Saturday, February 9, 2013

Defending Their Own

When thinking about the moral and spiritual mess that is the Vatican II sect, I'm often reminded of the aphorism, "And who shall guard the guards themselves?" With rampant pederasty, and brave talk about "zero tolerance" for any credible accusation of such behaviors, what is one to make of the following news story?

From Catholic News Agency:
The Archdiocese of Newark affirmed its decision to allow a priest accused of abusing a minor to remain in ministry, stressing that they are complying with authorities and prohibiting any interaction alone with children.
“We have not received any complaints from the prosecutor’s office…since Father has been back in ministry,” said Jim Goodness, the archdiocesan communications director.
“We’re doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing,” he told CNA on Feb. 5.
On Nov. 21, the Catholic Advocate – the archdiocesan newspaper – announced that Father Michael Fugee had been appointed co-director of the office of Continuing Education and Ongoing Formation of Priests. He had been, and remains, director of the Office of the Propagation of the Faith. Both are positions at the Newark chancery.
On Feb. 3, the Star-Ledger ran a story about the appointment, calling it a “high-profile position.”
Goodness contested that characterization, saying, “it certainly is not a prestigious assignment…Father simply has to send out emails and notices to the priests in the diocese talking about this or that seminar or workshop if they want to take advantage of it, that’s it.”
In 2001, Fr. Fugee was charged with criminal sexual contact and endangering a child’s welfare.
The priest told police he had twice groped a teenage boy’s crotch while they were wrestling in the presence of the boy’s family members. One instance took place while he was on vacation with the boy’s family in Virginia in 2000, he said, and the other was about a year prior to that.
During his 2003 trial, Fr. Fugee protested that his confession to the police was false and that he had lied. The jury convicted him of aggravated sexual contact.
Fr. Fugee appealed the decision, and in 2006, an appellate court reversed his conviction, saying that the trial court had given inadequate guidance to the jury. Goodness said that “there was no basis for those original verdicts.”
Oh my Goodness! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) The man admitted to having a deviant disorder, by being "homosexual or bisexual", then states he lied under oath to the police. So we have a sodomite version of Bill Clinton who is now going to have charge over the formation of "priests"?!? Even SECULAR papers have weighed in on such madness: (From the Herald)

"An archdiocesan review board determined Fugee could be returned to ministry but with no contact with children. This is a clear violation of the so-called Dallas Charter. The charter states that “for even a single act of sexual abuse of a minor — whenever it occurred — which is admitted or established after an appropriate process in accord with canon law, the offending priest or deacon is to be permanently removed from ministry and, if warranted, dismissed from the clerical state.”
The archdiocese may want to play word games — playfully wrestling with a minor versus grabbing the boy’s crotch. The criminal conviction was overturned, but Fugee’s admitted conduct — criminal or not — was not acceptable behavior. Rather than err on the side of respect for victims, the archdiocese put the needs of clergy ahead of the people it serves.
Fugee should not be in active ministry. One strike and you’re out. Those are the rules agreed upon by the bishops themselves. Yet the archdiocese placed Fugee in 2009 at St. Michael’s Medical Center in Newark as a chaplain. When hospital administrators found out, Fugee was removed. Church officials had notified the head of chaplains at the hospital about Fugee’s history, but not administrators. Again, this is a pattern that seems to never stop."

Beginning in the mid-1960s, the Vatican II sect began to admit men with "SSA" (i.e. Same sex attraction) into the seminaries. By the late 1970s some, such as Immaculate Conception Seminary serving the Diocese of Brooklyn and Rockville Centre, was known as the "Pink Palace." Can it be that now they have reached high places of authority, and will defend their fellow perverts while attempting to look "vigilant" against such things? When even secular writers notice such sophistical legerdemain meant to defend the indefensible, it seems entirely plausible. Even the names make you shake your head, men like "Goodness" and "Cardinal Law" doing everything to subvert the former and break the latter.

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