Monday, October 21, 2019

Mother Earth, Father Satan

What do you think is the most important issue endangering the world? From a Traditionalist Catholic perspective, you could expect to hear issues like: the rise of militant Mohammedanism, the proliferation of false sects and beliefs [especially the Vatican II sect], the murder of innocent unborn children by abortion, advancing atheistic/secular ideologies which want believers marginalized/persecuted, and sexual perversion being accepted in society which will erode and destroy what's left of traditional God-fearing families. I can only imagine what Pope St. Pius X would say today. I'm sure he would not only agree with the issues just cited, but have many more to condemn. Of paramount importance for a Traditionalist, are those things which imperil the eternal salvation of souls. As Our Lord Jesus Christ stated, "For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul? Or what exchange shall a man give for his soul?" (St. Matthew 16:26).

The leader of the Vatican II sect, Jorge Bergoglio ("Pope" Francis), sees things very differently. He's coming out with a book to be entitled Our Mother Earth. According to Zenit news service, the book will be published this coming October 24th and "With a Prologue written by the [Schismatic] Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, the work is a compilation of the addresses, messages and homilies in which Pope Francis refers to the defense of the environment and appeals for the promotion of a worthy life for all peoples." The news agency also published an excerpt from Bergoglio's book:
I sincerely hope for growth in awareness and true repentance on the part of us all, men and women of the 21st century, believers or not, and on the part of our societies, for allowing ourselves to be carried away by logics that divide, create hunger, isolate and condemn. It would be good to ask the poor and the excluded for forgiveness. Then we could repent sincerely, including for the harm done to the earth, the sea, the air, the animals . . .

What's really important for His Wickedness is not the faith ("believers or not"), but to ask forgiveness of poor people (a "societal sin") and "the excluded" (adulterers who don't get "communion"; transgender perverts, etc) so we can "repent" for using Styrofoam cups. Bergoglio is not concerned with the salvation of souls because, like Freemasons, he's an adherent of Naturalism, "the philosophical belief that everything arises from natural properties and causes, and supernatural or spiritual explanations are excluded or discounted." A serious evil Naturalism engenders is Indifferentism. This is the heretical idea that one religion is as good as another (positive indifference) or the idea that one religion is just as bad as another (negative indifference). He adopts the pagan idea of deifying humans and nature with false and exaggerated claims of "human dignity" and "human rights." There was even a pagan ritual held at the Amazon Synod. For the best and most accurate analysis of that event, See

In this post, I will expose the dangers of false environmentalism, the pagan connection, and the evil forces that promote it.

Global Warming or Hot Air?
 One of the most fraudulent ideas perpetrated by political agendas in the name of "science" is "global warming" or "climate change." I remember as a 12 year old in 1977, the fear-mongers were warning of a "second ice age." It was even the topic of a Time magazine cover story. Why do I call global warming fraudulent? There are several reasons:

First, the models used to predict Earth's future under global warming are unreliable. While it is true that the sun, clouds, gases, glaciers and oceans are responsible for weather, so, too, are other factors, including some we don't currently understand. If we can't accurately predict the weather a week from now, how can we predict the global climate in 100 years?

Second, The annual temperature between 1998 and 2007 actually decreased, despite the 4 percent increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere during that same period. 

Third, although weather data, like temperature, have been actively collected since 1850, it wasn't until the relatively recent access to detailed weather satellite photography that scientists were able to see changes in the Greenland ice shelf that global warming believers say is in such danger. So how do we know exactly how long the ice has been receding? 

Fourth, around the 9th to 14th centuries, regions around the world experienced an increase in temperatures, similar to what we see today. Following this period, the Earth experienced a Little Ice Age where global temperatures cooled. It is conceivable that the Earth is currently experiencing something similar. (See; for points one to four, culled from many sources, most especially See Dr. Robert Balling, The Heated Debate, [1992]). 

There have been past "chicken-little-the sky-is-falling" impeding ecological disasters predicted before:
  • By 1989, "contamination of the planet" will destroy the Earth
  • There will be an ice age by the year 2000, as reported in the Boston Globe
  • In the 1970s, "Ozone Depletion" would wreak havoc by the 1990s, now hardly discussed, See
Now, global warming is the latest "Eco-pocalypse" with a purpose; to bring all people into a worship of nature and a One World Religion.

