Monday, February 4, 2019

Singing For Satan---Part 19

This week I continue my once-per-month series of posts regarding an informal study I undertook in the early 1990s regarding rock and pop music. The purpose of my study (and the background to it) can be read in the first installment of August 7, 2017. If you have not read that post, I strongly encourage you to do so before reading this installment. I will only repeat here the seven (7) evil elements that pervade today's music:

1. Violence/Murder/Suicide
2. Nihilism/Despair
3. Drug and alcohol glorification
4. Adultery/ Fornication and sexual perversion
5. The occult
6. Rebellion against lawful superiors
7. Blasphemy against God, Jesus Christ in particular, and the Church

 The exposing of the bands/artists continues.

Beyonce and Jay Z
Beyonce Giselle Knowles (b. 1981) rose to fame in the 1990s as lead singer of the R&B all girl group Destiny's Child. While not playing as a Christian band, they self-identified as a "band of Christians." Like the late Elvis Presley, Beyonce is known by her first name alone. Beginning in 2003, she started an extremely successful solo career as a pop music artist. Her first solo album entitled Dangerously In Love, garnered an incredible five Grammy Awards. During this time she also established herself as an actress, landing big parts in several movies, the most notable being the faithful wife in Obsessed (2009). Beyonce has won twenty-two (22) Grammy Awards and is the most nominated woman in the award's history. In 2014, she became the highest-paid African-American musician in history and was placed among Time magazine's list of the "100 Most Influential People in the World." 

In 2008, Beyonce married Shawn Corey Carter (b. 1969), known by his stage name Jay Z. Carter is one of the most successful rap artists of all time, having begun his career in the mid-1990s. Jay-Z is one of the world's best-selling musicians. He has received twenty-one (21) Grammy Awards, tied with Kanye West for the most by a rapper. Rolling Stone magazine lists him as one of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. He has his own clothing line (Rocawear) and an estimated net worth of 900 million dollars as of 2018. Beyonce now hyphenates her last name as "Knowles-Carter" and is worth approximately 260 million dollars. At 1.16 billion dollars, Beyonce and Jay Z are one of the richest and best known couples in the world. 

Beyonce's Phony Christianity
Beyonce alleges to be Christian, and often points out her involvement with Destiny's Child as "proof" of her beliefs. Her lifestyle, lyrics, and other public actions/statements give the lie to that contention. Raised in a Methodist home, she has stated:

I am about faith and spirituality more so than religion. Doing right by others and not judging. The thing that keeps me grounded is knowing that I’m always protected and that God is in control of things. Even the name of our group, Destiny's Child, we got out of the Bible. . . For me it is about the way I carry myself and the way I treat other people. My relationship and how I feel about God and what he (sic) does for me is something deeply personal. It’s where I came from. I was brought up in a religious household and that’s very important to me. (See; Emphasis mine). Like Modernists, Knowles-Carter considers "Christianity" as "doing right by others" (whatever that nebulous statement is supposed to mean) and "not judging." (Sounds like the guy who said, "Who am I to judge?").  It's all about how one "feels about God." 

Obviously, she cannot adhere to the Ten Commandments and objective moral values when you consider her lifestyle. A very attractive woman, Beyonce prances around half-naked engendering lust. Isn't that incompatible with Christianity? Of course not! Beyonce says, "I honestly believe He [God] wants people to celebrate their bodies so long as you don’t compromise your Christianity in the process." (Ibid). You mean dressing and acting like a whore is "celebrating your body" and doesn't "compromise your Christianity in the process"?  

