Monday, September 22, 2014

Be Moral (But Only In Moderation)

 I've written before about the Latin aphorism "In medio stat veritas," i.e. "In the middle is the truth." Many times problems arise from people clinging to one extreme position or the other, when the Truth is "in the middle." A case in point would be the Feeneyites (no Baptism of Desire) and the universalists ( virtually everyone gets Baptism of Desire). However, in our postmodern age of apostasy, the world will often paint the Truth as an "extreme" and only some politically correct version of "faith" and/or "morals" will be lauded as "moderate and reasonable," when in fact it is neither.

 Consider, if you will, how moral outrage is often expressed by the world in response to the acts of those overpaid, steroid-using men we call "professional athletes." Football player Ray Rice hits his wife and for days we hear moralizing about spousal abuse. Don't get me wrong, hitting your wife is wrong, but I've heard commentators speak of this incident as something worthy of capital punishment. "It's never permissible to hit a woman," one so-called "conservative commentator" intoned. Really? It's NEVER permissible? If a female drug addict comes up to me with a knife trying to stab me and take my money, I have no moral authority to hit her and save my life? The feminist crowd has made hitting a woman a moral outrage, no matter what the circumstances and you'd better agree with the PC crowd or be prepared to get treated as a pariah.

 In 2009,  former football player Steve McNair, a married father of four children, was found dead, along with his 20 year old mistress Jenny Kazemi. Kazemi had shot McNair dead, and then turned the gun on herself, because she was distraught that McNair apparently told her he would not leave his wife to marry her, contrary to what he had earlier led her to believe. Sportswriter Jason Whitlock criticized McNair not because he was having an affair, but because he spent so much time chasing a 20 year old waitress, he wasn't spending enough time with his children. Whitlock didn't want to condemn adultery because he didn't want to sound like "some sanctimonious moralizer." I bet it never occurred to Mr. Whitlock (or the vast majority of his readers) that in condemning being a lousy father and refusing to denounce adultery, he was, ipso facto, moralizing. Neglect of children is bad. Cheating on your spouse is OK. Hitting a woman is never permitted, even if your own life is at risk. These are the PC ethics of our postmodern age where what's moral is decided by what the "herd" thinks is chic to be frowned upon. In every other area, any absolute condemnation (usually involving sexual ethics) is considered "extreme."

 In the days before the Great Apostasy, there would have been a true pope and Magisterium to speak out on such issues and serve as our moral compass to Heaven. Now, the Vatican II sect fits right in with the world. Consider how the media is gushing over Antipope Francis' appointment of Mr. Blase Cupich as the new "archbishop" of Chicago because he is a "moderate." Why is he labeled a moderate you ask? According to the AP newswire:

" Bishop Blase Cupich has spoken out against same-sex marriage and against conservative hostility toward gay rights advocates. He has opposed abortion, while urging parishioners and priests to have patience, not disdain, for those who disagree. And he has criticized fellow U.S. bishops who threatened to shut down religious charities instead of pursuing a compromise with the White House over health care policies that go against Catholic teaching"

 Seems "reasonable" to those of the world and the followers of Vatican II. However, consider for a moment that Catholic teaching holds that abortion is murder, and homosexuality is unnatural and perverse. These same Modernists in the Vatican II sect condemn Pope Pius XII for his alleged lack of standing up against the Nazis. Their so-called "saint," John Paul II apologized for the inactivity and silence of many Catholics during the Holocaust on March 16, 1998. The Holocaust was wrong and must be actively opposed by Catholics because it was the taking of innocent human life. But, wait a minute, isn't abortion also the taking of innocent life? Isn't pedophilia, so rampant among the Vatican II clergy also unnatural vice? Let's see how the "moderate stance" of Cupich would read in the newswire of 1933 Germany:

" Bishop Blase Cupich has spoken out against pedophilia and against conservative hostility towards pedophilia-rights advocates. He has opposed the Holocaust, while urging parishioners and priests to have patience, not disdain, for those Nazis who disagree. And he has criticized fellow German bishops who threatened to shut down religious charities instead of pursuing a compromise with the Third Reich over the  health care policies of Dr. Mengele that go against Catholic teaching."

Still sound reasonable and moderate to you? Cupich will do all he can to advance the complete collapse of morals under the guise of avoiding "extremism." Their concept of moderation is what's really extreme.

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  1. Feminism,zionist/communist/freemasonry,which has infected every level of the Novus ordo sect,is designed to utterly destroy nations,families, gender roles, catholicism, and society.This is a well written and articulate article.Great job!