Carl Sagan (d. 1996), the famous astronomer, was also a pantheist; as his son Dorian said, "My father believed in the God of Spinoza and Einstein, God not behind nature but as nature, equivalent to it." It was Sagan who helped to popularize nature worship. In his book, Cosmos (1980, pg. 243), he quipped, "If we must worship a power greater than ourselves, does it not make sense to revere the Sun and stars?" No, it doesn't. We worship not some impersonal "power" but the personal, omnipotent, omniscient, omni-benevolent Creator of the stars and all things. 

 In his book, Earth in the Balance, former Vice-President Al Gore suggests that we return to the worship of nature and upholds various nature worshiping sects and Native American religions as a model:
"This pan-religious perspective may prove especially important where our global civilization’s responsibility for the earth is concerned…Native American religions, for instance, offer a rich tapestry of ideas about our relationship to the earth…All things are connected like the blood that unites us all." (Al Gore, Earth in the Balance – Ecology and the Human Spirit, 1992, p. 258-259).

Gore goes on to declare that we need to find a new nature-based religion and quotes New Age, censured theologian, Teilhard de Chardin, in support of the “new faith” of the future:

"This point was made by the Catholic (sic) theologian, Teilhard de Chardin, when he said, ‘The fate of mankind, as well as of religion, depends upon the emergence of a new faith in the future.’ Armed with such a faith, we might find it possible to re-sanctify the earth." (Ibid, p. 263). Teilhard was born in south central France on May 1, 1881 and was censured by the Church in 1936. He died in 1955, still censured, but not excommunicated. His secret disciples, who praised him openly after Vatican II, included Karol Wojtyla (JPII) and Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI). His writings were considered so dangerous, even Roncalli (John XXIII) refused to allow any of his works to be used in the seminaries as late as 1962. Teilhard bragged about high ranking Modernists who were using their influence to prevent his excommunication, even though he could neither teach or write, and all his works were declared to contain errors.

Here are some interesting ideas of Teilhard that his proponents, like Al Gore, would like us to ignore:

"Rome does not want me to return to my professorship. They do not seem to have taken a dislike to me, far from it; but they want to save Religion…..I would take enormous delight in breaking all ties" (the reference here is to breaking all ties to traditional Catholic belief, and the Church as a whole – from letter written Feb. 14 1927)

"I do not think God should be worshiped" – from a conference given in 1947

"What increasingly dominates my interest is the effort to establish within myself, and to diffuse around me, a new religion (let’s call it an improved Christianity if you like) whose personal God is no longer the great neolithic landowner of times gone by, but the Soul of the world……"(Letter to Leontine Zanta, Jan 26, 1936; Emphasis mine)

"Christ saves. But must we not hasten to add that Christ, too, is saved by evolution?" (Le Christique, 1955;Emphasis mine)

"Our century is probably more religious than any other. How could it fail to be, with such problems to be solved? The only trouble is that it has not yet found a God it can adore." (The Phenomenon of Man; Emphasis mine).

"No humane hopes for an organized society must cause us to forget that the human stratum may not be homogeneous. If it were not, it would be necessary to find for the Chinese, as for the Negroes, their special function, which may not (by biological impossibility) be that of the whites." (April 6, 1927 letter--pure racism).

Carl Sagan was a major proponent of Teilhardian ideas. Before his death in 1996, he quoted one religious leader quite favorably, "St." John Paul the Great Apostate, a Teilhardian disciple. He quotes Wojtyla:  "Science can purify religion from error and superstition; religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes. Each can draw the other into a wider world, a world in which both can flourish….Such bridging ministries must be nurtured and encouraged. Nowhere is this more clear than in the current environmental crisis…. It has the potential to unify and renew religious life. " (See Parade, March 1, 1992; Emphasis in original).

False ecological cataclysms have been manufactured to scare people into submitting to more government regulation in their lives, and worst of all, to adopt the false and pagan idea of nature worship and pantheism to unite the planet. The stage was set for Bergoglio to enter next.

At the end of his encyclical Laudato Si ("On Care of Our Common Home") 2015, Bergoglio sets forth two prayers:
At the conclusion of this lengthy reflection which has been both joyful and troubling, I propose that we offer two prayers. The first we can share with all who believe in a God who is the all-powerful Creator, while in the other we Christians ask for inspiration to take up the commitment to creation set before us by the Gospel of Jesus. (Emphasis mine). This shows his desire to have all religions, all beliefs, all opinions unite and mobilize against the "ecological threat" and engage in ecumenical prayer. 