In the song Denial, the pervert discusses using pages from the Bible as a tampon:

And was baptized in a river
Got on my knees and said, "Amen"
And said, "I mean"
I whipped my own back
And asked for dominion at your feet
I threw myself into a volcano
I drank the blood and drank the wine
I sat alone in begged and bent at the waist for God
I crossed myself in thought
I saw the devil
I grew thickened skin on my feet
I bathed in bleach
And plugged my menses with the pages from the holy book
But still inside me coiled deep was the need to know
Are you cheating?
Are you cheating on me? (Emphasis mine)

No one could discuss the Bible in such disgusting terms and claim to know Christ or follow Him. During the 2013 Super Bowl half-time, Beyonce was flashing occult and Satanic images. Her husband, Jay Z, is alleged to be a member of "Prince Hall Freemasonry" which is that part of Masonry for black men. Jay-Z refers to himself as "Jay-Hova," which is short for Jehovah, a name given to God alone in the Bible. In concerts, Jay-Z raps as his fans scream to him "Hova! Hova! Hova!" while they are holding up the Satanic "Eye of Horus" symbol above their heads.

This is the "Eye of Horus." The Egyptian Book of the Dead states that, "The Eye of Horus created men and things. When the eye in his celestial face saw the universe, it came into being... this universal soul is the Eye of Horus."(pgs. 70-71). Horus was the Egyptian Sky "god" and his eye represents sacrifice to idols and restoration. It is "all-seeing" and has been used by Freemasons and Satanists. The symbol is made at concerts by someone placing their two hands together to form a pyramid shape with the middle fingers touching at the top and the two thumbs touching at the bottom.

Beyonce posted a very controversial Instagram photo of herself after the 2013 Super Bowl, in which she sits half-naked in front of a painting of the Last Supper, and she blocks out Christ, thereby blasphemously putting herself  in the place of God.

Hell's Favorite Couple
It has been said that Jay Z is openly Satanic and Beyonce joins him. Some claim that their behavior is so "over the top" they just do it for publicity. Even if, ad arguendo, it was an on-going publicity stunt, is the promotion of Freemasonry and occult/Satanic symbolism and ideas something that should be linked to a person's music? It's evil even if untrue. However, I believe that it is true. The time has passed when Satan needs to hide. Like a good Freemason, Jay Z claims that he believes in "God" but rejects religion.

For the record, I of course believe in God, but I believe in one God. If people must know my religious beliefs, I believe in one God. I don’t believe in religion. I don’t believe in Christians or Muslims. I think all that separates people. I think it’s one God. I think it’s all the same God, and I don’t believe in Hell. (See; Emphasis mine).

Despite his claims of not believing in Hell, Jay-Z’s clothing line "Rocawear" has incorporated obvious Freemasonic, and therefore Satanic, symbols in its designs. Some are so blatantly Masonic that he probably couldn’t get away with it if he wasn't effectively implicated with them. In interviews, Jay-Z has said to be actively involved in the choices of designs of his clothing line. Rocawear clothing line features phrases "Do What Thou Wilt," which is the key tenet in Satanism from the teachings of Aleister Crowley and picked up by Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan. They also consistently use symbolism related to Luciferianism, Egyptian mysticism, and other occult influences. People have been happy to play it off as a marketing ploy, and Jay Z has been eager to discredit claims that he's a Freemason despite the pictures online proving otherwise. 

Soon, Beyonce began wearing jewelry featuring "Baphomet's head," (a Satanic symbol), wearing outfits that alluded to Baphomet, and dressing as the "Whore of Babylon" robot from the 1927 movie Metropolis that made overt references to Satanism. Yet, Jay Z "doesn't believe in Hell" and Beyonce is "Christian." 

Meet the Demon of Lust...Sasha Fierce
In 2008, Beyonce released her third studio album entitled I Am...Sasha Fierce. According to the Daily Mail:
In true diva-style, and in a concerted bid to build upon her iconic status, Beyoncé has now insisted to be known as Sasha Fierce when she performs. In one image, in which Beyonce is depicted as Sasha Fierce, she shows off her flexibility as she pulls her patent super-high heeled stiletto boots towards her head.

After her involvement with the occult and Jay Z, Knowles-Carter went further into evil, to the point where she has probably channeled a demon called "Sasha Fierce." Beyonce goes on to state:

In a recent interview with V Magazine, the 27-year-old explained that she has long felt like a totally different person on stage, hence the name change.She said: 'When I'm onstage I'm aggressive and strong and not afraid of my sexuality. The tone of my voice gets different, and I'm fearless. I'm just a different person.
(See; Emphasis mine).

