Monday, August 9, 2010

The Secular Case Against Sodomy

This month, a federal district court judge found California's Proposition 8 to be unconstitutional. Proposition 8, ratified by 52% of California voters in 2008, made so-called "gay marriage" illegal in that state. As the Vatican II sect is too busy mired in their own unnatural sins which scream to Heaven for vengeance, they have lost all moral authority to speak on the issue (if, indeed, they speak to it at all). I will now give some good secular arguments to show how a person can oppose "gay marriage" WITHOUT any appeal to God, the Bible, Sacred Tradition, or Church authority.

This will show that, as in all cases, there is no contradiction between Faith and reason. Indeed, reason shows how all people of good will should oppose the legalization and celebration of sodomy, even if a person were an atheist! Here are the main pro-sodomite arguments and the secular counter-arguments:

1. Anti-Gay Marriage Statutes/Amendments (hereinafter "AGM") discriminate against homosexuals.

Reply: No they don't. The AGMs discriminate against behaviors, not persons. Marriage laws discriminate against the behaviors of homosexuals as well as bigamists and the incestuous, but not against them as persons. Laws must protect us from harmful behaviors regardless of why they commit them (and I will argue that homosexual behavior is harmful to society at large later in this post).

2. Homosexuals are a minority class deserving of equal protection.

Reply: No, homosexuals are no more a "class" of persons than those who commit bestiality or pedophilia. We should not classify people based on BEHAVIORS that are chosen--EVEN IF THE DESIRES ARE NOT CHOSEN. Are alcoholics a "class" that we discriminate against because we don't let them drive when not sober? Even if they are "born that way", the behavior is dangerous to society at large and can not be tolerated.

3. Homosexuals deserve equal rights.

Reply: They already have them. Everyone has the right to form their own relationships, but not all people are entitled to have them endorsed by the State. The State, for good reasons, chooses to endorse opposite sex relationships between two consenting adults. If the State must endorse homosexual relationships based on some fuzzy notion of "equality", on what basis do we deny this so-called "equality" to Mormons who consent to polygamy or first cousins who wish to wed?

4. Gay "marriage" is just as good as traditional marriage.

Reply: Not by a long shot. Traditional marriage is essentially about procreation, gay "marriage" is about hooking up. While it's true that we allow an old man and old lady to marry (and they can't procreate), the essence of traditional marriage is procreative. Hence, Red delicious apples are good to eat by essence or nature, even if a particular apple has a worm and is not edible. Rocks, in essence and nature, are NEVER edible and good for you to eat. Likewise, sodomites can NEVER procreate by natural means. They must adopt (two men), or use in vitro (two women). Homosexual "parents" always deny the child a mom or dad, and will confuse a child about their own sexuality (as most are born heterosexual--even if we buy into the idea of being "born that way").

5. AGMs violate the separation of Church and State.

Reply: Wrong again! Morality is being legislated and all laws legislate morality, including a law that legalizes gay 'marriage' through someone's moral ideas of equality and justice, and the notion that homosexual behavior is moral!! Just because some religions are against gay 'marriage' doesn't mean we can't legislate against it. If that were true, how could we pass laws against rape, murder, and stealing as most religions condemn these behaviors as well?

6. Homosexuality is not harmful to society.

Reply: Homosexual behavior is harmful because: (a) it results in numerous health problems to those who practice it, such as increases in AIDS and STDs, as well as rectal and colon cancer (See Dr. Jeffery Satinover, M.D., Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth, Grand Rapids, MI, Baker, 1996), pg. 51), and (b) shortens the median life-span of homosexuals by 20-30 years (See Paul Cameron, Ph.D, William Playfair, M.D., and Stephen Wellum, B.A., 1994. "The Longevity of Homosexuals: before and After the Aids Epidemic." Omega Journal of Death and Dying, Vol. 29, No. 3, 249-272)

7. Gay "Marriage" won't hurt YOU!

Reply: Sure it will. Your social security taxes may go up in order to pay survivor benefits to gay 'widows' and 'widowers.' Medical costs could soar if insurances must cover fertility treatments for lesbian couples. Employee benefits may be reduced as limited benefit dollars are spread to cover homosexual partners. The ability to adopt children may be hindered as preference is given to homosexual couples who can't procreate on their own. your free speech and freedom of religion may be hindered as well, as opposition to homosexual behavior (now made equal to heterosexual behavior) will be seen as "hate speech" and denial of constitutional rights.

How's that for starters?

In summation, secular arguments show us homosexual "marriages" are destructive and should be banned. I guess it would be off-color (but not off the mark) to suggest that a society that condones sodomy will get it in the end.

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