Thursday, April 24, 2014

No Mercy For Francis

 This coming Sunday, for Traditionalist Catholics, is commonly known as "Low Sunday;"the Sunday immediately following Easter. In the Vatican II sect two falsehoods will take place; the so-called "canonizations" of Wotyla (Antipope John Paul II) and Roncalli (Antipope John XXIII), as well as the celebration of "Divine Mercy Sunday." The Modernists destroy all things traditional and holy---Low Sunday being no exception.  The whole "Divine Mercy" devotion was CONDEMNED by the Holy Office. (For an awesome article on this fact, please search on Not only does this phony devotion detract from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the last thing the Vatican II sect needs is more emphasis on mercy and less on God's Justice.

  Containing within it the idea of universalism (the heresy that all people, perhaps even the fallen angels too, will be saved), they grant an "indulgence" for going to "reconciliation" and eating the Novus Bogus cracker. Over 90% of the sect's members probably don't even know what an indulgence is since every time someone dies they receive a de facto canonization at the "Mass (sic) of Christian Burial." Ironically, even the false teachings are turning on apostate Bergoglio (Antipope Francis). A phony "seer" known only as "Maria Divine Mercy" has a website claiming she has received visions and messages since 2010. You can (naturally) buy her books on her false messages, too. (See

 Maria has hidden her identity and is located somewhere in Europe. She claims on her site:
"Maria was told by Jesus that she is the 7th Messenger, the 7th Angel sent to reveal to the world the contents of the Seals in the Book of Revelation which can only be opened by the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. He will open the Seals and reveal, in advance, the contents. Maria has to publish them as each Seal is opened. He has told her she is the end time prophet."

 A doomsday prophetess, I'm not sure if she implies that she is an angel in human form, a human turned into an angel, or something equally absurd. Also, if she is the 7th Angel, who were the first six? Obviously a fraud, Maria made a prediction that Ratzinger (Antipope Benedict XVI), would be "forced out." Given his health and the pedophile scandals hanging over his head, it wasn't such an incredible "revelation." What is interesting, is that she claims Ratzinger is the last "pope".

  • In Pope Benedict's place, a new antipope will be elected: "The false prophet will now take over the Seat in Rome" . "[T]hey will bring God’s children under the rule of the little horn, who will sit in pompous splendour in the Seat of Peter" .
  • This antipope will announce a plan to merge world religions: "Seated in the Chair of Peter, this imposter will shout aloud and proudly proclaim his solution to unite all churches as one.  Hailed as a modern innovator, he will be applauded by the secular world because he will condone sin. He will bring in new laws, which will, not only contradict the Teachings of the Catholic Church, but which will go against all Christian laws".
  Well, Vatican II has had as its goal a one world religion all along, Ratzinger was certainly no exception. But, is it possible that just as she guessed that Ratzinger would resign, we might see Bergoglio ('applauded by the secular world") condoning sin ("communion" by remarried adulterers, praying to heretics like Wotyla) and going against all Christian laws (he's a moral relativist)?  Even a broken clock is right twice every 24 hours!

 So on the day Bergoglio declares two heretics as phony "saints" on a  feast of a false apparition, even a false prophetess who adheres to that bogus devotion declares Begoglio a "false prophet" who will "bring God's children under the rule of the little horn"(i.e. Satan).
One can only wonder if Divine Justice can be far behind when even the most absurd Vatican II devotees of Divine Mercy show Antipope Francis  no clemency. 


  1. Interesting, though, that Sr. Faustina's worst day os suffering , a day that she suffered for priests, was the actual day of Francis' birth. Perhaps she got that right.-------Seattle Kimmy

  2. Like baptism of desire, fatima, and the struggling with 'do independent priest have jurisdiction',the divine mercy is something I wrestle with concerning validity.