Beyonce had been a pervert way before, but now more than ever. Her songs show her lustful obsession.

In the song Blow, she sings of receiving oral sex:

Can you eat my Skittles
It's the sweetest in the middle
Pink is the flavor
Solve the riddle

The song Kitty Kat is about her vagina and withholding sex from her boyfriend:

I'm taking back the things I got from you (you)
And that includes my sweet little nooky too (too)
Let's go
Let's go, let's go little Kitty Kat
(Kitty Kat) He don't want you anymore

The song Work It Out is about two people so lustful, they can't make it to the bedroom before dropping to the floor to have sex:

How you doing honey baby
You know I don't ask for much but
For a girl spending time alone can be
pretty rough
But I hear a knock on my door
You know it's yours for sure
We can't wait for the bedroom
So we just hit the floor

In September 2018, just five months ago, Beyonce's ex-drummer Kimberly Thompson had filed a restraining order against the singer over allegations of "extreme witchcraft" and even the death of her kitten on tour. In court documents she was accused of theft, illegal surveillance of employees, financial manipulation, the killing of Thompson's pet kitten, "magic spells of sexual molestation," and sabotaging of relationships. (See e.g., Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles is an alleged practitioner of voodoo. As of this writing, I do not know the disposition of the case.

Conclusion and Message To My Readers
Beyonce and Jay Z are bringing Hell's music into the homes of those who listen. Jay Z is a Freemason, and his wife is so into the occult, she has channeled a demonic force (perhaps even a demon itself) called Sasha Fierce. Her sexually charged songs are perverted and blasphemous. Both set themselves up to take the place of God, as they lead mindless fans into using and wearing Masonic symbols. They even go so far as to use the name "Jay-Hova" and pose as "Christ" at the Last Supper. Unless they convert and repent, these two will never wear a Halo. 

I wish to thank all who kindly responded to my inquiry last month as to whether or not this "Singing For Satan"series should continue. I took to heart every comment, both published and those who requested their reply not to be published. It was unanimous that the series should continue; no one said it should end. Therefore, it shall continue until my notes from my prior research are finished. I will keep the series going on the first Monday of each month. It seems that I will probably finish up with this series of posts late this year (2019) or early next year (2020). There were good arguments regarding redacting the explicit lyrics and good arguments for keeping them. I have decided to tone down the lyrics (at least the sexually explicit ones). You will notice I only quote a small portion of the lyrics from a few Beyonce songs that are very sexual. It shows how bad they are, yet hopefully are brief enough to prevent any unhealthy fixation on them. I will also refrain from posting sexually charged photos. You will notice that there are none of Beyonce. Other than that, I shall continue as usual until my notes are done. Thank you, my readers, for your most helpful feedback and insights!---Introibo


  1. Something that is clear to me: in the new paganism now reigning these pop artists are the current priestesses and dogs of pagan temples of the past, and their shows and perfomings are the modern satanic rituals.

    1. Well stated, Junior!

      God Bless,


    2. Introibo, I would encourage you to abandon these posts. There are plenty of sites exposing the Satanic media-industrial complex. Your time would be better spent on promoting Catholic culture and speaking of good things. Your mind is clearly capable of better things that would give more glory to God.

  2. Look up the picture of Beyonce's eyes literally turning black during her Super Bowl performance.

    1. Andrew,
      Yes. Beyonce is “up to her eyeballs” in the occult and Satanic. Scary.

      God Bless,


    2. It's beyond scary as she literally looks smaller and feminine when not performing.
      (i.e. totally different person)

    3. Andrew, Have you seen the videos online of her performance at the 2013 superbowl in which her eyes go coal black and her face takes on demonic features and something very strange is going on with her tongue? If not, let me know and I can post a short clip which shows all this. (Or look it up yourself.) If so, do you think this is real or just someone technologically fiddling with the footage (they can do this quite convincingly nowadays, ref. Jennifer Lawrence clip where she is speaking with Steve Buscemi's face. All convincingly done with new technology, which, by the way, has politicians very worried because anyone can be made to look like they're saying anything one likes).

