went to Bp. Dolan and his priests, thinking that perhaps the sacraments they received were null and void. It has nothing to do with a lack of humility and everything to do with good judgement not to "fix" something that was never "broken" in the first place!

      • "Most of 'traddieland' (i.e.,Traditionalists) consider Dannie's (Bp. Dolan) orders doubtful (and) those of all he has 'ordained' as well."  Most Traditionalist believe this to be the case? When did LP conduct the professional survey? More speculation and conjecture based on their hatred. 

      • Despite attempts to explain "We're not saying the ordinations are invalid"--that's exactly what they want you to believe to drive you away from the Churches run by Bp. Dolan and his priests. Claiming moral turpitude isn't enough; they can get everyone away from the cleric they hate because in the practical order there is no difference between a doubtful sacrament and an invalid one; you MUST stay away!
      VI) Claim: (This is an attack against me in the notes to his post)  It is interesting to note that Pistrina’s original articles about Dannie’s one-handed orders dealt only with doubts about their validity.  These articles brought people like “Introibo” (and even Checkie himself, although he camouflaged himself as “anonymous”) out of their subterranean woodwork to go to bat for Dannie – all to no avail.   Pistrina successfully shot down each and every one of their arguments and objections.  Then, later on, when a Pistrina article mentioned a witness to Dannie’s defective ordination, “Introibo” – having “struck out” with his “validity” argument -- crawled out of the woodwork again to attack Pistrina from a new angle: that the witness does not exist.  But that doesn’t matter, because – again – it’s not necessary to the “doubt” argument.

      • The "doubt argument" is fallacious for the reasons I gave above. 
      • They know Fr. Cekada ("Checkie") commented
      • As to validity, I've hardly "struck out" with my arguments--but here's a new one that makes having sworn statements from witnesses so vital:

       With Sacramentum Ordinis (1947) of Pope Pius XII, His Holiness sought to define precisely the matter and form of the Sacrament of Holy Orders (deacon, priest, and bishop).  His objective was to make reception of the sacrament less subject to doubt not more so. 

       For the lawful administration of the sacrament, the bishop must always physically touch the head of the ordinand with his hands. When this contact is not had, a moral contact (tactus moralis) suffices for validity (See AAS, XL (1948), p.7, n. 6) According to theologian Clancy, "By 'moral contact' is meant an extension of the hand, apart from any bodily contact, above the head of the ordinand, but effected in such a manner that contact is virtually rather than actually accomplished...The fact that the Holy Father declared that a 'moral contact' suffices for validity is consistent with his intention that there be no occasions for doubts or scruples concerning the ordination. Therefore, the notion of 'moral contact' can be interpreted with some degree of latitude. Any lowering of the hand of the bishop above the head of a specific candidate in such a way as to leave no doubt as to the intention of the bishop in the minds of those standing about would suffice for the validity of the ordination...It is difficult to conceive of an error or mistake in the first and necessary imposition of hands which would nullify the sacramental effect or bring it into doubt. Here, as in the ordination of a deacon, physical contact with the head of the ordinand in the imposition of hands is required for the lawful administration of the sacrament. A moral contact, however, is sufficient for the validity of the ordination." (See Clancy, Walter The Rites and Ceremonies of Sacred Ordination CUA Press (1962), pgs. 68, 70--Emphasis mine--See also theologian Halligan, Nicholas The Administration of the Sacraments ,The Mercier Press (1962), pg. 395, fn # 39, "Physical contact is required, although moral contact suffices for validity.")

       Clancy goes on to state that in his opinion, one hand would suffice for validity, but recourse should be had to the Holy See. The point here is that for "one hand" to be used, Lefebvre would have had to have held his other hand at his side or below the head of the ordinand. If he made physical contact with one hand and held the other slightly over the head with no contact--both hands were used--one physically, the other morally. This would make it certainly valid! It's hard to imagine the archbishop ordaining several men correctly, and then leaving one hand by his side in the case of Dolan. As long as there was MORAL CONTACT there is no doubt. What exactly did those "witnesses" see? Did they (erroneously) believe both hands needed to physically touch the head? The letter of the nine priests doesn't help, nor do faceless, nameless "witnesses" who gave no written statement.

       Of course, LP and PL will NOW claim that one of their "international correspondents" or some other alleged "witness" plainly saw the other hand of the archbishop resting at his side. (Remember the bridge for sale in Brooklyn? Contact me if you believe that one!!)

