Monday, June 8, 2015

Who Are You To Judge The Neocatechumenal Way?

"Pope" Francis received into private audience members of the Vatican II sect "missionary movement," the Neocatechumenal Way. He thanked them for the "great benefit" they bring in to the "Church." When a group receives such praise from Bergoglio, you know there's something seriously wrong with them. Upon inspection, you'll find that the group is cut from the same heretical cloth as Frankie.

Francisco José Gómez de Argüello y Wirtz, aka "Kiko" Arguello, is a Spanish artist who founded the "Way" in 1964, the same year the Vatican II sect took hold. Arguello was an atheist, who admired existentialist philosopher Jean Paul Sartre. He found himself in a state of existential angst and despair to the point of considering suicide. When he read philosopher Henri Bergson, who taught that experience and intuition are more important than the intellect for understanding reality, Arguello felt atheism to be wrong and was drawn to the newly founded Vatican II sect.

 Arguello gave up his career as a painter and founded the Way. It's purported purpose is to bring the "ministry of Baptism" to the laity. Although not forming a religious Institution nor having Rules, the Neocatechumenals comprise particularly active "communities" which are part of the parishes in many dioceses of the Vatican II sect. 

 Their errors are both many and serious. My research led me to the same conclusions as Vatican II sect "priest" Enrico Zoffoli, a "conservative" member of their clergy, who nevertheless draws the correct conclusions about the heretical teachings of Kiko Arguello and his followers (my comments will be in red).

 1. SIN: man cannot avoid committing it, in the same way as he can neither accomplish good nor acquire merits for himself; (there is no free will and the idea that humanity is corrupted, with all acts being evil, is a decidedly Protestant idea infallibly condemned at the Council of Trent--See Canon 7 on Justification).
conversion is possible only as recognition, by everyone, of their own moral poverty, not as a determined wish to correct one's faults which sanctity tends to realize;
- sin cannot offend God, and man does not incur the duty to expiate it by satisfying the requirements of His justice.

2. REDEMPTION: Jesus has not brought this about by liberating man from his faults and reconciling him with God;( the idea of a true propitiatory sacrifice is denied, with horrible consequences for Soteriology in general and the Mass in particular).
- the passion and death of Christ has not been a true sacrifice offered to the Father in order to remedy sin and to redeem man;
- Jesus saved the world by virtue of His Resurrection: in order to enjoy the fruits of His work it is enough to confess to be sinners and to believe in the power of the risen Christ.

3. THE CHURCH was not founded by Christ as his only Sheepfold: it is also possible to save oneself by following other religions; (here we find ecumenism a la Vatican II combined with the Protestant notion of the "priesthood of all believers")
Church is not a juridical and hierarchical society, but a spiritual, charismatic one;
- in it there is not found a priesthood derived from the sacrament of Holy Orders - as it is sufficient to have the Baptism which, incorporating all the believers in Christ, makes them participants of His priestly dignity.

4. THE MASS is not a "sacrifice": the Church, at the altar, does not offer to God any Victim; (once more the errors of Protestantism and Modernism from Vatican II come to fore. Denial of the Real Presence, and the exaltation of the "assembly" over the ordained priesthood result in a feel-good, party atmosphere. Many "liturgies" resemble a Jewish Seder to "recapture the way it used to be" [!]).
- in place of the altar, there is nothing but the table, which in the Eucharist allows a festive party to be celebrated among brothers united by the same faith in the Resurrection;(this very error of turning the altar into a table and having a cross showing the Resurrected Christ instead of a crucified, suffering Christ was CONDEMNED by Pope Pius XII in Mediator Dei, 1947).
- the consecrated bread and wine are only the symbol of the presence of the risen Christ which unites the fellow-guests by communicating their own spirit, thus making them participants in his triumph over death;- the Mass, thus conceived, is not celebrated by the priest, but by the Assembly, from which "springs the Eucharist."

5. EUCHARISTIC WORSHIP does not have any meaning, it negates the true, real and substantial presence of Christ under the sacramental species. Acts of faith such as genuflections before the Tabernacle, frequent Communions, hours of adoration, benedictions, processions, congresses, etc. are not therefore justified. (It is fortunate they don't have a valid "mass" in the Vatican II sect so as to spare Our Lord such sacrilege).

6. CONFESSION is reduced to the sacrament of Baptism: their distinction does not go back to the primitive Church:
- the Church "gestates and leads to the conversion." "The important thing is not the absolution" of the priest, because the value of the confession is essentially its community and ecclesial nature; (As sin doesn't offend God, confession is simply the recognition of wrongs before the community, and the hope God will make you righteous. This also makes God, de facto, the Author of sin, an idea repugnant and blasphemous to the True Catholic mind).

7THE CHRISTIAN LIFE, as a voluntary effort of self-discipline, and therefore an exercise and progress in virtue, is an illusion;(give up your worldly goods just to aquire new ones-- what a perversion of evangelical poverty!)
- everyone remains intrinsically a sinner, incapable of obtaining true justice as a perfection of the love of God and of one's fellow creatures;
- on the other hand, Jesus has not been presented to anyone as a "model"to be imitated; He has commanded that we should actually hate our parents, brothers, relatives etc, not just, if necessary, to be prepared to prefer Him to them, but in order to follow Christ, we need to sell our own goods However, once this renunciation has been accomplished, it is permissible to acquire other goods once again and to enjoy all the pleasures of life. "Poverty" as understood by St. Francis, is inspired by the "natural religion," and was also practiced by the pagans: it is not a Christian virtue. Jesus, having suffered for us, has made our sufferings superfluous, therefore the austerities of the ascetics, the slow martyrdom of the Saints and the religious life itself, involving the effective practice of the evangelical counsels, are not justifiable. Eternal salvation is offered freely to all by the mercy of God, who forgives everything. Hell should not exist, nor should one speak of Purgatory, of prayers and of indulgences for the dead.

8THE HISTORY of the true Church founded by Christ comes to an end with the Pax Constantinia and does not resume its course until the 20th century with the Second Vatican Council, having remained frozen for about 1,600 years ... ;(Ah, yes, every Modernist's delusion; the Church was somehow in error, or not perfected until Vatican II)

 In addition to all these heresies, Kiko Arguello has been accused of founding a cult within the Vatican II sect. In his Neocatechumenal Catechetical Directory (the "Bible" of the Way) he teaches on page 367, "This new man loves the enemy and doesn't resist evil, he doesn't judge..." Really? Don't resist evil? Don't judge? In St. Matthew 7:15, Christ tells us to beware the evil of false prophets, but how can we do so unless we judge them to be both evil and false?

Now you can see why Frankie loves this sect within his sect. Their message is clear; do what we say and don't judge--- please ignore the false prophet on St. Peter's throne.


  1. Why is that fake priest wearing a star of David?

    1. The Way likes to imitate the Jewish Seder during "mass"!

  2. Thank you so much for writing on this topic and the research!
    Now I know what it's all about, so that I can correct their mistakes and bring them better arguments to show them how wrong they are!
    It's pretty much the same, repetitive protestant nonsense again.
    God bless you!

    1. I'm glad I could help! You're in my prayers.

  3. Simply another of the many movements within the counterfeit church to ensure Satan grabs more souls.

  4. JFYI Fr. Zoffoli was ordained in 1939...