    4. @anon7:39
      Real or technological, it’s promotion of evil!!


    5. I've seen the video.

  3. Check this out...

    1. Introibo,

      Is there any reasoning why one could not attend one of the Oriental Churches, such as Ukrainian, Melikite, etc? I don’t see how attending one of the Oriental Churches would be any different than attending the SSPX. Thanks.


      P.S. I wouldn’t know Beyonce or Jay-Z if I fell over them. From what I read about them in your post, I am glad I don’t know who they are!

    2. Joann,
      The SSPX retains the Integral Catholic Faith and rejects the heresies of Vatican II and the “popes” From Roncalli onwards. The Eastern Rites ACCEPT V2, have updated their Codes of Canon Law and even revised some ceremonies.

      The fact that their Mass may be valid Is meaningless. If validity is all that counts you could go to an Eastern Schismatic mass! Obviously, you cannot do so. Mass must be offered “in the Person of Christ” to be valid, but also in the “Person of the Church” to be efficacious and help you get to Heaven.

      Eastern Rite priests accept Bergoglio as pope AND submit to him! They accept and promote the heresies of V2 and Bergoglio. To join them is to join the V2 sect. SSPX is only mistaken as to the identity of the pope. That’s a world of difference!

      God Bless,


    3. Well the SSPX does not retain the integral faith. Their understanding on the Papacy is all wrong.

    4. @Tom,
      While I agree, you must remember that MOST Catholics from the 1950s did not understand the complete teaching on the papacy. A misunderstanding in good faith, does not make one non-Catholic. Can the SSPX STILL be in such a state? Dubious. The time is coming when I may need to re-evaluate their standing.


    5. Introibo,

      Permit me to assist you in your re-evaluation.

      For decades it has been patiently explained to the hierarchy of the SSPX precisely where they've gone wrong insofar the nature of the papacy. Their arguments have been conclusively refuted time and time again, yet they obstinately cling to them; nay, they constantly "double down" on them.

      What is "True Or False Pope"? It's essentially a pile of recycled "junk arguments" straight from the R&R "School of No Theology." Who endorses it (ToFP)? None other than Bp. Bernard Fellay and many other
      notables of the SSPX!

      In the first instance, they're guilty of "incorrigibility."

      Are they Catholic? God only knows. What I do know, is that in their quest to remain Catholic they, unbelievably, adhere to obvious heretics and apostates! Many erudite individuals have pointed out the flaws in their arguments all to no avail. As it stands, the SSPX are a textbook example of (material) schism. If these "popes" were real, it'd have to be deemed as formal schism. Does God impute the sin of schism to them? God only knows. But tell me: how else can one describe a person who only sometimes obeys the person they believe is pope, other than "schismatic"?

    6. @anon11:07
      You make many great points. I'm no SSPX fan, and I do not recommend their Masses if a sedevacantist chapel is available. As I said, the day may soon be coming when SSPX will be off limits (e.g., an agreement with Bergoglio concerning V2).

      You ask "how else can one describe a person who only sometimes obeys the person they believe is pope, other than "schismatic"?

      I would reply that they have a schismatic mindset, but cannot be guilty of more. An example from the civil law will demonstrate what I mean.

      Suppose a man wants to kill his business partner who has been stealing from him. He quietly enters his office and sees him sleeping at his desk. He sneaks up from behind and stabs him through the back with a large knife, piercing his heart.

      Unbeknownst to the man, his business partner was not sleeping at his desk. One hour earlier, he suffered a fatal heart attack and slumped over dead. Is the man guilty of murder, or did he thrust a knife into a cadaver? Since murder requires the unjust taking of human life, the man could not satisfy the essential elements of murder.

      Hence, I would describe the SSPX as having a "schismatic mentality" which is dangerous, but not more.


    7. Lets also remember that is not only Vatican 2 which the SSPX correctly rejects, but they also question much of what Vatican I had to say. Although they will never admit it. When reading their R&R defense, one quickly sees that they are not fans of that Council and side with the Gallican position as well as even adopting protestant invectives such as "papolatry." They have decades to learn the true doctrines concerning the Papacy. They choose the non-Catholic Gallican version.

