Monday, October 17, 2022

A Waste Of Space: Are Humans Alone In The Universe?


The modern fascination with UFOs has grown exponentially after World War II, when the first official reports of "flying saucers" was made in 1947. Opinion surveys continue to show that at least 41% of Americans believe either in UFOs or extraterrestrials:

Four in 10 Americans now think some UFOs that people have spotted have been alien spacecraft visiting Earth from other planets or galaxies. This is up from a third saying so two years ago. Half, however, believe all such sightings can be explained by human activity or natural phenomena, while an additional 9% are unsure. These findings are based on a Gallup poll conducted in July 2021.

While Americans are still inclined to think UFOs are not alien spacecraft, close to half believe alien life forms exist beyond Earth. A June 2019 poll found 49% of Americans believing there are "people somewhat like ourselves" living on other planets. A much larger percentage, 75%, said that "life of some form" exists elsewhere in the universe. 

A few years back, I had a conversation with a colleague which turned to the subject of UFOs. He believed aliens were visiting us. I told him I was not convinced of that thesis. Most UFO sightings are the result of a hoax, mental instability, people using drugs/alcohol, and those which had plausible explanations in nature. He pressed on, "And what about those sightings that don't fit in those neat categories?" I told him they were most likely demonic. My colleague (an agnostic) replied, "I see why you think that---extraterrestrial life would disprove Christianity."

Is that true? Would the existence of extraterrestrials be incompatible with the Catholic Faith? In this post, I will set forth the connection of UFOs with the occult, and explore the theological ramifications if there were rational life forms on other planets.

Unidentified Aerial Objects
From antiquity, individuals have reported seeing unusual and inexplicable things in the skies. Often people observed real objects—natural phenomena that only later could be understood and appreciated in light of advancements in science, particularly in physics and astronomy. To those unfamiliar with astronomical or atmospheric phenomena, the ordinary can appear extraordinary. Nonetheless, some people insist that extraordinary flying anomalies have persisted throughout the ages. Even today, some reports of strange sightings are difficult to dismiss as being misidentified natural phenomena, though natural explanations may yet be found for at least some of them.

Fascination with unidentified flying objects is nothing new. First called "Foo Fighters" during WWII, and then called UFOs, the term was coined in 1953 by the U.S. Airforce to describe any "perceived aerial phenomenon that cannot immediately be identified or explained." Recently, on June 25, 2021, the Pentagon released a report, nine pages in length, on UFOs to Congress. The military has renamed UFOs as unidentified aerial phenomenaUAPs. This was done purposely, at least in part, to avoid the claim associated with the term UFO, namely, that aliens from another planet/dimension have visited Earth. (See 

From 1947 to 1969, the U.S. Air Force investigated UFOs in a top secret operation known as Project Blue Book ("PBB"). PBB investigated 12,618 reported UFO sightings. Each sighting was placed in one of several categories; psychological meant the origin was the result of an hallucination by one or more persons not of sound mind; substance induced meant the person was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and hallucinated it; hoax meant the person lied, made up photos, etc.; scientifically explained meant the sighting had a rational explanation (e.g., the person(s) saw a weather balloon that flew off course, etc.); and unidentified meant they did not fall into any of the other categories, they were real, yet the scientists working for PBB could not explain what they were. Of those 12,618 investigations, 701 or approximately 5.5% were in the unidentified category. 

PBB ended with three conclusions: (a) UFOs are not a threat to national security, (b) there is no evidence that the unidentified category sightings are examples of superior technology, and (c) there is no evidence that the unidentified category sightings are extraterrestrial space vehicles. The finding were eventually challenged by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, PhD (d. 1986)--an astrophysicist who was a complete skeptic, believing UFOs to be either the result of natural phenomena, hoaxes, or hallucinations from unstable witnesses.  He was hired by the Air Force to debunk any/all case sightings. Hynek is quoted as saying UFOs were nonsense and "the whole subject seems utterly ridiculous." 