Bergoglio has  done away with the First Commandment, the worship due to the true God. It started with Paul VI's heretical ecclesiology, embodied in Vatican II. It continued with "Saint" John Paul the Great Apostate and his ecumenical abomination at Assisi, visiting Lutheran churches, praying in synagogues, and kissing the Koran. It progressed with "retired pope" Ratzinger's statement that the papacy (which he never held anyway) was the greatest hindrance to "ecumenical progress." It goes even further with Francis wanting all false sects to unite as one ecumenical denomination behind a one-world police state enforcing global ecological sanctions. Remember: Saving the environment, not your soul, is what really matters.

Laudato Si also tells us "our common home" is the Earth. Catholicism, on the other hand, teaches that our true home is Heaven, and while we must be good stewards of this planet, we must strive to get to humankind's ultimate purpose--the Beatific Vision.The only way to do this is by being good members of the One True Church, and making as many converts as possible so they can hopefully join us there. Not so, saith "Pope" Francis. In paragraph #175, the false pope also tells us: The twenty-first century, while maintaining systems of governance inherited from the past, is witnessing a weakening of the power of nation states, chiefly because the economic and financial sectors, being transnational, tends to prevail over the political. Given this situation, it is essential to devise stronger and more efficiently organized international institutions, with functionaries who are appointed fairly by agreement among national governments, and empowered to impose sanctions. In other words, a One World Environmental "Police Force" putting us another step closer to a One World Government, with a One World Religion dedicated to recycling cans and praying to "Mother Earth." 

Another false ecological doomsday is predicted, and being used to foster more governmental regulation of our lives. Simultaneously, the forces of evil are using it to further advance ecumenism and jettison Christ from society, replacing Him and His One True Church with a pagan One World Religion dedicated to "saving the planet," while its members lose their souls. Don't let Bergoglio and his false Vatican II sect lead you down that garden path; for those who worship "Mother Earth" would do well to remember the words of Christ, "You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do." (St. John 8:44)


  1. A study of Viking history reveals that the northern latitudes used to be much warmer than they are now. Greenland used to be home to a large and thriving population of Vikings, in an era long before electricity, natural gas heating, or goose-down coats. The only way they could warm themselves was with a fire in their hearth, and yet there were thousands of people living in Greenland, which is now so cold as to be almost uninhabitable even with modern technology.

    The Vikings also explored and inhabited what they called "Vinland", which included Greenland but also the northern parts of North America. Where exactly on the east coast of North America they inhabited is not known with certainty except for the fact that they definitely lived in L'Anse aux Meadows, the very northern tip of Newfoundland:

    But why was this area called "Vinland"? Because it had grapevines growing everywhere! And grapes only grow in pretty warm climates. It would be unthinkable to make grapes grow anywhere near this region now, it's far too cold.

    So yes, the earth has been a lot warmer in the past than it is now, and there is no indication any human beings ever suffered from that. On the contrary, it opened up new and beautiful regions for habitation that would otherwise be too cold to live in.

    1. @anon6:55
      Thank you for the informative comment!
      Further proof of “Global Fear-Mongering”

      God Bless,


  2. It is interesting noting that the owner of this blog promotes the heresies of Vatican II while denouncing some of them -- to give impression he is "traditional".

    1. @anon7:51
      Really? What heresies of Vatican II do I allegedly promote?


    2. Many but the most blatant is: That people can be saved by "desire" even if the said person was never instructed on the Trinity and Incarnation.

    3. @anon12:41
      Ah! A Feeneyite accusing me of heresy! In the correct understanding of BOD (as taught by the Church) God can infuse the Faith into the intellect and sanctifying grace into the soul just prior to death so they die within the Church.

      This is a rare miracle of God. It doesn’t derogate from the Great Commission because we must not depend on rare miracles of grace. God could (and has) allowed certain saints to live for years without food except the Most Holy Eucharist.

      This does not mean we should fail to feed the hungry because God could allow them to live without food.

      I pass on the teaching of the One True Church prior to Vatican II. I certainly don’t get made-up Theology from Fred and Bobby Dimond.


