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"Pope" Francis: Bringing "Frankenchurch" To The Next Level Of Depravity

The Modernist, ecumenical sect created by Vatican II has been dubbed "Frankenchurch." Just like the monster Frankenstein from the movies (who was made from different parts stitched together), it is composed of a “People of God” and a “Church of Christ” not identical with the Roman Catholic Church and broader than it — a Frankenchurch created from “elements” of the true Church that are possessed either “fully” (by Catholics) or “partially” (by heretics and schismatics).

The National Catholic (sic) Reporter has published an article entitled "Is Pope Francis bringing a new church into being?" by Pat Perriello. The author is obviously oblivious to the fact that a new "church" was already set up by Vatican II called by Antipope John XXIII (soon to be a  so-called "saint")and finished by Antipope Paul VI (who will most likely be declared "Blessed" soon). I read with interest to see why the author thought a "new church" was being brought into fruition by Antipope Francis. Below, I reprint some of the article, with my comments in red after each part.

Pope Francis is back at the Vatican after a whirlwind World Youth Day celebration in Brazil. Not a single doctrine of the Catholic church was altered during this event. Frankly, there seems little likelihood there will be change to any Catholic doctrine in the foreseeable future. Pope Francis even made clear that there will be no female priests during his papacy.

Catholic doctrine has been altered beyond recognition. If there were a time machine and we could bring a devout Catholic from 1958 to any Vatican II sect parish in the world, he would not recognize it as Catholic in any sense of the word! Female priests? With altar girls, scantily clad women reading the Bible and distributing the crackers at the Novus Bogus "mass" they are almost there in a Lutheran "priesthood of all believers."

It is notable that Pope Francis has almost never used the word abortion since his elevation to the papacy. He was asked about this in his press conference. He forthrightly answered that the church's position on abortion was clear and he wanted to present a positive message. In other words, he wanted to change the subject. He understood there are many issues the church needs to talk about, and by limiting itself to commenting over and over on abortion, homosexuality and other sins of the flesh, the church has failed to provide a strong voice on so many other important issues. For Pope Francis, poverty is at the top of that list. These issues also include the excesses and injustices of capitalism, the abuse of power, the repression of the poor and the outcast. In short, the pope wishes to focus on the Gospel values of Jesus presented in the New Testament.

Let's change a word above and see the manifest absurdity that follows. "It is notable that Pope Francis has almost never used the word Holocaust since his elevation to the papacy. He was asked about this in his press conference. He forthrightly answered that the church's position on the Holocaust was clear and he wanted to present a positive message." How well would that go over in the media? The Holocaust was the murder of six million innocent people. Abortion is the murder of approximately 50 million human beings in the U.S. alone since 1973. What is more important (after the salvation of souls) than preventing the murder of the innocent? The Gospel values of Jesus? Didn't Our Lord say of poverty "The poor thou shalt always have with you"? (St. Matthew 26:11) Saving souls and preventing the murder of the innocent take precedence over any other evils.

How does changing the subject change the church? One change, I believe, will be an end to what has essentially become a spy network ready to accuse clergy or other officials of minor liturgical discrepancies or some perceived failure to adhere to official church teachings. Under Pope Francis, such accusations will likely be referred back to the ordinary of the diocese. The fear of being caught doing something wrong will be significantly reduced.

I'm sure that last sentence will bring smiles to the faces of Frankie's pedophile clergy and the "gay mafia" at the Vatican. We have now gotten to the point where "Clown Mass," using tortilla chips as "communion" and the singing secular rock songs with the "punk priest" are described as "minor liturgical discrepancies." To root out what's wrong is "spying," and when Fr. Sodomite assures us homosexuals have a right to "marry" this is merely a perceived failure to adhere to official Church teachings. Please. 

Francis specifically changed the subject on the issue of homosexuality. The church essentially teaches two things regarding homosexuality. Homosexual acts are considered sinful, yet homosexual individuals are to be treated with respect and dignity, as are all human beings. Up to now, the church has focused on sin. What a difference it makes when the focus is placed on the humanity of the individuals involved.

"Hate the sin and love the sinner" has always been the moral stance of the Church (capital "C" not the small "c" Vatican II sect about which the author writes). However, people are born in sin and in need of redemption. To respect the homosexual person is to perform one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy and admonish the sinner!  They must cease their sins against nature. This article stinks of the Modernist notion that all moral and doctrinal aberrations must be "respected" because the propagators of this filth and error are "dignified" and have "rights." As Pope Leo XIII wrote, "About the 'rights of man,' as they are called, the people have heard enough; it is time they should hear of the rights of God." (Encyclical Temetsi 11/1/1900)
Finally, let me say a word to those who may want more from this new pope. I would place myself in that camp, but let me point out why that would be a really bad move: Any clear break with John Paul II or Benedict XVI would create a backlash that would destroy everything Francis is trying to do. He would be seen as illegitimate, and we could wind up with the first impeached pope in history. Conservative elements in the church would usurp the power of Francis and the church would move into a retrenchment that would likely last for centuries.

A clear break might expose the counterfeit "Catholicism" of Vatican II to the so-called "conservative members of the sect, who might find the True Church, so Frankie backs off. Impeached? No such thing, and even if possible, who would denounce this heretic---his fellow heretics in the Vatican? Retrenchment? No! Only the obliteration of everything Vatican II would do any good, and the Modernists are in complete control, so that will never happen except for Divine Intervention.

The genius of Francis: Although some or even many may be upset with the moves he has made, they really can't complain. How can one object to a pope who speaks out for the poor? Who can object to a message of love and compassion? Announcing a determination to live Gospel values in all simplicity is not up for scrutiny by traditionalists. Can anyone really question a desire to treat every individual with dignity and respect? I believe Francis knows exactly what he's doing and he just may be the person to bring a new church into being.

Evil genius to be sure, and yes, we Traditionalists can complain and scrutinize the actions of His Wickedness. Speaking out for the poor while ignoring the murder of innocents is no virtue. False messages of "love" and "compassion" that preclude admonishing the sinner and saving souls is downright malevolent. Failing to denounce sin under the guise of "dignity" and "respect" ignores the duty and rights of God and His One True Church. Frankie does know exactly what he's doing--taking Frankenchurch to its next phase in Satan's plan.

 Besides, Pope Francis is just getting started. He's not done yet.

Be afraid. Be very afraid---and pray without ceasing that God may save us in this time of near universal apostasy.

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