Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Two Faces of Ratzinger: Genuine Faith or Genuine Heresy

 Ratzinger's heresies never end.  Get this from the Catholic News service:

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Faith and charity can never be separated nor opposed to each other, just as faith by itself isn't genuine without charity, Pope Benedict XVI said.

"Faith is knowing the truth and adhering to it; charity is 'walking' in the truth," the pope said in his annual message for Lent, which in 2013 begins Feb. 13 for Latin-rite Catholics."Faith is genuine only if crowned by charity."

The text of the pope's message was released by the Vatican Feb. 1.

"It would be too one-sided to place a strong emphasis on the priority and decisiveness of faith and to undervalue and almost despise concrete works of charity, reducing them to a vague humanitarianism," Pope Benedict said.

"It is equally unhelpful to overstate the primacy of charity and the activity it generates, as if works could take the place of faith."

 If "Faith is knowing the truth and adhering to it" what conclusion must we draw about "Pope" Benedict who took the Anti-Modernist Oath in 1951 upon his priestly ordination and has two earned doctorates? He knows the Faith and REJECTED it, making himself a heretic. "Faith and Charity can never be separated nor opposed to each other...." and "faith by itself isn't genuine without Charity"?
Really? Let's see what the Council of Trent dogmatically defined:

Canon 28.
If anyone says that with the loss of grace through sin faith is also lost with it, or that the faith which remains is not a true faith, though it is not a living one, or that he who has faith without charity is not a Christian, let him be anathema

With every mortal sin, charity is lost but NOT Faith. Therefore, Faith and Charity CAN be separated. Notice the cleverness of Ratzinger. Had he clearly reiterated the true teaching and said "But ideally, Faith and Charity SHOULD always accompany each other in the believer who strives to live in the state of grace" there would be no problem. Instead, he makes a denial of defined dogma seem like an expression of an ideal; something beautiful. Have nothing to do with the Vatican II sect.

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