    4. So contrary to the Council of Florence, Pope Clement XI, contrary to St. Thomas Aquinas you do believe one can be saved without believing in the Trinity and Incarnation.

      The theologians you have cited the past 2 years in this blog didn't teach "BoD only works for soul just prior to death so they die within the Church." This is a new teaching you are spreading today.

      But "one before dying without receiving baptism of water" must believe in the Trinity and Incarnation?

    5. @anon7:21
      Trying to reason with a Feeneyite is an exercise in futility much like trying to convince someone who's paranoid they're not being followed.

      The evil, demented and excommunicated Jesuit Leonard Feeney, and his "successors" in teaching falsehood, MHFM will only except ex cathedra statements--and as interpreted by THEM. They reject how the Church teaches; rejecting the Universal and Ordinary Magisterium.


      Para #7 "Here, too, our beloved sons and venerable brothers, it is again necessary to mention and censure a very grave error entrapping some Catholics who believe that it is possible to arrive at eternal salvation although living in error and alienated from the true faith and Catholic unity. Such belief is certainly opposed to Catholic teaching. There are, of course, those who are struggling with invincible ignorance about our most holy religion. Sincerely observing the natural law and its precepts inscribed by God on all hearts and ready to obey God, they live honest lives and are able to attain eternal life by the efficacious virtue of divine light and grace. Because God knows, searches and clearly understands the minds, hearts, thoughts, and nature of all, his supreme kindness and clemency do not permit anyone at all who is not guilty of deliberate sin to suffer eternal punishments."

      The recipient can obtain eternal life "by Divine light and grace." Not sacramental baptism, but an extraordinary event, as God is not bound by His Sacraments to give grace necessary to save a soul.

      Was Pope Pius IX a heretic? If so, move back the time of the Vacancy like fellow Feeneyite gone bonkers, Richard Ibranyi, who has the last pope as Pope Honorius II in 1130 AD.

      You ignore the teachings of the theologians, and I've written extensively on "Feeneyite Follies." No Feeneyite will agree to debate on a neutral forum, as they realize any objective person reading will see the complete lack of credibility on their part.

      My final word to you: Yes. Just as a person must normally eat to stay alive (yet God has sustained certain saints without food), one must normally believe in the Trinity and Incarnation before water baptism. That does not preclude God from bestowing the grace of baptism along with the "light" of faith and sanctifying "grace" in the absence of water upon someone. However, we must proselytize and feed the hungry as we can't depend on rare miracles of God to accomplish what He asked of us.


    6. Pope Pius XI, Quas Primas (#15), Dec. 11, 1925, addressed to the universal Church, concerning entrance into the Kingdom of God: “Which Kingdom indeed is set forth in the Gospels as one into which men prepare to enter by doing penance but are unable to enter except through faith and baptism, which, although it is an external rite, nevertheless signifies and effects an interior regeneration.”

  3. As representing the globalists (not Catholics), they should be repenting for contamination of the planet, depleting the ozone, creating hunger, harming the animals, etc..
    Instead they dump their guilt on their blind sheep who follow along with their destroying the Faith, heresy, blasphemy, indifference to sin and offences to Almighty God.
    It's impossible to make up for such resolute wickedness without acknowledging it.
    They must think that if their heirachy condones such and such, it must not be that bad. They think they have to go along to get along.
    They become naive and vulnerable to an array of deceptions and mind control. It's frightening what they may collectively be commanded to do.

    1. Anthony,
      It’s just a matter of time before the collective commands to do evil start coming.

      God Bless,


    2. That is a powerful comment you made, Intro.
      In past history, events like the Barbarian invasions and Communism spread great misery and fear in the places they affected. In those instances, though, Christianity was more or less established amd rallied to make a good counterattack.
      Who in their worst dreams could have believed that one person, pretending to be holy, could be more evil than all the world's heresiarchs and tyrants put together? But here we are! And if a wily false pope and his church do succeed in turning the world pagan it will be unlike any time in history. A literal "post Christian" world will have no defense against the worst evils men can inflict on it; it will be a world under the direction of Lucifer.
      I have to say I dont believe that home aloneism, when a Traditional Mass center is available to a Catholic, is a good response to the current lack of a visible hierarchy. Christ said to gather in His Name. Since the wolf can devour lone sheep more easily than those protected in the herd, Catholics must stay together to love and strengthen each other, as well as to receive the Sacraments and hear Mass. Those things alone will be our strength when the Great Apostasy finally puts its boot on the throat of all mankind.

