Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting Ready for the Next Antipope

                                      GOOD RIDDANCE

Today, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, February 11, 2013, Fr. Joseph Ratzinger aka "Pope" Benedict XVI announced he would abdicate his pretended papacy on February 28. Rather than speculate on why he's doing so (I'll touch on that in the coming days), let's all keep in mind what the new conclave will bring: more heresy.

 Ratzinger was the first non-bishop to be Antipope, having been "ordained" to the episcopacy with the invalid Pauline Rite in 1977. The next Antipope might not even have valid priestly orders, but could be just a layman if he were ordained in/after 1968. A group of heretics all appointed by Ratzinger and John Paul the Great Apostate will elect another heretic as "pope." Will he proceed under the guise of "orthodoxy" like Ratzinger, who had the appellation of "God's Rottweiler", or will he be such an out-and -out Modernist, who will shed the last vestiges of Catholicism, allowing birth control, abortion, the end of clerical celibacy, sodomite "marriage," and priestesses?

I'm hoping for the latter. Just maybe enough people will wake up, and the Traditionalists can have an imperfect General Council to elect a True Pope to succeed Pope Pius XII (d. 1958). Stay tuned.

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