By the end of PBB, Hynek had changed his mind. The hardened skeptic and agnostic believed there was sufficient evidence that UFOs were extraterrestrial or extradimensional crafts. In 1985, Hynek explained why he changed his mind:

 Two things, really. One was the completely negative and unyielding attitude of the Air Force. They wouldn't give UFOs the chance of existing, even if they were flying up and down the street in broad daylight. Everything had to have an explanation. I began to resent that, even though I basically felt the same way, because I still thought they weren't going about it in the right way. You can't assume that everything is black no matter what. Secondly, the caliber of the witnesses began to trouble me. Quite a few instances were reported by military pilots, for example, and I knew them to be fairly well-trained, so this is when I first began to think that, well, maybe there was something to all this. (See Hynek, J. Allen, The Hynek UFO Report [1977], pg.132).

Hynek developed the famous "Close Encounters Scale" which he published in his 1972 book The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry. The scale has "Close Encounters" of the First, Second, and Third Kind. A Close Encounter of the First Kind is alleged visual sightings of a UFO at a range of about 500 feet away. A Close Encounter of the Second Kind is a UFO event in which a physical effect is alleged, such as pets acting wildly and machines failing to function properly. A Close Encounter of the Third Kind is contact with UFO in which a non-human entity is present. There was a blockbuster 1977 movie entitled Close Encounters of the Third Kind based on Hynek's scale and in which Hynek himself is given a cameo appearance at the end of the film. 

What are the 5.5% of "Unidentified"?
The Church does not assume that just because something is unexplained, it must be of supernatural origin. There is, however, a strong link to the occult that would make the positing of demonic origin plausible. As of May 2019, the US Navy has drafted new guidelines for pilots and other military personnel to report encounters with “unidentified aerial phenomena,” formally called UFOs.
(See Bryan Bender, “U.S. Navy Drafting New Guidelines for Reporting UFOs,” Politico, April 23, 2019, 

The guidelines are designed to destigmatize self-reporting of such observations and allow for assessments of them. According to the reports, there has been an uptick since 2015 in the number and frequency of unknown but “highly advanced” aircraft encroaching on US Navy aircraft and strike groups and overflying governmental facilities. Descriptions of these aircraft vary. Sometimes they are described as flying “tic tacs” and sometimes as oblong spheres. Most importantly, however, these objects act in ways that defy the laws of physics. These "unidentifieds" that don't fall into the other categories (hoax, mental illness, etc.) are called residual UFO, or RUFO phenomenon. RUFO activity fails to conform to the laws of physics, just as these pilots have reported.

The Occult Connection
In 1977, Stanford astronomy professor Peter Sturrock reported results of a survey taken among members of the American Astronomical Society, the principal professional organization of astronomers. Of the 1,356 respondents (professional astronomers), 62 of them (5 percent) reported witnessing unidentifiable flying objects (RUFOs), and a couple of these respondents had seen more than one. However, there was no correlation with relative observing time on the part of these professional astronomers.

These RUFO witnesses were not astronomers with the greatest amount of observing time. In fact, the sample indicated a reverse correlation. Astronomers with only a few observation hours per year witnessed RUFOs, whereas astronomers logging more than a thousand hours per year saw nothing. The reverse correlation noted here demonstrates that something besides observing time determines who sees RUFOs and who does not. The most significant factor appears to be the activities that people pursue. Observations reveal that professional astronomers deeply involved in occult pursuits often see RUFOs, whereas professional astronomers who stay away from such pursuits never encounter RUFOs. (See Sturrock, “Report on a Survey: Part 1,” 1–45; Sturrock, “Report on a Survey: Part 3,” 309–46).

Fred and Bobby Dimond (the Feeneyite "monks" obsessed with UFOs) have a book entitled UFOs: Demonic Activity and Elaborate Hoaxes Meant to Deceive Mankind. Like everything else, the Dimonds have it backwards; the RUFOs are not demons sent to deceive, rather they are demonic manifestations of those already involved with them. Many documented cases provide support for this correlation where two or more people are together at a residual UFO event but not all experience the event. For example, four people may be standing side by side looking at the same place in the night sky: two see the residual UFO and experience physical and psychological effects; the other two see nothing and experience nothing. The ones who have the sighting were involved in occult activity such as trance states, seances, clairvoyance, spiritism, automatic handwriting, peering into crystals, levitation, and out-of-body experiences. (See John Spencer, ed., The UFO Encyclopedia,  [1991], pgs. 253–54). Invite evil into your life (unwittingly or on purpose) and it will take you up on the offer.

