Monday, January 19, 2015

Taking A Jab At Truth

 Antipope Francis made headlines this week when, in the wake of the murders at the rag Charlie Hebdo, he claimed that violence in the name of God is never justified (really? The Crusades and just wars were contrary to the Will of God?). He then went on to claim that, "You cannot provoke, you cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others … There is a limit. Every religion has its dignity … in freedom of expression there are limits." Francis then made the quip that if one of his aides (standing beside him) were to insult his mother, the aide should expect to get punched. 

 The media has had a field day with these remarks and, once more, spin-doctors at the Modernist Vatican were attempting damage control (i. e. He didn't mean that violence is justified if you insult someone, etc.) Nevertheless, there were some underlying principles which were by and large ignored and to which I wish to draw your attention. 

 1. "Every religion has its dignity."

  Error has no dignity, error has no rights, except the right to disappear. 

The following propositions were CONDEMNED as ERROR in the Syllabus of Errors by Pope Pius IX:

77. In the present day it is no longer expedient that the Catholic religion should be held as the only religion of the State, to the exclusion of all other forms of worship. -- Allocution "Nemo vestrum," July 26, 1855.

78. Hence it has been wisely decided by law, in some Catholic countries, that persons coming to reside therein shall enjoy the public exercise of their own peculiar worship. -- Allocution "Acerbissimum," Sept. 27, 1852.

79. Moreover, it is false that the civil liberty of every form of worship, and the full power, given to all, of overtly and publicly manifesting any opinions whatsoever and thoughts, conduce more easily to corrupt the morals and minds of the people, and to propagate the pest of indifferentism. -- Allocution "Nunquam fore," Dec. 15, 1856.

It's obvious the True Church did NOT consider false sects that send souls to their eternal ruin as "dignified." There is only dignity in truth not lies. Herein we find the "Frankenchurch" ecclesiology of Vatican II, which teaches that there are "elements of truth" in false religions, and from this "partial truth" they allegedly derive "dignity."

2. "You cannot make fun of the faith of others."

 As a practical matter in a pluralistic state, such as the United States, this is prudent advice. However, what constitutes "making fun"? Disagreeing with and working against false teachings is not the same as schoolyard name calling and taunts. Furthermore, look at the violent nature of Islam. They commit murder when their false prophet is attacked, but when was the last time such a thing occurred when Christ was insulted? You don't see Christians (of the false sects and the True Church) respond in such a way.

 A true pope would have condemned Islam, not made excuses for infidels.  Some commentators have defended Islam on the basis that the religion itself isn't violent, its what some people make of it. I suppose that some bigots could make the KKK an eleemosynary institution, but they would cease to be following the official teachings of the organization, and could no longer be considered Klansmen in the true sense of the word. The Koran teaches jihad and violence to spread the false teachings of Mohammed, anyone who doesn't do so is going against Islam. Analogously, a Traditionalist Catholic who has an abortion is not following official teaching and is "Catholic" in name only, incurring ipso facto excommunication.

3. "Insult my mother...a punch awaits..."

 OK, Frankie seems more protective of his mother than the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the man who made a joke about the Crucifixion!      
( Whom is he trying to kid? Insult my mother and expect a punch, but I'll mock Christ and you can laugh! Frankie has yet to denounce the anti-Catholic, and anti-theistic movies and pop culture singers who routinely mock Our Lord and Our Lady. He exalts his earthly mother over his Heavenly Mother and Her Divine Son.

 These were the real messages the media and bloggers missed. He might not "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee," but Antipope Francis will take a jab at truth every opportunity, hoping to score a knockout for the Father of Lies. 


  1. Bergoglio è il vicario di Marx

  2. He (Jorge) Talks like 33rd degree Freemason!

  3. If he (Bergoglio) cares so much about his mother,why won't defend her?Muslims in Italy recently attacked a praying man in church and destroyed a statue of the Blessed Mother.Talk is cheap and his action was to pray in a mosque in Turkey.

  4., "In 1850, Pope Pius IX (1846-1878) branded freedom of the press and freedom of association as intrinsically evil."

    ^So here I might actually in some sense agree with "pope" Francis, that freedom (unrestrained chaotic liberty) of the press is unacceptable. But, yes, we agree that the Church has always spoke out against Islam, and prayed for the conversion of those "involved in the darkness of idolatry of Islamism" in the prayer of Consecration to the Sacred Heart (

    We know also that silence is consent, so to not say that Muhammad was a false prophet, is to consent to error.

    I agree with you though too that prudence should be heeded when dealing with violent [false] religionists. There's a difference between speaking the truth and between [proudly?] speaking in a way as to provoke to anger.