Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Operation Survival 22 Years Later

On June 30, 1988, His Excellency, Archbishop Marcel Levebvre (with the assistance of Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer) consecrated four Society of St. Pius X priests to the Episcopacy in opposition to the Modernist Vatican. Those two brave prelates along with newly consecrated Bishop Bernard Fellay (now age 52), Bishop Alfonso de Galleretta (now age 53), Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerias (now age 65) and Bishop Richard Williamson (now age 70) were "excommunicated" by Karol Wotyla (John Paul II) the next day. Wotyla began the "Ecclesia Dei" Commission on July 2, to try and keep as many away from the Society by offering them the Traditional Mass if they would accept the poison of Vatican II and the "papacy" of Wotyla.

Now, 22 years later, "Operation Survival" as the Archbishop called the consecrations, can be seen in light of history. The Archbishop, who had come to a de facto acceptance of sedevacantism, went to his eternal reward March 25, 1991. Bishop de Castro Mayer, who shared his views, departed a month later on April 25. Bishop Bernard Fellay took control of the Society in 1994 and began "negotiations" with the Modernist Vatican. The Archbishop had broken off his negotiations when he realized (a) a Catholic doesn't negotiate with a Pope, he obeys, and (b) the continuation of the Church with a valid Apostolic succession needed to be preserved. When you add (a) plus (b), you get the formula for sedevacantism.

Bp. Fellay thinks that you can have a pope and not obey. It's "Cathestant"--the mixing of Catholicism with Protestantism. You have a Holy Father and you decide when and what to obey! Against abortion? Yes, your Holiness! You want us to celebrate the Novus Ordo? No, your Holiness can not command us to go against Tradition. You decry homosexual "marriage"? Yes, your Holiness! Archbishop Levebvre died excommunicated? No, Your Holiness, it was illegal for John Paul II to do so. And so it goes on and on.

On July 7, 2007, Ratzinger issued Summorum Pontificum, which allowed the 1962 Missal to be used as the "Extraordinary Rite" of the Church (a sort of "Equal Rites Amendment"). In January 2009, he lifted the "excommunications" against the four living SSPX Bishops. A month later when Bishop Williamson disputed a point of secular history (how many Jews died in the Holocaust and were gas chambers used), Ratzinger jumped through hoops to apologize and "silenced" Bp. Williamson, demanding a retraction and apology. Had Bp. Williamson sodomized some young boys and/or denied some Truth of Divine and Catholic Faith, Ratzinger would have helped hide his crimes (no apology necessary), and to silence a heretic is intolerable!

Readers wonder why I don't consider the SSPX as Traditionalist. The foregoing should make it obvious. You can't pick and choose what commands of a pope to follow. You must follow them all! If the Novus Ordo is as good as the "Extraordinary Rite", you have no doctrinal basis not to use the New Mass. It becomes a matter of preference; you like vanilla and I like chocolate. You can't claim that the Traditional Mass is more reverent, because that implies that the Church gave us a Rite that is less reverent. The Dogma of the Indefectability of the Church assures us the Church can not give that which is evil--and not to give God the most reverence is an evil (think of Cain and Abel--Cain gave God less than the best he had, and God was not pleased)!

Only sedevacantism gets you out of this conundrum. Ratzinger is NOT pope, therefore we need not obey him--period! The fact that the Novus Ordo is the Novus Bogus (invalid and irreverent), is proof that those who gave it to us are not part of the Church but defected through the profession of heresy. I beg all SSPXers to leave before the sell-out to Ratzinger. Stop trying to walk the fence. If the SSPX is to really survive, the operation they most need is one to remove the deadly disease of Ratzinger from the Body of Christ.

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