Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two Rites Make a Wrong

Three years after Joseph Ratzinger allowed the 1962 version of the Mass to be used without restriction (see Summorum Pontificum--hereinafter SP), it should be worthwhile to see what we have learned:

1. According to Ratzinger's own document, the True Mass (called the "Extraordinary Form"), are "two uses of the one Roman Rite" (SP, para. #1). This means that members of the Vatican II sect are schizophrenic. The anthropomorphic Novus Ordo with it's focus on the Assembly ("People of God") and bastardized words of consecration recited in an "Institution Narrative" is just another use of the God-centered Traditional Mass. The "Punk Priest's" use of AC/DC is just another use of Gregorian Chant(see posting of 6/30/10). Can anyone seriously maintain this position with a straight face?

2. The Motu Mass is NOT the 1962 Missal. It's an amalgamation of sorts. SP para. #6 states that "Scripture readings may be proclaimed in the vernacular." Indeed, according to "Fr." Gary Dickson in England, he allows the laity to "proclaim the readings" in the vernacular at a microphone stand facing the people. He also allows for reception of communion in the hand. Does anybody old enough to remember 1962 recall ANY of these sacrilegious practices? Ratzinger also modified SP at the urging of the Jews to allow only the Novus Ordo version of Holy Week in Latin or the vernacular. The reason? The unecumenical (and therefore sinful!!) term "perfidious Jews" in the Traditional Mass calling for the (horrors!) CONVERSION of the Jews to Catholicism! So, some priests will use 1962 (minus Holy Week which must be full-blown Novus Ordo), some use parts of 1965 inserted (Canon read aloud), some other priests will make use of Vatican II inventions a la Fr. Dickson. The Motu Mass should really be called the 'Forrest Gump Liturgy', because just like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.

3. As the late Traditionalist priest, Fr. Carl Pulvermacher once sagaciously noted, "Once there are no more valid priests, they will allow the True Mass." Yes, indeed, nearly 40 years after Holy Orders was rendered "absolutely null and utterly void" in 1968, Ratzinger allows for (some distorted form) of a real Mass, knowing full well that many of the "priests" who will attempt to offer it are mere layman. No real priest, no real Mass.

4. In SP, Ratzinger tells us his reasons for allowing (some form of) the True Mass is"...a form of encounter...particularly suited to them{the 'People of God'}..." It's a "sacrality which attracts many people" Compare this with Pope St. Pius X, the foe of Modernist heretics:"Everything in their system is explained by inner impulses or needs." (Encyclical Pascendi, speaking about Modernists and the Sacraments).

Conclusion: Ratzinger has allowed the Motu Mass in an attempt to lure unsuspecting souls who have just found Traditionalism, into his clutches. His Wickedness wants you in his One World Ecumenical religion, and he will give you ANYTHING you want to get you there. Well, everything except this: The Integral Roman Catholic Faith, Mass, and Sacraments. Be warned!!

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