      VII) Final Claim: Another attack on me.  
      lawyers all too often aren’t so much interested in finding the truth as they are in winning the argument.  And when they don’t have the truth on their side, they must resort to using whatever “debating team” tricks they can find to “cloud the issue” and carry their point.

      In this case, they accuse Pistrina of trying to prove that Dannie’s one-handed ordination is invalid, when in fact Pistrina has made no such claim.  (“Introibo” and others have repeatedly made this false accusation, which Pistrina has repeatedly had to rebuff.)  What Pistrina actually said was that there was doubt – which there is.  But “Introibo” – being the typical lawyer that he is – figures that repeating the same charge over and over again somehow gives it credibility.  This is a favorite lawyer’s trick -- and politician’s trick, for that matter.  (That is why political ads are repeated so often: “repetition is the mother of belief.”)

       Actually, "necessity is the mother of invention," so they had to invent a trumped up ordination defect with non-existent witnesses to fulfill their need of scaring people away from "dubious sacraments" given by clerics they hate. There are no lawyer "debating team tricks" ("if the anathema don't sit you must acquit.") Let me lay it out:

      1. All sacraments conferred by a Catholic cleric are presumed to be done correctly and validly according to Church teaching. This holds true of Abp. Lefebvre's ordination of Dan Dolan.

      2. The fact that there is doubt about something means nothing. There are those who doubt that Elvis really died 38 years ago, and he's working incognito in a supermarket somewhere. Doubt must be REASONABLE not mere speculation.

      3. The letter of the nine priests in the SSPV was written only after Fr. Dolan left the SSPV in 1989. They had no problem with him prior to that time.

      4. None of the nine were there. They saw nothing.

      5. They never claimed to have witnesses.They simply stated "You were ordained with one hand" with no proof.

      6. Fr. Cekada was there and claimed in 1990 that he saw everything was done correctly. Bp.Dolan doesn't even need a witness (although he has one) because the burden of proof is on those who claim a defect occurred (see #1).

      7. Why does PL (and LP) want Bp.Dolan conditionally ordained/consecrated? Answer: Since there is some "doubt" from people who weren't there (and alleged witnesses, all of whom remain anonymous for secret reasons) you must remove the "doubt" by being ordained with two hands. They completely omit the details of the alleged "one hand" ordination thereby excluding moral contact EVEN IF it was not done lawfully according to the rubrics, and these witnesses are more than fabrications.

      For the record, I disagree on Fr. Cekada's application of moral theology to the Schiavo case. I agree with Fr.Jenkins who opposed him. I disagree with Fr. Jenkins on the "dubious" Thuc consecrations and agree with Fr. Cekada. This doesn't make either of them evil. We live in a time when theological questions that arise don't always have answers since the defection of the hierarchy in the wake of Vatican II. For the record, I wouldn't waste my eyesight on reading PL or LP. If I ever feel the need to read the rantings of a loon, I'll pick up a copy of Mein Kampf. I only respond when it's brought to my attention they are casting doubt on a cleric's orders by means of calumny and keeping good Traditionalists away from the sacraments. As far as the other things that allegedly happened in Ohio, I know nothing. However, after seeing how these two consistently lie, can you believe anything they have to say?

       I hope I have successfully counseled the doubtful not to listen to either of these lying blogs, and avail yourself of the sacraments given by Bp. Dolan and his priests. I would like to think I've instructed "The Watcher" and "The Reader" but as a famous movie line goes, "Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but STUPID lasts forever."

      Monday, August 10, 2015

      The Lyin' King

       I can only shake my head in disbelief and disgust over "Cecil the Lion." What disgusts me is not so much the killing of the lion, but the culture's reaction to it. Unless you've been living under a rock, Cecil was a protected animal surreptitiously lured away from his safe haven in Africa by a disgusting man from America, who then ruthlessly killed him. I love animals, especially cats. I've owned cats since I was a small boy; they are awesome pets. I have no sympathy for the man who did this, one Walter Palmer, who should be punished. In a sane society, that would be the end of the story. I've heard several commentators in the media refer to this animal as having been "murdered." Vandals have struck Palmer's vacation home, painting the words "Lion Killer!" on the garage door. They left a trail of pigs feet, covered in what appears to be blood, as well as a jar of lion-shaped cookies. No one should defend Palmer's actions, but by the way people are acting, you'd think he had killed a little baby.