Demons can make people see things and even experience things via Diabolic Obsession, in which strong disturbances are imposed on the mind, e.g., thoughts of suicide, committing serious sins, or gender dysphoria. It can also take the form of an "infestation" in the house (e.g., hearing mysterious footsteps, bad odors with no cause, seeing strange animals--and all can be experienced by more than just the one primarily afflicted). According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, "But the influence of the demon, as we know from Scripture and the history of the Church, goes further still. He may attack man's body from without [obsession], or assume control of it from within [possession]." 
(See; See also theologian Delaporte, The Devil, Does He Exist and What Does He Do?, [reprint from 1871], pgs. 129-130). 

Why would demons pretend to be other-worldly creatures? I'll respond with another question; why would demons pretend to be the souls of deceased people during seances or while speaking through mediums? All of the mediums will tell the grieving person who has lost someone that the deceased are "fine and happy." Of course, this is what we would all like to hear, but how is it possible that all people died within the True Church in the state of sanctifying grace? Hell and damnation are never even considered as possibilities. In the case of impersonating the souls of the dead, demons prey on the fear of death and the unknown. People want to hear "you will be happy when you die" no matter how they live. They want to hear that their father, grandmother, aunt, etc., are in Heaven no matter what they believed or did. In the case of aliens, demons would prey on humanity's hopes, rather than fears. Humans have always been fascinated by space (astrology has always been popular) and space exploration (astronomy has also held a high popularity). Millions of people want an end to disease, hunger, war, poverty, etc., and what better way to appeal to them than to pervert these hopes and tell them you can have paradise in this life and apart from God?

Extraterrestrial Life and Theology
(The opinions expressed in this section are just that--mere opinions of a layman. To the best of my knowledge and belief, no approved theologians ever wrote on this topic. I submit everything to the judgement of Holy Mother Church, if and when a true pope is restored. I will immediately, and without reservation, submit to the Magisterium's decision.---Introibo).

Suppose, ad arguendo, intelligent alien life does exist. Sadly, most speculation about intelligent aliens leaves out God entirely. In science fiction, Catholicism is never mentioned except in the novel The Sparrow, (2008) by Mary Doria Russell in which a team of scientists and Jesuit priests (V2 sect) travel to another planet to meet an intelligent species. Even more rare are stories in which the True God is also God of the alien species. If religion appears at all, it is often a mystical religion in a primitive alien culture, not something relevant for the human characters. Another exception is Protestant C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy, in which a human meets creatures on Mars and Venus who also know the True God.

Some people say that since the Bible doesn’t mention life on other planets, such cannot exist. However, the Bible also doesn’t mention Saturn’s rings, galaxies, or DNA, yet it obviously doesn't mean they don't exist. Traditionalists see them as God’s creation. Many parts of the Bible are provincial, and intentionally so. The Bible does not attempt to be comprehensive about the entire Earth or people living on other continents. Nevertheless, the Bible’s claims are also cosmic in scope. Passages like Genesis 1, St. John 1, and Colossians 1 clearly speak of God as the Creator of all things, with no exception. St. Paul writes in Colossians 1:16 “For in Him all things were created: things in heaven and on Earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through Him and for Him.” It certainly seems that these passages speak not only of the Earth but of the entire cosmos, including any intelligent life beyond Earth, if such exists. God is the Creator of all the worlds and whatever life is in them.

I've read certain arguments, which make a case from theology, that humans must be the only intelligent species in the universe. Humans have a unique, special relationship with God that is not shared by other species on Earth. This can be extended to say that humans are unique in the universe as well. Humanity has an exclusive relationship with God.

A case from theology can be made that humans could be one of many intelligent species. Scripture shows that God is generous, even extravagant, in creating an Earth that is fruitful in producing many life forms. This can be extended to say that God has created a fruitful universe with many intelligent beings. Yet that wouldn’t diminish God’s love for us—just as God loves each individual, God has the capacity to love each species in a special way. God will not "waste all that [outer] space." Whether or not God created other intelligent beings, His love for them would not make humans less significant to Him. What relationship would an extraterrestrial species have with God? 

Three Possibilities for Extraterrestrials or "Aliens" and Their Relation to God

1. Aliens never fell from God's grace. Perhaps other worlds have the situation we would have had on Earth if Adam and Eve had chosen to obey God. They passed their test and are not under the dominion of Original Sin. As the world (universe) was affected by Original Sin, this might explain their extraordinary abilities, such as visiting earth contrary to the laws of physics (if indeed they do visit). 

