Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Reforms" of Vatican II --already Condemned!

The story of Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa is an interesting one which allows us to assess the "reforms" of the Vatican II Deformation in the 1960s. Bp. Duarte Costa, the bishop of the Diocese of Botucatu, Brazil, was excommunicated by Pope Pius XII on July 2, 1945. He proceeded to set up his own sect, the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church. During one of his ad limina visits to Pope Pius XI in 1936, he proposed the following "reforms" to the Holy Father:

1. Celebration of the Mass and administration of the sacraments in the vernacular language

2. Permission for clergy to marry

3. The abolition of auricular confession, replacing it with general or communal confession and absolution

4. Distribution of Holy Communion to the laity under both species (i.e., Host and Blood)

5. Institution of the "permanent diaconate" for married men

6. Celebration of the Mass "versus populi" (facing the people) with the priest behind the altar (i.e. a table)

7. Creation of a Council of Advice, composed of bishops who would govern the Church together with the Pope(read "collegiality")

8. Participation of laypersons in the Mass, including distribution of Communion (1)

The Pope was outraged and Duarte Costa silenced from promoting such heretical, blasphemous and sacrilegious "reforms"!! His sect immediately implemented his agenda, and today is much akin to High Anglicanism! If Duarte Costa (died 1961) had lived just a little longer, he would have witnessed most of his agenda, with other Modernist ideas,fully implemented at the Second Vatican Council by fellow heretic Giovanni Montini ("Pope" Paul VI). It's only a matter of time before the married "priests" are welcomed by the Modernist Vatican. If only Paul VI had been as intellectually honest as Duarte Costa to admit that he too was setting up his own sect, divorced from the One True Roman Catholic Church of Christ!


1. See official web site of the Catholic Apostolic National Church at This sect also calls itself the "Brazilian Catholic Church" which Duarte Costa founded.


  1. What about the eastern Catholic churches ? didn't they traditionally do some of these things with no problem?

    not a reason for the Latin rite to have been decimated by the novus ordo, but something I was wondering about.

  2. The case with the Eastern Rites (pre-Vatican II) is easily distinguished. In the items listed in the post above:
    #1 The Eastern Rites used ancient forms of the "vernacular." To give but one example, the Ethiopians used Ge'ez, a very old tongue that is no longer spoken (for centuries) outside the Ethiopic Divine Liturgy.
    #2. The Eastern Rites allowed married men to become priests, but once a priest you can not marry. Only single priests may become bishops. Married priests must remain celibate if their wife predeceases them. Duarte Costa wanted priests to marry (before and after ordination) and be allowed to become bishops.
    #3.The Eastern Rites never did such a thing!
    #4. Yes, Communion under both species was allowed in most Eastern Rites, but this was a long standing practice going back to at least the 3rd century. In most cases the priest dipped the Sacred Host in the Precious Blood and then put in on the communicant's tongue. This is a far cry from letting some "liberated nun" in a white robe holding a cup made of clay with some more or less "blessed wine" in it distribute it by letting everyone come up and take a slug.
    #5. Deacons had a real place very subordinate to the priest--they are not "substitute priests" as many are in so-called "priest-less parishes.
    #6. In many, if not most cases, there was a point where the priest would perform the Consecration shielded from view by Holy Doors with Icons. It was not a table devoid of an altar stone with the (alleged) Blessed Sacrament relegated to a hole in the wall so "the assembly of the People of God" can banter back and forth like some political rally.
    #7. Collegiality was a heresy of V2 and unknown in the Eastern Rites. They submitted to the Roman Pontiff, not some "National Conference of Bishops."
    #8. No layman in the Eastern Rite could distribute Holy Communion--only deacons, priests, and bishops.

    As you can see, there was a big difference. Duarte Costa's package of "reforms" was merely setting the stage for his Modernist theology. Today his sect is every bit as Modernist as the Vatican II sect.