    8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    9. Introibo,

      Thanks - it seems as if we agree on their status, i.e., they're Catholics whom have acted like schismatics in terms of their dealings with pseudo-popes. Presently, it's only Francis' falseness that saves them from being formal schismatics, just like it saves the would-be murderer from actually committing murder. You'll notice I previously mentioned "material" schism. How I mentioned that certain things only God knows.

      Did God impute the sin of murder to the man who intended to murder? Are the SSPX knowledgeable enough to know that IF Francis is indeed a true pope they're bound to hear and obey him in all matters to do with the governance of the Church? That if they refuse to obey the Roman Pontiff it's schism? If they do know there's every chance God will impute the sin of schism to them, EVEN THOUGH Francis is an impostor.

      Other than that, how can one be charitable to the SSPX in terms of their position? We could speculate that they are a society of good and holy clerics whom are desperate to remain Catholic, so they adhere to Francis as much as they possibly can (which, interestingly, includes the acceptance of novus ordo "sacraments" as valid, the acceptance of the new code of canon law, new catechism etc.), have come up with an entirely new philosophy/theology on the papacy to cater to tbe shenanigans (read as heresy and apostasy) of the pseudo-popes, that it's a survival mechanism for them to put their fingers in their ears and say "na-na-na-na-na-na" ad infinitum when presented with true Catholic teaching on the papacy and the arguments for sede vacante, etc. It'd be charitable to say that they flipped their collective lid (went crazy) years ago, and now they're a Catholic sect with a lot of very strange teachings which deviate from the Catholic Faith. I'm glad you don't recommend them. Imagine if a simple sede family started attending an SSPX chapel? They could end up in a sect, tranquilized, and believing all sorts of stuff that ISN'T Catholic.

    10. I asked an R&R Priest if they accepted the Vatican II Saints and I was told, “it depends”, some are accepted and some aren’t”. That is simply preposterous!! As far as I can discern the SSPX are full of about as many contradictions as the Novus Ordo sect.

    11. @anon11:43 and Joann,
      I can't deny there is MUCH wrong with the SSPX and the whole R&R movement. It is still my opinion that one can attend their Mass when no sedevacantist chapel is available. I'm still weighing the options and evidence, as well as seeing what transpires between the SSPX and Modernist Rome. My mind is always open to change, and I try to follow the evidence where it leads.

      Your arguments, and those of others who have written to me, have not fallen on deaf ears. There is much merit in what you say.

      God Bless,


    12. Introibo,
      I have never attended an SSPX chapel as their isn’t one in the area where I live. However, from what I have read the SSPX doesn’t even require that their Priests are ordained in the Latin Rite as they accept the Vatican II Ordinations as valid. That, in a nut shell, tells me all I need to know about the SSPX. Please correct me if I am wrong regarding their Ordinations.


    13. Joann,
      To the best of my knowledge and belief, the SSPX used to require conditional ordination for a V2 sect “priest” wishing to join (I know one such priest) UNLESS they refused. Now, they will accept such an invalid priest UNLESS he specifically requests such conditional ordination.

      What worries me most is that just recently a retired V2 sect “bishop” (layman) joined them. All his confirmations will be invalid as well as the rest of his Sacraments except for Marriage and Baptism. If they allow this layman to “ordain” priests—they will be on the road to complete loss of Apostolic Succession, and it will be “RIP SSPX.”


    14. Introibo,
      By accepting the invalid priestly ordinations of the V2 sect, I interpret that to mean that the SSPX is accepting Vatican II, whether they come out and admit or not. I understand that the Eastern Rite Churches are off limit, but as far as I am aware, they have valid Priests and Bishops as their ordination Rites never changed. I just don’t see how the Eastern Rite Churches are that much worse than the SSPX.


    15. Joann,
      The SSPX is not good and getting worse. The Eastern Rites have “updated” their Codes of Canon Law and their Rites to be in conformity with V2. They may have dubious orders. I have not studied them as they are in actual union with Bergoglio. I’m not disagreeing with your basic contention.


