Friday, September 10, 2010

The Real Absence

Pity the Vatican II sect. Some "conservatives" who still believe in Traditional dogmas, try to stop "abuses." Here is a video put together by a group of conservative Concilliarists showing how one priest (most likely validly ordained before Vatican II), wanted to stop "communion" in the hand. This video takes place in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, which makes up all of Long Island, New York. "Bishop" William Murphy, originally from (where else?) Boston was quick to force him to re-instate the practice. Meanwhile, Murphy allows his "priests" to clamor for contraception, women "priestesses", and 'loving homosexual relationships.' Where is Ratzinger in all of this mess? Good question! Obviously, they forgot to check underneath the rocks. He can't do anything because he doesn't want to stop it! After all, the Chief Rat was among the most radical of heretics at Vatican II! As long as you belong to his One-World Ecumenical Religion, anything goes--from the so-called Motu Mass to this craziness shown in the video.

I just wish the Concilliarists would wake up and realize that Ratzinger is not the pope, and the Vatican II sect he helped found is NOT the Roman Catholic Church. These are not "abuses" in the video, they are the directly and indirectly sanctioned fruits of the heretical teachings of Vatican II. Since the Church is Indefectible (can not give evil), but the changes are evil (even when done 'by the book'), then the Church did not give us Vatican II. The heretics who lost their authority (and now their morality as well) sought to lessen and eventually destroy belief in the Real Presence to accommodate ecumenism. Ironically,what conservatives in the Concilliar sect subjectively believe to be Eucharistic sacrilege and blasphemy, is objectively nothing of the kind. Having invalidated both Holy Orders and the Mass, an invalid piece of bread and drink of wine is all they have left. One can almost hear the angels at the tabernacles (whatever is left of them) filled with mere bread saying, "You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, He is not here." For the love of God, and the salvation of your soul, run, don't walk, to the nearest Traditionalist Church and convert!!

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