Saturday, July 24, 2010

Going to the Dogs

It has been reported by the Associated Press and at a web site, that a dog named Trapper (owed by one Mr. Donald Keith) was allowed to receive "communion" with his owner at an Anglican Church in Toronto. Like the Vatican II sect, the Anglicans have no valid Apostolic Succession or True Mass, so the two only received bread, not Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity under the appearance of bread. However, the Vatican II sect has become more and more like the Anglicans, who profess faith in almost anything, yet really believe nothing.

The Anglicans profess faith in the Real Presence, yet like their Vatican II counterparts, they have no sense of the sacred. Their actions tell us they do NOT believe in Christ's Real Presence. Did not Our Lord Himself tell us not to give "that which is Holy to dogs"? According to the report, Mr. Keith was asked to come up and receive communion by his minister, who gave communion to Trapper the dog. After receiving "communion" it was said that Trapper then "bent his head and said a little prayer." The Anglican bishop has done nothing to discipline his priest. He merely said it would not happen again. Peggy Needham, an official at the parish, said the complaint only came from one disgruntled person who e-mailed the bishop.

Before anyone says this was the Anglican Church, let's not forget how close to Anglicanism the Vatican II sect gets with each passing year. Standing and receiving communion in the hand, always allowed in the Anglican Church to tacitly negate faith in the Real Presence, was adopted by Vatican II "popes." Look at any Vatican II parish to see the scantily clad women handing out the Novus Ordo cracker to men dressed for the beach (at least during the summer). Watch as they sing inane songs like "Michael Rowed His Boat Ashore" and talk/laugh while going up to get the cracker. Sitting replaces kneeling after reception. Does anyone think it will be long before some Vatican II cleric like the Punk Priest thinks it's totally cool and bodacious to give the Novus Ordo cracker to a dog?

Hey, why not? After all, doesn't their Chief Heretic, Joseph Ratzinger fancy himself as their German Shepard?

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