Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bishop Williamson, Guess Who's The Real Dummy

Bishop Richard Williamson, the expelled Bishop from the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), has had quite the tumultuous life. Raised Anglican, he converted to Catholicism as the Modernists of Vatican II took over. He had enough True Catholic sense to realize something was wrong, and joined the SSPX seminary in Econe. In 1976, the then 36 year old Williamson was ordained a priest by Archbishop Lefebvre. He was one of  the Archbishop's most notorious sycophants. He rejected sedevacantism because Abp. Lefebvre did not officially embrace it. He would later comment that if the Archbishop had openly declared himself a sedevacantist, he would need to rethink his position, so as to "think in line" with Archbishop Lefebvre! Traditionally, Catholics are supposed to think as one with the CHURCH, but Lefebvre has taken on cultic status with many in (and formally of) the SSPX.

Who can forget his questioning of the exact number of Jews killed in the Holocaust, which would bring him the wrath of Ratzinger, who regretted remitting the so-called "excommunications" of 1988 placed on the Bishops consecrated by Lefebvre. He had long standing legal problems in Germany where "Holocaust-denial" is a crime. Bp. Williamson clashed with SSPX General Superior Bp. Fellay over the latter's attempted wholesale sellout to Modernist Rome. This lead to Bp. Williamson's expulsion from the SSPX.

In a recent e-mail to his supporters, Bp. Williamson was rightfully upset by "Pope" Francis deciding to "canonize" Roncalli (Antipope John XXIII) and Wotyla (Antipope John Paul II) as "saints." Unfortunately, Williamson often takes a correct position while refusing to let logic get in the way. He can't let go of his hero-worship of Lefebvre, and will not therefore allow himself to follow the evidence where it necessarily leads---sedevacantism.

He said that, "as is always the case with Modernism, the words remain the same but the content of the words is quite different. Therefore, Catholics who have the true Faith need not worry one little bit whether these Newcanonizations are infallible or not. They are proceeding from the Newchurch, which is a dummy of the Catholic Church."

His statement is troubling for several reasons:
  1. He mentions "Catholics who have the true Faith," thereby implying that somehow you can have the absurdity of "Catholics who DON'T have the True Faith" a contradiction in terms.
  2. It is taught by nearly all pre-Vatican II theologians that canonizations are infallible. Therefore, if Francis declares two Modernists as "saints", it is further inconvertible proof that  he is not the Vicar of Christ, but rather a manifest heretic.
  3. Notice the terms "Newcanonizations" and "Newchurch." This clearly implies that the Vatican II sect ("Newchurch") is not the same as the Roman Catholic Church (which is correct), yet Williamson still holds Francis to be pope!
  4. He desperately wants to hold that the See of Peter has an occupant, so he explains that Newchurch is a "dummy of the Catholic Church." He analogizes to hospitals that kill (abortion) and police that oppress instead of help people. His analogy must fail because hospitals, schools, the police, etc, are all human institutions. The Roman Catholic Church is of Divine origin and is Indefectible!
  5. He then claims that Francis is like a father of a family who has lost his mind. You love and respect him, but don't follow him in his insanity.
The problem with point #5 above is that Francis is NOT insane. He's crazy like a fox. He knowingly, willingly, and obstinately proclaims heresy in the public forum. This makes him a heretic, and a heretic can't be pope!! For that matter, neither can an insane man retain the papacy. As theologian Prummer taught  The power of the Roman Pontiff is lost: …(c) By his perpetual insanity or by formal heresy. (Manuale Iuris Canonci (1927) pg. 95

But Williamson doesn't care about Church teaching. He cares about the thoughts of Archbishop Lefebvre more than drawing logical, necessary conclusions from theological facts. The real dummy is the mannequin Francis, pretending to be the real pope; and the appellation "dummy" fits equally well in describing those like Bp. Williamson whose feeble-minded attempts to rescue the "papacy" of Francis stupidly keeps them from the Truth.

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