Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Beatification of Heresy Incarnate

The Vatican II sect is, literally, hell-bent on declaring "Blessed" Giovanni Montini, aka "Pope" Paul VI. It can be said it is morally certain that the papacy has been vacant since November 21, 1964 when Montini signed the first document of Vatican II entitled Lumen Gentium. Paul VI may have been pope at his election as there were enough electors from Pope Pius XII for a valid conclave. However, at some point between his election in 1963 and November 21, 1964, Montini (if not already a notorious heretic) espoused heresy as a private theologian and lost the pontificate (indeed, if he ever had it).

 Why can't he be pope (or "Blessed") if he signed Lumen Gentium? The root of Vatican II heresy is contained therein that damnable document. It declares that the "Church of Christ" subsists in the Catholic Church in its fullness, but can exist in other "churches" partially according to how many "elements of truth" they have in common with the Catholic Church. No longer is the Church of Christ identical to the Roman Catholic Church, they are distinct. In the Vatican II sect, you often hear of wanting a group (like the SSPX, or Anglicans), to be in FULL communion with the Catholic Church. This is a tacit admission that there are degrees of belonging to the True Church, and that is plain and simple heresy.

 Ecclesiology, or the study of the nature of the Church, is where the root of all the other Vatican II heresies arise. Karol Wotyla (John Paul the Great Apostate) took the ball from Montini and ran with it. Compare JP II's elaboration on Lumen Gentium and authentic Catholic Teaching:

JPII: "In these truly plenary gatherings, the ecclesial communities of different countries make real the fundamental second chapter of Lumen Gentium which treats of the numerous "spheres" of belonging to the Church as People of God and of the bond which exists with it, even on the part of those who do not yet form a part of it."(John Paul II, Discourse to the Roman Curia, June 28, 1981)

Pope Pius XII: "Consequently, as in the real assembly of the faithful there can be only one Body, one Spirit, one Lord, and one Baptism, so there can only be one faith: and he who refuses to hear the Church must be considered, by the order of the Lord, as a heathen and a publican. And they who are divided by reasons of Faith or of government cannot live in this one Body, and in its one Divine Spirit." (Encyclical Mystici Corporis, June 29, 1943)

 The traditional teaching from 33AD to 1958 tells us heretics and schismatics are excluded from the Mystical Body of Christ which is the One True Church of Christ and is identical to the Roman Catholic Church. Heretical and schismatic sects are not in some "sphere of belonging to the People of God"they are like heathens and publicans.

If Vatican II is right, all the pre-Vatican II teaching is false, and vice-versa. Paul VI began the demonic work of attempting to dismantle the Church, and for this Ratzinger wants to declare "Blessed" his partner in the crime of heresy. Just like JPII and John XXIII were "beatified."

Since 1570, only two popes were canonized (Pius V, Pius X) and one beatified (Innocent XI). Now every so-called pope of Vatican II must be sainted to equate their heresy with sanctity. Christ asked "When the Son of Man comes will he find any Faith on earth?" A question the Society of St Pius X should ponder before throwing their faith away to join the one-world sect initiated by Montini and perpetuated by His Wickedness, Joseph Ratzinger.


  1. Always enjoying your writings, and reading them with great interest. God bless. In Christ.

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.Is it true that Pius XII went heretical post 1951.3 months ago,someone informed me of his decision to alter HOLY WEEK on an experimental basis.Not only is this wrong (the Holy Spirit does not experiment) but Holy Week has its roots going straight back, literally,to the Apostles.Its the oldest tradition the Catholic Church celebrats.Please, correct me on anything that is wrong with this statement.

  3. Pope Pius XII was suffering from stomach cancer and kept some unsavory company that probably pushed through those reforms beginning in 1955, three years prior to his death. The change to Holy Saturday was in 1951. While not heretical, they were clearly unwise. Some Traditionalists, such as the SSPV, use the pre-1955 Missal. For excellent coverage of this topic, there is an article written by Fr. Cekada available at www. traditional

  4. Ok thanks my church and priest use the 1947 missal at church.i knew he was very ill the last 3 years and anything that happened between 55-58 was most likely not him behind the controls.Thank you.