Friday, March 15, 2013

His Name May Be Francis, But He's Been Less Than Frank

Here's just a partial list of the doctrinal and moral aberrations as reported by other web sites concerning the "conservative" "Pope" Francis:

  • He comes from that order in the Vatican II sect, the Jesuits, most criminally involved in the sex and money scandals, as well as "Liberation Theology."

  • At an "Ecumenical Meeting" at Buenos Aires on June 19, 2006, he knelt to received the imposition of hands from Protestant ministers there present. 

  • He is a flaming "ecumenist" (syncretist), who has been prominently involved in all kinds of blatantly unCatholic and anti-Catholic gatherings with Protestants, Jews, and Mohammedans, many of which he allowed to be held in his own Vatican II cathedral.

  • Like Ratzinger, he is a particular friend of the Jews, who hailed his election. He has regularly participated in Jewish services and in lighting the menorah.

  • He has shown a hostility to the "Latin Mass," even Ratzinger's Modernist Vatican II "Motu" Mess of 1962+ additions.

  • He has been described by one of his own flock as "an utter enemy of tradition."

  • He has espoused a decidedly Modernist mindset of "a changing tradition."

Bergoglio is just another heretic, the sixth antipope of the Vatican II sect. He is a Modernist and will hopefully be more and more radical, putting the nail in the Vatican II coffin, and sending many into the loving arms of the True Church of Traditionalism. Don't be fooled by media reports of "humility" and being "conservative" (a label that doesn't even apply to Catholicism--you're either orthodox or heterodox). He's not about to deny those reports of false humility and conservatism either. He's not Frank; he's a phony.

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