       Contemporaneous with Cecil's demise is the attempt by Congress to defund the number-one  baby- killing organization, Planned Parenthood. This occurred in the wake of some pro-life advocates posing as representatives interested in buying aborted baby parts and taking videos of what transpired. In so doing, they exposed Planned Parenthood officials discussing the selling of body parts from aborted babies for research. They have released a fifth video that catches a Planned Parenthood official discussing how the abortion business sells “fully intact” aborted babies. The supporters of murdering children have rushed to Planned Parenthood's (hereinafter "PP") defense claiming the videos were edited, the organization does much good, and federal money can't be used for abortion anyway.

       The New York Times ("All The News That Fits Our Views") published an op-ed piece written by Katha Pollitt entitled "How To Really Defend Planned Parenthood" on August 5, 2015.  To show you how depraved post-Vatican II culture is, I've reprinted the most pertinent parts of that article in red below.

      "But the videos do cleverly evoke visceral feelings of disgust — graphic images, physicians using the words “crush” and “crunchy” — to activate the stereotype that abortion providers are money-grubbing baby killers.

      Why women end up having second trimester abortions, why they choose to donate fetal tissue, what good the research achieves — who cares, when there is outrage to provoke and express?

      There are two reasons abortion rights activists have been boxed in. One is that we’ve been reactive rather than proactive. To deflect immediate attacks, we fall in with messaging that unconsciously encodes the vision of the other side. Abortion opponents say women seek abortions in haste and confusion. Pro-choicers reply: Abortion is the most difficult, agonizing decision a woman ever makes. Opponents say: Women have abortions because they have irresponsible sex. We say: rape, incest, fatal fetal abnormalities, life-risking pregnancies.

      These responses aren’t false exactly. Some women are genuinely ambivalent; some pregnancies are particularly dangerous. But they leave out a large majority of women seeking abortions, who had sex willingly, made a decision to end the pregnancy and faced no special threatening medical conditions.

      We need to say that women have sex, have abortions, are at peace with the decision and move on with their lives. We need to say that is their right, and, moreover, it’s good for everyone that they have this right: The whole society benefits when motherhood is voluntary. When we gloss over these truths we unintentionally promote the very stigma we’re trying to combat. What, you didn’t agonize? You forgot your pill? You just didn’t want to have a baby now? You should be ashamed of yourself."

      Sorry for making you feel sick. However, Pollitt does (unintentionally) make one point that many pro-lifers have forgotten: the real truth. She wants us to think abortion is some enshrined "right" and pro-abortionists should say it and not dodge the issue. Sick and warped, but it is honest about what they really think. The pro-life movement knows the real issue is that abortion is MURDER. Properly defined, murder is the taking of innocent human life. It doesn't concern animals. Abortion is the murder of unborn children. It's not about the how the woman got  pregnant or how she feels about it. We in the right to life fight shouldn't try to divert people from the heart of the matter: Inside every pregnant woman is a living, growing human person.

       Let's bring to light some facts:

      1. PP's Founder: Margaret Sanger

      • Sanger was a racist who contributed to the eugenics movement in the U.S. She contributed to getting compulsory sterilization laws in 30 states for vulnerable people she considered "feeble-minded."
      • She presented to a KKK rally in New Jersey back in 1926. According to her autobiography, “I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan … I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses … I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak … In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered” (pg. 366)
      • Below are her quotes PP never wants you to read:

      “Eugenics without birth control seems to us a house builded upon the sands. It is at the mercy of the rising stream of the unfit” (“Birth Control and Racial Betterment,” Feb. 1919, The Birth Control Review).

      “Stop our national habit of human waste.” (Woman and the New Race, 1920, Chapter 6).

      “By all means, there should be no children when either mother or father suffers from such diseases as tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilis, cancer, epilepsy, insanity, drunkenness and mental disorders. In the case of the mother, heart disease, kidney trouble and pelvic deformities are also a serious bar to childbearing No more children should be born when the parents, though healthy themselves, find that their children are physically or mentally defective.” (Woman and the New Race, 1920, Chapter 7).

      “The main objects of the Population Congress would be to apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring[;] to give certain dysgenic groups in our population their choice of segregation or sterilization.” (“A Plan for Peace,” 1932).