2. Aliens were tested and fell from God's grace in a way different from humanity. This could be similar to the situation of angels in Scripture. There is no Redemption for fallen angels. Some aliens are in God's grace and others went straight to Hell.

3. Aliens are fallen but Redeemed by Christ. It would be heretical to state, or even imply, that Christ had multiple Incarnations. According to theologian Pohle, "The Logos will never dissociate Himself from His Manhood.  This proposition embodies an Article of Faith." (See Dogmatic Theology, [1930], 4:174). Is it possible that Christ, after His Resurrection, visited another planet and set up a "planetary diocese" where they would be informed of the papal decisions on Earth? Why would Christ become Incarnate here and not there? I don't know, but perhaps it's possible, even as it elicits more questions than answers, and really doesn't seem tenable . The idea of Bergoglio that he would "baptize aliens" seems just as  implausible that God would leave a race without a means of salvation until they stumble upon us and ask for baptism. 

People who have an unhealthy fascination regarding UFOs will many times get involved in the occult. Then the "alien encounters" begin. Mostly, it goes the opposite way; people involved in the occult will see UFOs. Given this occult connection, it makes sense that the "occult explosion" in the wake of Vatican II is behind the increasing UFO sightings and "abductions." If there really are extraterrestrials, it is in no way a defeater for Christianity. Stay away from the occult. Give evil an invitation to visit, and you'll have an Encounter of the Worst Kind


  1. I no longer care if there are little green men elsewhere in the universe. People are fascinated by science and have forgotten God and therefore have fallen into all kinds of sins. And Bergoglio is more concerned with climate change and UN reform than with saving souls. Poor people led astray by this wicked sect !

    1. Simon,
      The V2 sect pushes the occult and pagan, thereby making interest in all kinds of evil phenomena, such as RUFOs, increase as never before.

      God Bless,


  2. At the very beginning of the post, I would like to kindly inform me that so far no UFOs have kidnapped me. I'm not sure if it's bad or good.

    The author did not raise one important case related to UFOs. Namely, statistically, taking a greater chance that man will be hit by a speeding car than by speeding UFOs.

    Next case; In almost all science fiction movies, aliens stubbornly attack the US. Never France, China, Russia (OR USSR) or even Brazil or Antarctica, but America, especially New York. It is certain that the majority of the inhabitants of this city now come from other planets.

    Seriously ...

    The influence of Satan and fallen angels can never be ruled out, but it would probably be an exaggeration to think that if we fail something, this is the cause of evil spirits. For example, I have suicidal thoughts every Monday morning. This is not related to the father of lies in any way, but with my work and boss.

    Theologians have never dealt with UFOs, because they are probably fairy tales for adults (adults but not necessarily mature). Theologians have more serious matters to consider. I think so.

    Bergoglio will not baptize any strangers, because he is old and I am very likely to believe that within a few years parting with his friends, the perverts and will go to hell to examine the matter of global warming that interests him so much, and everyone knows that in hell global warming He has always been attacking with all force.

    All in all, I am not afraid of a pedophile attack or zombie invasion, or even a UFO impact. Only vampires (bloodsuckers) from the institution dealing with tax collection pose a real threat.

    We ask Saint Michał, defend us against the devil, and don't worry UFO.


    1. Well, sometimes they attack other cities. Some examples:
      The Japanese movies with the monsters Ghidorah & Space Gojira, where giant aliens attack Japan
      Dreamwork's Monsters vs Aliens, where they attack St. Francisco
      In "Independence Day" they attack DC
      And sometimes the alien / human conflict happens in outer space, like in "Alien"

      But yes, it is common they attack NYC.

    2. Thomas,
      You write: The influence of Satan and fallen angels can never be ruled out, but it would probably be an exaggeration to think that if we fail something, this is the cause of evil spirits. For example, I have suicidal thoughts every Monday morning. This is not related to the father of lies in any way, but with my work and boss.

      Reply: Of course we look for natural explanations. However, here there ia a clear-cut occult connection, and such forbidden and evil practices open the doorway to Hell. (I hope you situation improves at work--I will pray for you).

      You write: Theologians have never dealt with UFOs, because they are probably fairy tales for adults (adults but not necessarily mature). Theologians have more serious matters to consider. I think so.

