Saturday, July 3, 2010

Reconciling Penance with the New Order

Many in the Counterfeit Church of Vatican II are unaware how the Modernist heretics have destroyed not merely the Most Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, but all the Sacraments as well (with the possible exceptions of Baptism and Marriage). By destroying the Sacrament of Holy Orders, the Vatican II sect has destroyed the Episcopate and Priesthood and the five Sacraments that depend on a valid Apostolic Succession (for an in-depth treatment of how the heretics invalidated Holy Orders see Fr. Cekada's scholarly article "Absolutely Null and Utterly Void" at

Some Traditionalists feel that it is OK to confess their sins to a priest validly ordained in the Traditional Rite (used prior to 1968), but adheres to the Vatican II sect. There are many problems with this idea. As every True Catholic knows, each Sacrament is composed of matter (the sensible thing or action), and form (the necessary words that determine the meaning of the matter), performed by the proper minister (one who has the power to act "in the Person of Christ" for that Sacrament), who joins the matter and form to confect the Sacramental Sign with the Intention of doing what the Church does in the administration of the Sacrament. In addition, the recipient of the Sacrament must have the intention to receive it and place no obex, or obstacle in the way(i.e. the female sex is an invalidating obex to the reception of Holy Orders).

If any of the aforementioned requirements are defective, the Sacrament is null and void. Assuming we have a validly ordained priest (whose ordination was in 1958 for argument's sake), can we go to him for confession if no Traditionalist priest is available? Outside the danger of death the answer must be a resounding NO!!!
1.The priest is an apostate. He has broken his Anti-Modernist Oath and follows the new tenets of the Concilliar religion, bereft of all Catholicism. A Greek Orthodox priest is validly ordained, but is outside the True Church--he is a schismatic (actually a heretic as he denies the Divine Institution and prerogatives of the Papacy) and outside danger of death, you may not approach a schismatic or heretic for Confession.

2.The Rite itself is quite possibly defective. No longer called "Penance" (negative theology), the Feel Good Church of the Punk Priest (see post of 6/28/10) has renamed it "Reconciliation." Even if you could confess to a heretic, you still may not have your sins Sacramentally forgiven. The Confessional has been replaced with the "Reconciliation Room" wherein you have a "rap session" with the priest who now functions as a sort of social worker. In many cases, the "rap" takes place where you are "face to face" which may make a penitent less likely to confess really serious sins out of shame and embarrassment. (There was a reason for the anonymous screen Confessional!) If you wind up in such a situation and omit a mortal sin, your confession is null and void--plus the added sin of a bad confession!
3. Sometimes the Vatican II sect priests make up their own form of the Sacrament, thus invalidating confession with such "absolutions" as "May Our Lord Bless You." A nice Blessing but NOT an absolution from sin!

4. Even adherents of their own sect may not be forgiven with a valid priest because the Vatican II laymen (esp. those born after 1970), are not taught to have a firm resolution to avoid sin and amend their lives. Without this resolution, there is an obex on the part of the recipient that renders it invalid.

Conclusion: Outside of the danger of death, Traditionalists must never approach a Vatican II priest for Penance, whether such priest is validly ordained or not. The once sacred seal of confession is now gone and replaced with little more than psychobabble in a reconciliation room designed to seal your fate.

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