      2. PP's Aims
      • 79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of black or Hispanic communities.
      • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Abortion Surveillance report revealed that between 2007 and 2010, nearly 36 percent of all abortions in the United States were performed on black children, even though black Americans make up only 13 percent of our population. A further 21 percent of abortions were performed on Hispanics, and 7 percent more on other minority groups, for a total of 64 percent of U.S. abortions tragically performed on minority groups.
      • According to Dr. Maureen L. Condic, an associate professor of neurobiology and anatomy at the University of Utah School of Medicine: 
      "... 89 percent of U.S. counties did not have an abortion provider in 2011 (down approximately 1 percent since 2008). These counties were home to almost 40 percent of American women in their reproductive years (ages 14 to 44). The study concludes that while the abortion rate continues to decline (as it has been doing since the early 1980s), “no evidence was found that the overall drop in abortion incidence was related to the decrease in providers or to restrictions implemented between 2008 and 2011.” 

      "Despite hysterical claims that defunding Planned Parenthood will set loose an apocalypse for women who rely on PP for cancer and STD screening, this simply hasn’t happened. There has been a 20 percent decline in the number of PP clinics since 1995, and over this same period, there has also been a steady decline in both STD and cancer incidence for women. No apocalypse here."

      • According to David Daleiden, Project Leader at The Center for Medical Progress:
      "In short, women will go to federally qualified health centers, which provide all the services Planned Parenthood does and more, except abortions. FQHCs also treat you regardless of your ability to pay (PP does not provide any services for free). Like many millennials, I have received care at FQHCs, and they are great."

      3. What PP Does With Our Tax Money

      According to PP's own records as reported by The Family Research Council: 
      • From 2009 to 2013, cancer-screening and -prevention programs dropped by about half.
      • From 2009 to 2013, breast exams dropped by 41 percent. (PP does not do mammograms.)
      • According to PP’s 2013-14 report, out of total services for pregnant women (adoption referrals, prenatal services, abortion), abortion made up over 94 percent. Prenatal care made up only about 5 percent of pregnancy services.
      • Meanwhile, PP’s abortion numbers have consistently increased every year, from 289,000 in 2006 to 327,000 in 2013.
      4. More Than "Cells" Are Killed: A  Human Being Is Murdered

      According to Dr. Dianne N. Irving: (See "Abortion and Rights," a special edition of the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, edited by Doris Gordon and John Walker of Libertarians for Life (Vol. 19, No. 3/4, 1999, Barmarick Publications, England)

      "In sum, a human sperm and a human oocyte are products of gametogenesis - each has only 23 chromosomes. They each have only half of the required number of chromosomes for a human being. They cannot singly develop further into human beings. They produce only "gamete" proteins and enzymes. They do not direct their own growth and development. And they are not individuals, i.e., members of the human species. They are only parts - each one a part of a human being. On the other hand, a human being is the immediate product of fertilization. As such he/she is a single-cell embryonic zygote, an organism with 46 chromosomes, the number required of a member of the human species. This human being immediately produces specifically human proteins and enzymes, directs his/her own further growth and development as human, and is a new, genetically unique, newly existing, live human individual.

      After fertilization the single-cell human embryo doesn't become another kind of thing. It simply divides and grows bigger and bigger, developing through several stages as an embryo over an 8-week period. Several of these developmental stages of the growing embryo are denoted as a morula (about 4 days), a blastocyst (5-7 days), a bi-laminar (two layer) embryo (during the second week), and a trilaminar (3-layer) embryo (during the third week)."

      4. Summary and Conclusion

      • PP and their supporters lie about the concern and fate for women's health.
      • They were founded upon eugenics/racism. 
      • Their #1 business is abortion. They lie that it is not.
      • Abortion is the taking of innocent human life, i.e. murder--and this is based on science. Even IF "we don't know when life begins," the burden of proof lies with those claiming it is non-life since human life could be taken. They lie that abortion is just about a group of cells.
      • If PP were defunded, $500 million a year could be channeled to health care service providers that do more than PP ever did. They lie about their role in health care. 
      "Pope" Francis tells us not to worry about these "small-minded rules," concerning abortion, and concentrate on the environment instead. As a result, the world weeps for "Cecil the Lion" and rushes to defend the murder of human babies by a racist organization. The media claims the videos exposing PP  are "lies" while PP is nothing but a pack of lies. PP is truly the "Lyin' King," and those like Ms. Pollitt, who defend murdering little babies with zest, have earned the title "King of the Beasts."