      Reply: Not with UFOs but with the theological consequences of extraterrestrial life. That is serious. Most probably took it for granted there wasn't any, and the argument by atheists and agnostics that aliens would disprove Christianity wasn't around then.

      God Bless,


    3. @anon2:22,
      I hope a UFO does come to NYC, if for no other reason than to transport AOC back where from whence she came!

      Seriously, this post tackles the very real problem with the occult, and the theological consequences if there is extraterrestrial life. We need to stay informed so as not to be fooled. What you don't know can hurt you a whole lot!

      God Bless,


    4. I would prefer they take away everyone in the establishment, but if that is not our lot, then that is just to bad.

      Imagine Space Pelosi.

    5. Dear Introibo

      "Of course we look for natural explanations. However, here there ia a clear-cut occult connection"

      Forgive me, I don't see a connection here, do they want to use "magic" to contact aliens? Some do not believe in the success of such an undertaking.
      As for supernatural causes. Ancient people thought that storms were caused by interference by supernatural forces, we now know that these are only the effects of natural physical processes in the atmosphere. Scientists have not yet discovered all the secrets that the Earth hides, and in some time it may turn out that what we took to be the devil's interference is something quite natural.
      One has to be wary of the devilish influence, but also the dark forces cannot be seen everywhere.

      I am not interested in these matters, and I do not research it, but I also know that there are people who are convinced of the existence of UFOs and interpret everything that seems strange or extraordinary to them as the result of alien activity.

      With the current state of technology and science, mankind is not able to study the solar system. There are many such galaxies in our galaxy, and there are many galaxies throughout the universe. There is no way to confirm or deny that there is no life somewhere.
      But if one pays too much attention to it, either he or she is a problem-free person who creates problems for himself, or he or she is in urgent need of specialist medical attention.

      "Not with UFOs but with the theological consequences of extraterrestrial life. That is serious."

      I don't know why this would be a theological problem, or any problem at all. You know that whether there is life outside the Earth or not, the Holy Catholic Church must exist, and we must strive for eternal salvation.
      The same is true of the shape of the Earth.
      You know, of course, that the Earth is not a sphere but a geoid (approximately).

      If there is a Catholic (I doubt) who believes in God, the information and existence or the non-existence of life beyond Earth would be disturbed, then he should talk to some wise priest as soon as possible. And work on increasing your faith and pray for it.

      Thank you for your prayers, it will definitely be useful.

      Please don't feel that I underestimate your blog work. I'm sure it's valuable and brings a lot of good, but sometimes I just can't agree with your thoughts.
      Of course, like every Catholic, I will gladly submit my opinion to the judgment of the Church and accept every sentence with filial obedience and love.

      May we wait for the true Pope to return to the place of the disguised people occupying the throne of Peter


    6. Thomas,
      You write: Forgive me, I don't see a connection here, do they want to use "magic" to contact aliens? Some do not believe in the success of such an undertaking.

      Reply: They are not "contacting UFOs" they are inviting demons and evil into their lives. Some appear as "aliens" and I explained why in my post. Those astronomers involved with the occult, were the ones seeing the UFOs, not the other astronomers. Coincidence? As I've written many times before, occult practices are condemned by both the Bible and Church teaching. "Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD; because of these same detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you." (Deuteronomy 18:10-12) According to theologian Jone, "Spiritism claims to be able to communicate with the spirit world and endeavors to establish such commerce with it. Although spiritism is for the most part fraud, still the intention alone to enter into communication with spirits is gravely sinful. Therefore, it is mortally sinful to conduct a spiritistic séance or to act as a medium." (See Moral Theology, [1961], pg. 100).

      Theologian Delaporte, whose main study was the demonic, teaches that the occult opens one up to possession, obsession, and other injury by demons. (See "The Devil, Does He Exist and What Does He Do?," [reprint from 1871] ).

      My spiritual father, Fr DePauw, an approved canonist, also said that he knew many exorcists, and that the majority of confirmed possessions took place because of occult involvement. Fr. Amorth (ordained 1954; died 2016) was one of the top exorcists. Despite going over to the V2 sect, he refused to use the revised V2 rite of exorcism because "it doesn't work."

      Fr. Amorth taught that the devil often works with the cooperation of people, who, more or less consciously, approach the world of occultism: magick, spiritism, Satanism.

      This is not at all like ancient people who had superstitious ideas. Atheists use that exact argument against God. He is a superstition created by ancient people and one day "science will explain everything without the need for God."

