Friday, September 6, 2013

Paying The Price


This week I received a letter from a group calling itself the Mater Ecclesiae Fund for Vocations (MEFV). An organization using Latin in its name (i.e. "Mother of the Church") and looking--as the name also states--for funds. I really don't know how they got my address, but since I purchased some Traditional Catholic items online, they may share the names and addresses with the Vatican II sect allies.

 Out of curiosity, I read the letter. The president of MEFV is one Mr. Corey F. Huber. Before I read the letter, I thought that this must be a "conservative" Vatican II organization, appealing to those who like the so-called Motu "Mass" and will ask for money to spread advertisements seeking Vatican II "vocations" to stop the dearth of priests and nuns they face. I was only partially correct. They do appeal to the conservative members of the sect, but (so they tell me in the letter), there really is no "vocations crisis." (quotation marks theirs). The problem is NOT:

  • the emasculation of the priesthood and the secularization of religious orders
  • homosexuals running the roost ("Gay Mafia") keeping young normal people away
  • the lack of the spirit of sacrifice in the Vatican II sect
  • the exultation of Matrimony over consecrated virginity and celibacy in the sect
  • the lack of the True Faith and Sacraments
No! The REAL reason is that Catholic seminaries do not accept candidates with substantial unpaid debt! They say that the average college loan debt is $27, 029, and seminaries and religious orders will turn away great candidates because of student loans. The letter goes on to say that 50% of all aspirants to the religious life are stopped solely on account of their student loans, and MEFV further claims that there are 100 men and women in the priesthood and religious life thanks to their "apostolate." It comes complete with a full color two page pull-out featuring six recipients of their  student loan debt relief, who are now nuns and brothers (no "priests" profiled) with the very traditional names sure to appeal to 'conservative Vatican II sect members (Brother John Pio, Sr. Miriam Esther of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sr. Brigid Ancilla Marie, Sr. Mary Agnes, Brother Jason of the Holy Spirit, and Sr. Veronica Mary of the Transfiguration). Top it all off with a donation card asking for a minimum of $50 up to $27,000!! The organization is praised by Karl Keating of Catholic Answers, and---get this---Raymond "Cardinal" Burke, Prefect of the (Vatican II) Apostolic Signatura in the Modernist Vatican City.
What's wrong with this picture? Plenty. There is a plethora of reasons to doubt the veracity of the numbers claimed in the letter; but even if we fully concede that it's accurate, why is some "lay apostolate" asking Vatican II sect members for money to allay the lack of vocations? If true, shouldn't the Vatican II "bishops" and "cardinals" be doing this for the sake of their own organization? The very Modernist heretic creeps who let the sodomites in cost the sect 2.2 BILLION DOLLARS since 2002!! Yet they can't spare even 10% of that to allow good candidates to fill their ranks? Since the 1980s, the sect had to fill once Catholic schools with laymen as teachers because vocations (teaching nuns and brothers) went to Hell that fast since 1962. Yet, they would only pay them enough money to live in a cardboard box and eat cat food because "we don't have the money." In retrospect, we can see the lie. If they used just a small fraction of that 2.2 billion they had hanging around, they could pay for top-notch teachers and give them a decent living wage. Defrauding laborers of their rightful wages is one of the Four Sins That Scream To Heaven For Vengeance; ironically so is homosexuality. Since they started to ignore the latter, who cares about the former?  In the diocese of Rockville Centre (Long Island, NY) "Bishop" William Murphy used $1 million dollars to build himself a wine cellar. Much more conducive to saving souls than paying off some potential clergyman's debt, right Billy?
The Vatican II sect could easily and safely do this task of paying off student loans for potential clergy/religious. Any worthy candidate could be given a contract to sign stating that the hierarchy will pay the monthly debt as long as the candidate's vocation is fulfilled. They have one year to discern, during which time the payments will be made with no obligation to pay them back. After one year, the payments are subject to repayment with interest if they leave the religious life. This will prevent opportunists seeking to relieve their debt with no real intent of joining the ranks of the Vatican II religious/clergy. If they persevere and get ordained/take final vows, by the 10 year anniversary of that day, the Vatican II sect will pay off the loan in full, with no obligation to the person ever again.
If what MEFV claims is true, it shows more clearly than ever the loss of Faith in the Vatican II hierarchy. They are completely worldly and self-centered, to the point where they care not one iota for the salvation of souls. And why should they care? All religions are more or less good with the new ecclesiology of Frankenchurch spawned at Vatican II. Novus Ordo Watch ( has a great expose of how much some of these Vatican II "apologists" are making, even as they plead for money! The above mentioned Karl Keating rakes in approximately $250,000 a year! I wonder if Mr. Keating (who can afford it) gave $27,000 to put someone in the religious life? (I wouldn't bet on it). It also makes me wonder how much of these donations go to "Sr. Mary Holy Picture's" vocation, and how much of it funds Mr. Huber's personal bank account.
If you really want to help vocations, donate to a Traditionalist seminary, like Immaculate Heart Seminary of the Society of St. Pius V in Round Top, NY. Their religious order, The Daughters of Mary, is also most deserving. As far as the Vatican II sect is concerned, it's better that they turn people away from their institutions so that maybe they can find the True Faith. Let Karl Keating and Corey Huber get real jobs. After all, why waste dollars on something that makes no sense?

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  1. Don't forget women, who now dominate in all aspects of the liturgy.