Friday, November 8, 2013

Is It Moral? Let's Have A Show Of Hands Please

 Antipope Francis has sent out a survey to the so-called "Catholic bishops" to see how once Catholic parishes deal with the moral abominations that plague our post-Vatican II world. These horrors include single mothers, sodomite "marriages" (that often result in adoption), surrogate motherhood, adultery in the form of divorce and remarriage, interfaith marriages, and "forms of feminism hostile to the Church." (I got a laugh out of the last one. It's much akin to lamenting "forms of National Socialism hostile to Jews").

  •  Why do we need a survey? Isn't Frankie the "pope" and the pontiff should lead? No! The logical outgrowth of Vatican II's collegiality is the "Bishop of Rome"--as Bergoglio calls himself---is a "first among equals", like in the schismatic/heretical Eastern Orthodox. Frankie has said his sect will no longer be "Vatican-centric," which is a denial of the monarchical constitution of Christ's Mystical Body, the One True Church.

 This is the Modernist heresy of church leaders following the "truths" given by the "People of God" which springs from some inner experience of the divine and expressed as "vox populi, vox Dei." Speaking with his Modernist forked tongue, Frankie will seemingly contradict himself, so "conservatives" can put an orthodox spin on his heresy while he advances the Modernist agenda.
 Some pertinent examples:

  • What can be done pastorally in the light of transmitting the faith for practicing sodomites who have married and have adopted children, asks the survey. What indeed? Sounds compassionate, but how can those who spit in the face of God and trash the Natural Law do anything before they repent and lead chaste lives? Children will be confused enough without anything less than an uncompromising message that the lifestyle is WRONG!

  •  The survey questions how to "support" divorced and remarried adulterers on their "journey of faith" while the Modernist Vatican reaffirmed the ban on "communion" for such people after the infamous interviews given by Bergoglio.

  • It bemoans the fact that marriage is seen as "provisional," yet Antipope Francis wants to make it even easier to get a phony "annulment" on exactly that basis.

  Recent polling shows that only 34% of the members in the Vatican II sect consider homosexual behavior to be morally wrong. According to Sherry Weddell, in her book, Forming Intentional Disciples: the Path to Knowing and Following Jesus, only 60% of Vatican II members who regularly attend the Novus Bogus bread and wine service believe in a personal God!!

Pope St. Pius X knew that Modernism leads logically to atheism. The saintly Pontiff explained it well in his famous encyclical Pascendi Domenici Gregis, in paragraph #6:

. We begin, then, with the philosopher. Modernists place the foundation of religious philosophy in that doctrine which is commonly called Agnosticism. According to this teaching human reason is confined entirely within the field of phenomena, that is to say, to things that appear, and in the manner in which they appear: it has neither the right nor the power to overstep these limits. Hence it is incapable of lifting itself up to God, and of recognizing His existence, even by means of visible things. From this it is inferred that God can never be the direct object of science, and that, as regards history, He must not be considered as an historical subject. Given these premises, everyone will at once perceive what becomes of Natural Theology, of the motives of credibility, of external revelation. The modernists simply sweep them entirely aside; they include them in Intellectualism, which they denounce as a system which is ridiculous and long since defunct. Nor does the fact that the Church has formally condemned these portentous errors exercise the slightest restraint upon them. Yet the Vatican Council has defined, "If anyone says that the one true God, our Creator and Lord, cannot be known with certainty by the natural light of human reason by means of the things that are made, let him be anathema"; and also, "If anyone says that it is not possible or not expedient that man be taught, through the medium of divine revelation, about God and the worship to be paid Him, let him be anathema''; and finally, "If anyone says that divine revelation cannot be made credible by external signs, and that therefore men should be drawn to the faith only by their personal internal experience or by private inspiration, let him be anathema." It may be asked, in what way do the Modernists contrive to make the transition from Agnosticism, which is a state of pure nescience, to scientific and historic Atheism, which is a doctrine of positive denial; and consequently, by what legitimate process of reasoning, they proceed from the fact of ignorance as to whether God has in fact intervened in the history of the human race or not, to explain this history, leaving God out altogether, as if He really had not intervened. Let him answer who can. Yet it is a fixed and established principle among them that both science and history must be atheistic: and within their boundaries there is room for nothing but phenomena; God and all that is divine are utterly excluded. We shall soon see clearly what, as a consequence of this most absurd teaching, must be held touching the most sacred Person of Christ, and the mysteries of His life and death, and of His Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven.

 Without God, Antipope Francis will decide moral issues by popular survey in a religion that is devoid of God's grace and Truth. The people go on the path to perdition, and Frankie will cheer them on, giving approbation to their wicked desires. We are witnessing the geometric growth in the acceptance of homosexuality into law. Once Catholic Belgium is considering legalizing euthanasia for children, while Bergoglio condemns youth unemployment and the loneliness of the elderly as the "greatest evils" on Earth.

For those in the Vatican II sect, don't take the survey. Vote with your feet and get out now. Come to the Traditionalist Catholic Church---what's left of the once Roman Catholic Church---and cast the vote which could one day make you one of the elect.


  1. No. What I wrote is that according to the Pew Forum's 2008 US Religious Landscape, only 60% of all American Catholics of any age and attending any liturgy, practicing or non-practicing, believe in a personal God. Sherry Weddell