      You write: "I am not interested in these matters, and I do not research it..."

      Reply: My interest is in the affect of the occult explosion since Vatican II and I have researched it extensively. If you do not see the occult as a huge problem, you don't fully understand the Great Apostasy. I'm just sounding the warning.

      You write: I don't know why this [extraterrestrial life] would be a theological problem, or any problem at all.

      Reply: It's not, but some people think (incorrectly) that the existence of other intelligent life would denigrate humanity and make the basic truth that God created humans in His image to be false. I answer the charge in this post.

      You write: Please don't feel that I underestimate your blog work. I'm sure it's valuable and brings a lot of good, but sometimes I just can't agree with your thoughts.

      Reply: That's fine! I'm not a Magisterial authority or an approved theologian/canonist. You may disagree with my opinions; no problem here.

      I will continue to pray for you and I ask if you would do the same for me!

      God Bless,


  3. I hope your situation improves. I feel like this sometimes.
    Blessings + Prayers

  4. "The idea of Bergoglio that he would "baptize aliens" seems just as implausible that God would leave a race without a means of salvation until they stumble upon us and ask for baptism. "

    Could we compare and draw lines between aliens from another planet and "aliens" from the New World? Christ didn't visited America after resurrection...

    1. I heard once (from a novusordoite commentator, so take it with a grain of salt) that Saint Thomas when he went to India perhaps bilocated to the Americas - since he went to "the Indies" after all. That said, even if he did (seems unlikely, he'd have left a convert community behind), you are right that the parallel could be drawn, as the work of the Apostles is still not done and we have yet to reach out to some uncontacted tribes in the jungles of the world still - and that's without mentioning the great V2 apostasy that made heathens of so many. Maybe baptism of desire is all they have at most.

    2. @anon6:17 and 8:35,
      You both make excellent points! Perhaps it is a more plausible idea than I originally thought! "Aliens might not yet know the Truth" (if such exist) is a viable option.

      Thank you for commenting!

      God Bless,


  5. I believe that, if there is life in other planets, it's most probably very basic or non-intelligent. It is very hard to find a planet with similar characteristics to earth; and non-rational alien species will never communicate with us.

    1. @anon11:50
      I agree with you. Although possible, I don't believe intelligent life forms exist elsewhere. Perhaps plants and animals, but that's all.

      God Bless,


  6. Introibo,
    Very interesting post. Regarding aliens, I found the following statements in a textbook written by the Polish theologian Pelczar:
    "XII. Are other heavenly bodies, except the earth, inhabited? Such scholars as Tycho-Brache, Galileo, Gassendi, Descartes, Kepler, Leibniz, Newton, and, in more recent times, Flamarion (1), Pohle (2), ELjasz Meris, suppose so; but science has not yet discovered anything certain. These are only hypotheses about which the Church has not given its opinion. There is only no doubt that if there were inhabitants on some planet, endowed with reason, they would owe their origin to the same Creator, but the dogmas of original sin and redemption could not be applied to them.
    (1) "La pluralite des mondes habites," 1862.
    (2) "Die Sternenwelten und ihre Bewohner," 1885.
    (3) "L'autre vie," Paris 1880.
    (Cf. theologian Pelczar, "Religia katolicka, jej podstawy, jej źródła i jej prawdy wiary. Rozprawy dogmatyczne dla ludzi wykształconych" ["The Catholic Religion, Its Foundations, Its Sources and Its Truths of Faith. Dogmatic treatises for educated people"], 1923, p. 121).
    Joseph Sebastian Pelczar (1842-1924) was Bishop of Przemysl (1900-1924), a theologian - from 1866 to 1868 he studied at the Lateranum and Gregorianum, where he received his doctorate in Sacred Theology (STD).

    God Bless,

    1. Pawel,
      What a theological jewel you found in Poland! It looks like my thinking was in alignment with the Church's theologians (Deo gratis!). I can't thank you enough for sharing this with my readers and me!

      God Bless,


  7. Going forward, please only use "good looking" aliens, not ugly aliens, as is found on the the lead in to this story. We don't want to be accused of lacking charity for our "separated" alien brothers and sisters. In this day and age, it's just not ecumenical! (I hope I don't have to say that I'm being satirical and not in the least bit serious)

    1. Dave,
      I got it--but the idea of Bergoglio making some wacky statement about "ecumenical aliens" someday doesn't surprise me!!

      God Bless,


  8. Hello Introibo, and thank you yet again for another interesting post. I've always enjoyed sci-fi and fantasy, but I now try to "learn and discern", as you say. I've gone back and forth over the years with my opinion of ETs, and have been in the "I don't know" category for a while, mainly for religious reasons. Your post was helpful. I've been thinking for a year or so, or however long there's been a marked uptick in the UFO media coverage, that it's either mainly a distraction or one of their many normalization/preparation tactics for something coming up. I've heard the Webb telescope has captured some interesting images, but I haven't seen them with a cursory search. I believe I am of the same opinion as you on the whole matter - I just don't think there is anybody else but us.

    I was thinking that it would be nice if CFP/Kevin read a few more of your weekly posts on his channel, and then soon after I saw you did a show with him again. I enjoyed it, and it was nice how you threw in various points from some of your posts on the topic, such as hollywood movies.

    I was taught at some point in my adolescence about the danger of playing around with occult-like practices like ouija. However, as a curious boy hanging out with other young folk who were bathed in hollywood occultism through movies, I sometimes wonder what we got into, in terms of fooling around and doing/saying things we shouldn't have after watching shows and reading comic books. Hopefully you get the point. My question is, especially after hearing your podcast with Kevin, could I have let something in, and should I do something about it now? I've looked on the internet a little in the past when the subject entered my mind, but didn't really find anything helpful. Thank you and God bless.

    -Seeking Truth

    1. Seeking Truth,
      Do you have access to a Traditionalist priest? If so, go for a general confession of all sins, including mentioning those already forgiven for a "clean slate" and peace of mind. Then have the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in your home and wear a blessed St. Benedict Crucifix Medal.

      God, in His Providence, spares some people from harm who have had occult contact. The reason why is only known by Him. In Seeking Truth, you are probably one such lucky soul. Unless you feel oppressed by some evil in your life, God was protecting you. Doing the above in any case is a good and holy practice!

      God Bless,


    2. Many thanks, Introibo, for the quick response. This is something that pops into my head now and then and bothers me, or when prompted by triggers such as your podcast. Praise God that I have access to traditional priests, and I confess on a regular basis after converting and making a general confession. I made sure I was enrolled in the Brown Scapular, and I wear the Miraculous Medal. No demons have prevented me from praying a daily rosary, so that's good. On the contrary, a few nights I was tired and fell asleep quickly without praying it. I woke in the middle of the night realizing my mistake, and I was able to pray it. I know my watching many horror and thriller movies like "The Amityville horror, White Noise, Insidious, the Conjuring", etc. has made me more paranoid, but as you said, this matter is nothing to fool around with. I will look into the St. Benedict Crucifix medal. We do need to have our home enthroned.
      Looking back, the occultism was everywhere with Disney, He-man, Dr. Strange, and the like. There is the draw to be "more" or "special" as a child, as you mentioned with the occult. I can't say I feel particularly oppressed by any evil, I suppose it's the fear of the possibility that I let something in when I was young and foolish, and have a vulnerability. I am sure you are right that I was lucky and God was protecting me. Thanks again for your helpful advice!

  9. Known number of species in creation:
    Microorganisms: 1,400
    Plants: About 400,000
    Animals: About 7,000,000
    Animal-Rational: 1
    Rational: Estimated innumerable

    Now, I ask, what do you think, is it fitting that there is only one known species of animal-rational entity in creation?

    1. @anon5:05
      Honestly, I don't know God's design, as "My ways are not thy ways." There could be extraterrestrial life form that are rational. If such were the case, the Fall would not apply to them as to humans, so it is not a defeater for Catholicism. You can rationally believe or deny extraterrestrials. If you believe there are such, there's nothing wrong with that--and you might be correct.

      God Bless,


    2. The counter argument is that the species of rational animal is one because God is one, who became a rational animal.

      I personally think it is fascinating question, and I am not inclined to believe one way or another.

      Nice and thought-provoking article. You really put out some quality material here.

      By the way, this comment and the one before was posted by your old pal CE.

    3. Hi Robert,
      Glad to see you reading and commenting! Hope your family and you are doing well.

      God Bless,


  10. If there are intelligent creatures on other planets, I honestly suspect that they would actually be human.

    Cue laughter.