Monday, September 28, 2015

Leading Others To Hell By Example

 I had another topic ready for this week's post, which I needed to put off so I can give my impression of the Unholy Father's visit to the U.S. Rather than spell out all of what was wrong, I will just let Jorge Bergoglio ("Pope" Francis) do the talking, or rather, show us by his example, that for which he stands.

What Francis Did

  • He met the leading Socialist, sodomite-supporter, and baby-killer of the United States, Barak Obama. He then spoke before the U.S. Congress. Frankie's concerns? Immigration and the environment. Here he exalts the Corporal Works of Mercy over the Spiritual Works of Mercy. Humanity's final end is supernatural not natural. "Salus Animarum Est Suprema Lex" (The Salvation of Souls is the Supreme Law) proclaims the Canon Law of the Church.  He did not mention that all must convert to the Catholic Faith to be saved (a thrice defined dogma), nor did he implore all to follow Christ. "He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned." (See St. Mark 16:16). 
  • In his address to Congress, he said the following: "“Every life is sacred,” calling for the “global abolition of the death penalty” and the “responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development.” Frankie's apologists will consider this "condemnation of abortion." A few things to remember: The perennial teaching of the Catholic Church is that capital punishment is moral. The State may remove a dangerous person from "the body politic." Abortion and euthanasia are intrinsic evils that may never be permitted. His remark about capital punishment was direct; his reference to abortion and euthanasia were veiled. 
  • He did not remind the other so-called "Catholics" who were there (most notably VP Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi) that support of abortion is ipso facto excommunication. He did not tell all politicians who claim to be Catholic that he would order the "bishops" and "priests" of his sect to deny them "communion." 
  • He met with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's concubine, Sandra Lee, to give her a blessing as she is fighting breast cancer. Once more, Francis extols the earthly over the eternal. While I hope Ms. Lee makes a full and complete recovery, I hope she separates from Cuomo and repents of her adultery. Her soul  is at stake. Frankie never told her (as Christ told the adulterer after He saved her from being stoned, "Go, and sin no more." St. John 8:11). Cuomo is a "Catholic" who is divorced without a Vatican II sect "annulment" so that, even by their standards, he is still married to his first wife. He single-handedly  pushed sodomite "marriage" through the NYS Legislature in 2011.
  • He allowed an open and practicing sodomite TV personality, Maurice Rocca, to be "lector" at the Novus Bogus "mass" he held in NY. He never denounced the Supreme Court for legalizing sodomite "marriage."

Who Francis Admires And Holds Up For Emulation
  • Before Congress, Frankie said, "A nation can be considered great when it defends liberty as Lincoln did; when it fosters a culture which enables people to ‘dream’ of full rights for all their brothers and sisters as Martin Luther King sought to do; when it strives for justice and the cause of the oppressed as Dorothy Day did by her tireless work; the fruit of a faith which becomes dialogue and sows peace in the contemplative style of Thomas Merton" 
  • Lincoln and King were not Catholics; he couldn't find examples of virtue in Catholics? King, although he stood against racism, was also a Communist sympathizer and womanizer. He was the cleric of a false religion. Compare: In April 1910, former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt sought an audience with Pope St. Pius X. The Pope agreed to see him, provided Roosevelt would not call on some Methodist missionaries in Rome. The Holy Pontiff did not want to meet with anyone who would honor clerics of a false religion trying to lead souls to Hell. Roosevelt declined to submit to St. Pius X's conditions and the interview did not take place. Francis holds up King, also a false cleric, to be honored. 
  • Dorothy Day was the subject of a scathing expose, The Catholic Worker Movement (1933-1980): A Critical Analysis  by Carol Byrne. Ms. Byrne had the following to say, "...based on archival sources not previously available to the public, show that Dorothy Day, after her conversion to Catholicism, did in fact become a member of several Socialist organizations and was actively involved in political groups whose founders and leaders were predominantly members of the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA).  The book provides details of how Day shared public platforms with high profile Communists including Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, a paid official of the CPUSA (and later its first woman Chairman), took an active part in an array of Communist-led strikes during the 1930s and ‘40s and used her newspaper, the Catholic Worker (CW), of which she was editor for almost 50 years, as an organ of propaganda in favor of Communism. All this must be considered against the background of the decree issued by the Holy Office in 1949 pronouncing an anathema on any Catholic who cooperated with Communists in any way. The fact that she was able to flout the papal ban against Communist-aiding Catholics merely conferred on her an added mystique among her supporters. While declaring herself committed to a non-violent revolution, Day nonetheless supported every Socialist regime around the world regardless of its violent beginnings and inhumane consequences. There is documentary evidence that Day supported the policies of hostile foreign powers operating from Moscow, Havana, Peking and Hanoi against her own country, the USA. She also wrote favorably about such Socialist dictators as Lenin, Castro, Mao and Ho Chi Minh, even though they had all violently persecuted the Church in their respective countries. Is it not ironic that some Catholics who died in Communist purges of the 20th century have been canonized while the Vatican is considering sainthood for a Catholic who spent most of her life collaborating with their executioners?"
  • Thomas Merton, the "Monk of Modernism," was a believer in all religions – he created his own syncretistic brand of religion while remaining under the auspices of the Catholic Church. He gave equal attention to the mystical traditions within Catholicism, Zen Buddhism, and Hinduism. He was an equal-opportunity mystic drawn to the "common thread" found in all the world’s false religions, including his own Vatican II sect (he died in 1968, 4 years after the Great Apostasy). He even delved into the mystical branch of Islam and corresponded for many years with a Muslim Sufi cleric by the name of Abdul Aziz. "In his last years Merton became engrossed in the commonplaces of Eastern and Western mysticism. He was one of those for whom ‘ecumenical’ meant ‘worldwide or universal in extent and influence.’ His understanding of the unity of the world, a panentheistic God, and a cosmic Christ prohibited a narrowly defined humanity or limited theater of God’s action. The universality of the human quest for authentic being seemed to hold for him the potential for establishing a transcultural family of man." (See Thomas Merton on Mysticism by Raymond Bailey,1974, Doubleday & Co., Inc, Garden City, NY, p. 15).
 "By their fruits thou shalt know them. Are grapes gathered from thorn-bushes, or figs from thistles?" (St. Matthew 7:16). Our Lord told us that only a bad tree produces bad fruit. Now, we see a man who claims to be "pope," yet he preaches an earthly "gospel," fails to uphold traditional teachings on the murder of the unborn and unnatural vice, never demands that people repent, and cites evil people for admiration. Even the magazine Newsweek asked, "Is The Pope Catholic?" The evidence of his own actions tell us the answer is a resounding "NO." He is neither Catholic nor pope.


  1. Those of us who, 'know them by their fruits', are the true remnant. I small, small, minority, but grand in Truth.

    God bless and keep fighting; despite the multitudes who look at the fruits and turn the other way, or even look at the fruits and develop new systems to explain them away, like the falsely named, Remnant Newspaper.

  2. >There is documentary evidence that Day supported >the policies of hostile foreign powers operating from >Moscow, Havana, Peking and Hanoi against her own >country, the USA.

    Anyone with this evidence (apart from extracts from her published writings) is welcome to submit it to the Catholic Worker Archives at Marquette University (in existence since 1962 and containing thousands of documents concerning Day).

    Anyone possessing

  3. Was T.Merton an validily ordained priest?