    16. Eastern Rites are now receiving
      'Holy Orders',both ordinations & consecrations,from
      'Novus Ordo Bishops.

  4. Introibo,
    Thanks for the explanation and comparison. I thought the SSPX named Francis in the Mass, or am I mistaken?


    1. Joann,
      They use the so-called “Una Cum” —mentioning the name of Francis in the Canon. This does not, as some think, make them in actual union with Bergoglio. See my post:


  5. I have heard comments on other blogs which say it's a waste of time to watch what goes on in the Novus Ordo because it's like looking at a dead body rot in many different ways and discussing the various changes by the hour. The point essentially begging the question as to what good is it to talk about certain things when it's nothing new and not so edifying. It is my opinion that the Novus Ordo became the way it is because not enough people made a big enough deal of what happened and everything that could go wrong went wrong when it happened. Therefore I think the Devil's music series is resourceful and eye opening to the dangers which the modern world constantly pushes. It may be redundant but not saying anything at all is like letting the enemy get away with a crime (The crime in this case is luring people to it's deceptive attraction). If the BVM didn't show the children of Fatima a vision of Hell, then her message would not have been as efficacious when she requested people to pray the rosary more and to do penance. Thank you Introibo for exposing the evils in modern day musicians (and their music).

    Pope St. Pius X catechism
    7 Q: What is Knowledge?
    A: Knowledge is a gift enabling us to estimate created things at their proper worth, and to learn how to use them rightly and to direct them to our last end, which is God.

    1. Thank you for the kind words my friend! Comments like yours keep me writing.

      God Bless,


    2. Anon @9:39 - “The Novus Ordo became the way it is because not enough people made a big enough deal of what happened”. This statement is so true as I lived through it. We were told that the only changes made were that the Mass would be in English and that the Eucharist was taken in the hand and while standing. This should have been a big red flag right there for the people. Most people that I knew at the time were very feeble Catholics at best and just didn’t care what changes were instituted by Rome. These are the same people today who love the Novus Ordo and all of Frankie the fake’s liberal gobblygook. These people just go along with whatever blather and heresy comes down from Frankie and his minions. I, myself, wandered for years not understanding or knowing what happened to the Church I grew up in and so loved. Thank God for the Internet websites and blogs such as Introibo’s that expose Vatican II and the Anti-Popes for the lies and heresy they propagate. I may have wandered for years, but by God’s Grace I made it home to the True Faith in my 60’s, so it is never too late!

    3. Joann,
      I had the same experience. The 1950s were a time when everything was taken for granted, and the Faith was not well-known. This lead to the “everything they do is no big deal” mentality of the 1960s.

  6. Introibo and JoAnn,

    The SSPX is not merely mistaken as to the identity of the pope. It goes much
    farther than

    They, more and more, accept novus ordo sacraments as valid.

    They accept the new catechism.

    They accept the new code of canon law.

    They believe all of the "popes" since Pius XII are valid, yet disobey them in matters which Catholics simply cannot disobey men whom are believed to be true Vicars of Christ on earth.

    They say the mass of "St" John XXIII, yet decided off their own bat to make minor changes to that liturgy because they simply decided
    that that
    was the way it was going to be.

    They have a self-styled "magisterium" which sifts the teachings of these men whom they claim are popes.

    Their un-Catholic beliefs extend to believing that true popes can also be heretics and apostates at the same time.

    Some of their priests have told their congregations that attending novus ordo masses fulfill their Sunday obligation. As a result some SSPX congregants now attend novus ordo "masses".

    They insert the name of the apostate "pope" Francis into the canon of the Mass (see the writings of Fr. Anthony Cekada as to why this is problematic).

    As a result of the above (and more) I believe an unCatholic pall hangs over the SSPX. I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole.

    1. @anon9:42
      You make many valid points but we disagree on Una Cum and I’ve written posts in response to Fr Cekada on this issue.

      All things considered, they are NOT ideal. They do want to be Catholic and are not subject to Bergoglio. They have many problems but accepting the heresies of V2 is not among them. I believe you can go when no Sedevacantist chapel is available.