      Monday, August 3, 2015

      Getting Caught Up In "The Rapture"

       Recently, a movie entitled Left Behind was brought to my attention. It was released in October of last year and starred Nicholas Cage in a remake of the movie from 2000 staring Kirk Cameron. All of the Left Behind movies are based on a series of novels released from 1995-2007 by Protestant authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The novels are concerned with the Protestant heresy known as "the Rapture."

       Originating in the 1700s and popularized in the 1800s, various Protestant sects began to teach that Christians will be taken up in the sky by God before the Antichrist rules the world, after which there will be a literal one thousand year rule of Christ on Earth. Even among so-called "Evangelical Protestants," they argue over whether the rapture will take place before, in the middle of, or after the Great Tribulation (referred to as pre-trib, mid-trib, and post-trib, respectively).  The term "rapture" comes from the Latin word rapiemur--"will be caught up." It is used in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17, one of the "proof-texts" for Protestants: "Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. According to the Lord’s word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep. For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever." (Emphasis mine)

       The first movie, with Kirk Cameron (and its two sequels), is full of pre-trib theology, as were the books. Cameron, an evangelical Protestant himself, helped write the screen play with his friend and fellow sectarian Ray Comfort. (Although having the best of intentions, it is painful to hear Comfort debate with atheists. He makes believers look ridiculous, having once asserted that a banana was "proof of intelligent design" by God because of the way it fits the human hand. I wish I was joking, but I'm not.) The remake with Cage is so bad it was ridiculed by Christianity Today, calling it devoid of religious significance.

       "Consider: one of the characters proposes that the Rapture was caused by aliens, and the movie would be no different if this were true....In fact, most Christians within the world of the movie—whether the street-preacher lady at the airport or Rayford Steele’s [main character's] wife—are portrayed as insistent, crazy, delusional, or at the very least just really annoying. Steele’s wife’s conversion to Christianity is shown to have pushed her and her husband apart; we see that she’s decorated her house with crosses, throw-pillows that say “Pray” across the front, and encouraging posters.That is the deepest conception of Christianity that this movie has: posters, pillows, and crucifixes." (See

      The books are interesting insofar as they depict a "protestant pope"--John XXIV--getting "raptured" because he accepted the theology of Martin Luther! Those Catholics who rejected him are "left behind"! His fictitious successor, Peter II, is the false prophet of the Apocalypse who sets up the One World Religion. Some in the Vatican II sect have denounced the books as "anti-Catholic," but I think it's really just a matter of hitting too close to home by portraying a "Protestant pope"! (Are you listening, Francis?)

      Surprisingly, some Traditionalists think the rapture to be true, or at least possible, not realizing it conflicts with Church teaching. Protestants point to Scripture verses such as St. Matthew 24:40-41, "Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left." And St. Luke 17:34-35, "I tell you, on that night two people will be in one bed; one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding grain together; one will be taken and the other left.” Remember,all of the Bible must be read with Sacred Tradition and the guidance of the Magisterium. Ironically, right after the main "rapture verse" (quoted above in First Thessalonians),  in the second epistle to the Thessalonians, we read, "So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast to the traditions we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter."(Emphasis mine)

      II Peter 1:20 states, "Understanding this first, that no prophecy of scripture is made by private interpretation." (Emphasis mine). Finally, in  II Peter 3:16, "As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are certain things hard to be understood, which the unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, to their own destruction."

      Keeping all this in mind, what are we to make of the "rapture" as Traditionalists? Those Biblical "proof- texts" were always taught to be referring to the Second Coming of Christ. For the "rapture Protestants" He comes back, not once "to judge the living and the dead," but twice. This is heresy. The "caught up"refers to the resurrection of the bodies of the just on the Last Day. As for the "one taken, one left," if you read the next chapter in St. Matthew (chapter 25), it speaks of the sheep and the goats being separated on His right and left. The sheep (the Faithful) go body and soul to Heaven, while the goats (the damned) go body and soul to Hell. All pre-Vatican II theologians taught that the Church must endure throughout the Great Tribulation. "But he that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved." (St. Matthew 24:13)

       This heresy has led to the "prosperity preachers," like Joel Osteen and others, who tell us Christ suffered and died for us so we can believe in Him, thereby getting to live in a mansion while driving a Rolls Royce. So if you hear about "the rapture," don't you believe it. Worry not about being "left behind." Rather, pray that you don't get led astray. "But he that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved."