Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fellay of Souls: Will Failure to Embrace Sedevacantism Lead Souls To Fry In Hell ?

 Bishop Bernard Fellay, General Superior of the Society of St. Pius X, refuses to simply say "no" to Modernist-occupied Rome and continues to seek "full communion" with Ratzinger. Fellay would be well-advised to remember that EVERY pseudo-Traditionalist group that made the horrible mistake of recognizing Ratzinger as pope and "reconciling" ended up having their Faith destroyed, sacraments compromised or invalidated, and morals brought down to the level of the Vatican II sect. We learn from history that we don't learn from history.

Think of what has happened to:

The Fraternal Society of St Peter

It was formed in 1988 by 16 priests who left the SSPX because they disagreed with Arch. Lefebvre's consecration of four bishops without papal approval. These men thought they could have "Catholic Tradition" at the same time as being in "full communion with Rome" (exactly what Bishop Fellay is now claiming the SSPX should do). Well, the FSSP has now experienced how Rome inevitably treats those who are foolish enough to make a compromise deal with it. Since the days of the FSSP's founding, Rome has done the following to them:

1.Demanded that the FSSP priests concelebrate the novus ordo "Mass" at least once per year (on Holy Thursday's chrismal Mass)

2.Demanded eleven years after its founding that the FSSP's priests “must celebrate with the postconciliar [novus ordo] missal if, by chance, a celebration takes place in a community which uses the modern Roman Rite” This was demanded even though at the time of its founding in 1988, the FSSP was granted the "exclusive use" of the traditional Mass!  Notice: eleven years. It may take time, it may not - but eventually modernist Rome will make all its sheep fall in line.

3.Demanded that the FSSP allow its priests the right to say the novus ordo Mass if they so desire (agreement made in 2000). Because of the deterioration of the formation of Society of St. Peter priests, some of its priests wanted to say the new mass on other occasions also, and Cardinal Hoyos forbade the society’s leadership from preventing this.

4.Demanded that the FSSP not criticize the New "Mass", and even admit that the New "Mass" is the official rite of the Church - something to which a traditional Catholic would never agree.

5.Removed and replaced the FSSP's superiors with men who were more to its liking: About twelve years after the FSSP's founding and initial agreement with Rome, Cardinal Castrill√≥n Hoyos, acting as head of Ecclesia Dei, imposed his own choice of superior general on that society and his own choice of rectors to replace the two that the same cardinal ordered removed from their positions in charge of that society’s two seminaries.
6.Here is a revealing quote from Fr. Gabet, former North American District Superior of the FSSP, which reveals the all but novus ordo mentality:

"We see Vatican II, and we look at those documents, and we see them, like Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, in light of Tradition. It is not just Vatican II, but it is all the councils. Vatican II is certainly one of them — from Nicea all the way to Vatican II." Source: This interview at

 This info was gleaned from  A web site dedicated to preventing the SSPX from entering the sect of Ratzinger. I made some editing for brevity and put quotations around New "Mass", etc. The web site goes on to note that this is what happens when you enter Ratzingers web:

1.An organization either begins with a "compromise mentality", or else develops one (such as the SSPX leadership, many priests, and many faithful are now doing!)

2.This mentality progresses into the desire to be in "full communion" with Rome even if it means concessions on important matters. The organization's leaders develop an overconfidence in their ability to defend against the crushing power of modernist Rome, as well as a misplaced trust in Rome's sincerity. They forget the last 20 years of history.

3.An agreement is made. Concessions are made by the organization.

4.There is a waiting period before Rome does anything. Rome is patient. It might be 10 years!

5.Demands begin to be made. Changes. A backing down from the former "hardliner" stance. New leadership is put in. The new leaders lack the spirit of the founders. Softening on condemnations of the errors of Vatican II, the New Mass, etc.

6.The organization begins to lose its focus, zeal, and begins to crumble.

7.Eventually there will is very little substantial difference between it and the New Church."

 They see the poison, they see through the deceit and they even refer to the Vatican II sect as the "New Church." Yet, they still cling to the idea that Ratzinger can be a Modernist heretic and remain pope! Only when the real culprit is publicly rejected, and Ratzinger is denounced as an anti-pope can they be free of any notions of "reconciliation." You don't negotiate with the pope, you obey. And you don't negotiate with Satan, you renounce him with all his pomps and works. If not, you may be spending Eternity with him.

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