Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holy Innocents

This year we recall the Holy Innocents in more ways than one. Besides the upcoming feast, I'm thinking of the evil lunatic in nearby Newtown, Conn. who murdered 20 innocent little children in cold blood December 14. I hope the irony wasn't lost on everyone as Obama cried. Everyone is screaming for gun control and how horrible the violence is, yet on January 22 we will have the 40th anniversary of legalized murder by abortion since Roe v Wade was decided in 1973. Over 45 million innocents have been killed. Where are Resident Obama's crocodile tears for them? Oh, I remember, whether or nor pre-born life is human is "above his pay grade." Good thing Lincoln didn't say the same thing about African-Americans.

The desensitization to the sacredness of human life has made all these killings possible. Not just violent games and TV/movies, but the toleration of abortion and euthanasia as a "choice." Life is cheap. What message does the Vatican II sect send when Mr. Dolan, the so-called "archbishop" of NY invites Obama to the Al Smith pro-life dinner? What message when Ratzinger calls from the Vatican to "congratulate him" on winning another term of killing children? What message when the so-called "bishop" of Albany gives baby-killer and adulterer Gov Andrew Cuomo "communion" ; the same man who pushed through the"marriage" of sodomites--violence against nature itself. Let's not even discuss what the Vatican II hierarchy has been doing to children themselves.

When the hierarchy defected from the Faith during Vatican II, and replaced the Holy Sacrifice and Sacraments with invalid counterfeits, God's Grace has been lessened and we see the results. Their actions speak louder than words. My friends, God will not and has not abandoned His One True Church--we Traditionalists keep Her alive and the grace flowing from the True Mass and Sacraments! You can have a Merry Christmas because, as the name implies, we still have Christ's Mass, and His Real Presence.

May God Have Mercy on us all this Christmas Season,


  1. Wanna hear something horrible, blasphemous,and extremely offensive?My vatican 2 & protestant co-workers were talking about Christmas.The prot said to the vatican 2 fellow,'so what you're saying is ----- (insert swear word) Christmas?'Everyone laughed and vatican 2 guy says 'yeah pretty much!'The satanic attitude of non-Catholic religions is shocking.