    3. Jannie,
      You speak words of wisdom. Scary times ahead—more so than they are now!

      God Bless,


  4. Dear Intro,

    Please read Steve Speray’s article on what is happening in to a poor father and his son in Texas. It will make any Catholic cry. Jesus, Thy Kingdom Come.

    1. David,
      Sad beyond words. God help us.

      God Bless,


  5. The Vatican II Sect's worship of "Mother Earth" and the promoting of Hindu, Buddhist, etc., idolatry is nothing to take lightly. Participation in pagan worship is worshipping the devil and his demons. The Vatican 2 Sect has been taken over by demonic influences.

    Francis the fake spews confusion by his statements and actions in promoting idolatrous and pagan worship. This confusion is not Christian, but from the devil. "For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace." 1 Cor 14:33.

    I believe the whole Vatican II Sect and the Vatican is possessed by Satan.
    "And he cried out with a strong voice, saying: Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen; and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every unclean spirit, and the hold of every unclean and hateful bird." Rev. 18:22

    These are very sad and scary times in which we live. May we all have perseverance!

    1. Joann,
      I share your belief that Satan sits in control of the Modernist Vatican.

      You speak the truth about perseverance in the One True Church, for as Our Lord said,
      “But he that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved.” (St. Matthew 24:13).

      God Bless,


  6. Jorge Bergoglio may pretend to be "humble" like St. Francis and call out for brother wolf and sister moon to protect mother earth, but anybody with who has Catholic sense should know his father is the devil.


    1. Lee,
      Yes, indeed! He takes his marching orders from Hell.

      God Bless,


  7. Introibo,

    Thanks for another great post! I would just like to add my two cents on this.

    I try to be cautious about promoting any particular argument against catastrophic global warming, just because there are so many different arguments and many of them contradict each other. Some deny the warming, some deny that it's man-made, some say it's man-made but it's a benefit and not a danger... it is all very confusing and they can't all be right. Logically, most of them have to be wrong.

    However, here is how I see the big picture:

    First, the whole science of global warming is such a complicated mess that no objective conclusion can be drawn from it. You have all sorts of different ways of measuring temperature with varying margins of error and needing countless "adjustments." There is so much subjectivity in interpreting the data that the conclusions can easily be fudged either way, whether honestly or dishonestly.

    Second, the incentives all line up to find in favor of a crisis. The scientists have cushy jobs paid for by massive grants, mainly from government. The money keeps coming as long as they agree there's a big problem that experts need to solve. If the scientific community were to come to the conclusion that there is no big problem, there would be no more need to spend money on it, and they would all be out of work, their years of training and experience being rendered obsolete. Even the most honest researcher, faced with two plausible conclusions, will have a hard time reaching a conclusion that would put him and his friends on unemployment.

    Third, note that leftists are always screaming about "problems" that are either imaginary, or exaggerated, or caused by policies that leftists supported in the first place. And the "solutions" they demand never involve increasing individual liberty and responsibility, nor a return to the way things were before the problem arose (e.g. a return to traditional morality), but always seem to require taking away massive amounts of liberty and money from the public and turning it over to a powerful elite who will solve the crisis by totalitarian rule. Not only is this suspicious, but I dare say their "cure" is worse than the "disease!"

    These are the main reasons I see for rejecting global warming hysteria.

    1. @anon10:54
      Thank you for one of the most logical and well-written assessments of what is going on re: “global warming.” I appreciate your contribution to this post, and I agree with you!

      God Bless,


  8. Your assessment is right on. But it is money, money, money (and pride) that is the primary factor in the creation of the widespread acceptance that global warming is man-made and must be eradicated by any draconian means necessary.

  9. When I heard of St. Front and the Colubra or Gratusse, a dragon which was arguably a demonic apparition, moving matter in a poltergeist way, but using it to kill people, I wondered why it was a priest of precisely Ceres who summoned it, and then St. Front had to chase it to successful exorcism in the Dordogne river.

    Well, it seems Ceres of the Andes, Patxamama, is not just a woman but a dragon ... I sent the "bishop" of PĂ©rigueux a mail asking him how the supposed successor of St. Front felt about being in communion with someone worshipping Ceres.

    I got no answer.