Monday, June 3, 2013

The Landmark Anti-Roe

 In the world's only country named after Jesus Christ, El Salvador ("The Savior"), a huge pro-life victory was scored. According to the AP news:

A seriously ill woman denied a medical abortion has had a successful cesarean section to deliver a baby that doctors have given little chance of surviving, El Salvador's Health Ministry announced late Monday.
The 22-year-old woman, known only as Beatriz for privacy reasons, underwent the operation in the afternoon after 27 weeks of pregnancy, the ministry said. Her baby girl was born without a brain.
"No one can say how long she will live," Morena Herrera of the Feminist Collective for Local Development told The Associated Press. "It was painful to see the little creature. That's what the grandmother told us, and the doctors confirmed it."
The country's Supreme Court last week prohibited an abortion for Beatriz, who suffers from lupus and kidney failure and whose lawyers said the pregnancy was threatening her life. Her plight drew international attention and a ruling from the Inter-American Court on Human Rights that El Salvador should protect her life and help her end the pregnancy.
The Health Ministry stepped in late last week after the ruling and said it would allow the C-section because the pregnancy was already at 26 weeks and the country's strict abortion laws were no longer at play. Ultrasound images had indicated her fetus was developing with only a brain stem.

What the Associated Press failed to report was the landmark decision of El Salvador's top court stating that the right to life is from biological conception until a natural death!

This landmark ruling comes after a women tried to convince the court to permit her abortion because she was ill with lupus. With conviction, the courts upheld by a 4-to-1 margin the country's legal "absolute impediment to authorize the practice of abortion," and ruled that "the rights of the mother cannot be privileged over those" of the fetus.

One of my best friends from law school, Romulo, was born and raised in El Salvador. Both he and his dear mother converted to Traditionalism in 2006 from liberal Protestantism. I was one of God's unworthy instruments used to kindle the One True Faith in their hearts. Vatican II may have decimated the Faith; but it will always survive as Christ promised. We need to bring it to all those we can. Miracles still can happen. And wouldn't it be most fitting if the culture of death gets its first setback by the good people of the country named after "The Savior" who ransomed us from death?


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