Monday, June 28, 2010

Vatican II, The "Punk Priest" and the Highway to Hell

" In the Traditional Mass only the bread and wine ever change. In the New Mass everything EXCEPT the bread and wine changes."--Attributed to Bp. Blaise Kurz, circa 1969

"Before an institution self-destructs the more ridiculous it becomes."--Voltaire

Apologists for the Deformation that was Vatican II will frequently complain that the wacky goings-on are "abuses never sanctioned by the Council or Pope." The facts tell a different story. Meet one "Fr." Bob Lubic, a Vatican II priest in the Diocese of Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Known like most Vatican II clerics as just "Father Bob" (just a regular guy, no alter Christus here!) he has the distinction of also being called the "punk priest" for his use of rock music and punk attire in and out of church. Check out his web site at Fr. Bob has actually sang the infamous AC/DC song Highway to Hell (a song about the band's love and admiration for "Father Satan") in Church and made it part of his "homily" (formerly known as the sermon). He's also used Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven---most probably for a Vatican II "Mass of Christian Burial" wherein everything is draped in white and each departed person is de facto canonized as being in Heaven. I wonder if Fr. Bob realizes that Jimmy Page, guitarist for Led Zepplin, was an admirer of Aleister Crowley, the renowned satanist? So enamoured with Crowley, Page purchased the castle where he lived in England. The song even has a proven backward masked message (which I heard) saying "my sweet Satan."

Ah, well, how can Gregorian Chant or Mozart's Requiem Mass in D minor compete with such superior musical talent? Before the chorus of "this is an abuse" chimes in, consider that Fr. Bob operates with the full knowledge and blessing of his "bishop" who in turn is united to Ratzinger. And why shouldn't he; after all, if you read his web site he's simply trying to make the priesthood and Catholicism (at least his parody of it) "more relevant to the people." This WAS and REMAINS the rubric of Vatican II--"making things relevant to modern man." How is this accomplished?

First, downplay/deny "negative theology" which is repugnant to the modern mentality. Such concepts as Hell, Satan, and God's Vengence for Sin must go. Sing a satanic song because (a) there probably is no Hell, so why worry? (b) If there is, no one goes there because we're all good and God will never permit it, so still don't worry! (Maybe Fr. Bob might want to make Don't Worry, Be Happy the official parish anthem).

Second, conform the Church to the modern world. Imitate the world, don't make the world imitate Christ as those "pre-Vatican II schismatics" try to do and whom Fr. Bob condemns on his web site. Interestingly, for someone so eager to placate everyone, we Traditionalists are the ONLY PEOPLE he condemns(Deo gratias!). Actually, under Fr. Bob's theology on Hell, who cares if we're schismatic or not--sin and Hell must go! (The baby-boomers might say "Hell? No, we won't go"!).

Now, you might think I'm making this up. Where does the Vatican II sect teach such things? The General Instruction for the New Mass (GI 69 section 24, DOL 1414) states "..the faithful coming together establish communion among themselves, and dispose themselves for properly hearing the Word of God and worthily celebrating the Eucharist." The Modernist heresy to "establish communion"is nebulous language employed to devalue the real Communion at Mass. This concept of "Christ in the Assembly as Communion" was a driving force of the Modernists which accounts for the numerous times the General Instruction allows the priest to ad lib or omit parts "for pastoral reasons." This explains how the Novus Ordo can be so different from parish to parish or even priest to priest. Use the Motu Mass, Fr. Conservative? Sure! There are pastoral needs! Fr. Bob wants to sing a song about Satan and give a homily that rants with "Amen" responses like a Jimmy Swaggert revival? Sure! Pastoral needs rule again! What are these "pastoral needs", you ask? Why anything that Fr. Conservative or Fr. Bob concoct in their heads, you silly goose!

After the "Prayer after Communion", the GI allows for more impromptu speeches and/or announcements for that warm, fuzzy feeling. Fr. Bob can sell tickets to the Woman's Ordination Conference, tell everyone to give at the Blood drive, ask the people for donations to the Bishop's fund for his million dollar wine cellar, or ask that greeting cards be sent to the former pastor at the local prison. It's all good; and really cool! Then when Fr. Bob says, "The Mass is ended", I can't help but think, "Yep. And I know the heretics who destroyed it, dude."

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