      The day may soon arive—God forbid—when they actually join with Bergoglio. They will then be completely off limits. However, as there is no Magisterial authority to decide this matter, if your conscience tells you to stay away you should do so.

      God Bless,


    2. Simultaneously,I've had SSPX-Resistance priests tell me to assist at the Thuc chapel I attend as much as possible.
      I realize they're 2 different entities but these priests were ordained within the main SSPX at one time.

  7. I'm not sure if you have anything on this. But how about discussing rockers who appear to be overtly satanic but actually are not? Many who seem innocent on the surface are not as you pointed out with Hall and Oates. Others use the evil as a gimmick but do not worship Satan as far as we can tell. For instance the lead singer of Slayer considers himself a devout Catholic and goes to the Novus Ordo service every week.

    1. The upshot of my series attempts to do exactly what you state. Most people would not consider Hall and Oates, Springsteen, Beyonce, or Jay Z to be Satanic like AC/DC or Black Sabbath.

      I never knew about the lead singer of Slayer being of the V2 sect. Maybe Bergoglio can play their songs as “entrance hymns” to the Novus Bogus!

      God Bless,


    2. Hilarious!!! But that is my point. Sabbath is pegged a certain way compared to the "innocence" of Hall and Oates. But look at these lyrics from a Sabbath song:

      Have you ever thought about your soul can it be saved?

      Or perhaps you think that when you're dead you just stay in your grave

      Is God just a thought within your head or is he a part of you?

      Is Christ just a name that you read in a book when you were in school?

      When you think about death do you lose your breath or do you keep your cool?

      Would you like to see the Pope on the end of a rope do you think he's a fool?

      Well I have seen the truth, yes I've seen the light and I've changed my ways

      And I'll be prepared when you're lonely and scared at the end of our days

      Could it be you're afraid of what your friends might say
      If they knew you believe in God above?

      They should realize before they criticize
      That God is the only way to love

      Is your mind so small that you have to fall
      In with the pack wherever they run

      Will you still sneer when death is near
      And say they may as well worship the sun?

      I think it was true it was people like you that crucified Christ

      I think it is sad the opinion you had was the only one voiced

      Will you be so sure when your day is near, say you don't believe?

      You had the chance but you turned it down, now you can't retrieve

      Perhaps you'll think before you say that God is dead and gone

      Open your eyes, just realize that he's the one

      The only one who can save you now from all this sin and hate

      Or will you still jeer at all you hear, yes I think it's too late

    3. @Unknown,
      You make a very valid point. Many groups will “throw a bone” to good people and God. U2 is notorious for this behavior. People then focus on THAT and disregard all the evil they attempt to mask. I will look into this more.

      God Bless,


    4. 1: People like you were the ones crucifying Christ?. I do not deny that we are horrible sinners, but, isn´t this kind of people the ones who want to abort Him?

  8. None of these reprobates are bothering to hide their Luciferian worship anymore. Even politician Beto O Rourke has been videoed in Baphomet costume doing his satanic thing. I would beg everyone to get their impressionable children away from these evil cultural influences, up to and including enrollment in public, and in some cases, private schools. It is not the world we knew growing up. God spare us!
    Thank you for your research, Intro.

    1. Thank you Jannie! I agree that the world is as bad—perhaps worse—-than in the days of Noah.

      God Bless,


  9. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the latest superbowl halftime commercial. The whole musical performance seemed to me to be satanic predictive programming.

    1. Ryan,
      Adam Levine was brought to my attention by one of my readers. He emulates the Satanic Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones. Worse, he and his band, Maroon 5, have a song entitled “Animals,” which glorifies serial killer Robert Hansen. In the music video, Levine plays the part of Hansen in tracking down and killing women like “animals.”

      I didn’t watch the Super Bowl (I’m not a sports fan), and I would never watch the halftime garbage. Suffice to say, Adam Levine is another performer who is “Singing For Satan.” When abuse of women is in the headlines more than ever, no one objects to this evil individual who turns a killer who hated, stalked, and killed women into a “hero.”

      God Bless,